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air emissions testing equipment

  • Premium

    Sierra - Combustion Air Handling Unit (CAHU)

    Our premium Combustion Air Handling Unit (CAHU) conditions the three ambient air elements to generate a consistently accurate supply of conditioned air to the engine intake, thereby adjusting pressure, temperature and humidity to precise repeatable conditions that conform to end-user specifications. Controlled by our CADET V14 software, the CAHU ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Combustion Air Handling Unit (CAHU) Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 1135 - Particulate Mercury Testing Unit

    The Tekran Model 1135 Particulate Mercury Module connects seamlessly to the top of the Model 1130 to continuously monitor ambient air particulate bound mercury (HgP), gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM). The complete Tekran 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System provides fully automated, unattended ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Particulate Mercury Testing Unit Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 3300Xi HgCEM - Mercury Continuous Emission Monitor - Mercury CEM - Flue Gas Analysis - Emission Analyzer

    The EPA Electric Generating Unit Mercury and Air Toxics (EGU MATS) and Portland Cement Maximum Achievable Control Technology (PC MACT) regulations require reductions in gaseous mercury emissions. Tekran has proven technology to support mercury compliance monitoring, abatement system optimization, and performance audit testing instrumentation.

  • Premium

    Dust Control Polymers

    With over 27 years in the industry, our certified experts know exactly how to eliminate dust on your site. Over the years, we have developed dust control polymers that work effectively & deliver clients maximum value on their investment. Envirotac dust control polymers reduce fugitive dust emission effectively and are ideal for road ...

  • Bacharach - Model PCA3 - Commercial/Light Industrial Combustion Analyzer

    The PCA3 is the perfect tool for busy technicians and boiler contractors who need to ensure safe operating conditions, determine combustion efficiency and perform emissions testing.  Up to 4 sensors can be installed, measuring all gases simultaneously, including NOx (calculated from NO or measured from NO + NO2).   Sensors can be ...

    By Bacharach, Inc. based in New Kensington, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Commercial/Light Industrial Combustion Analyzer Product line

  • Be.T.A. - Model BetaCAP30X100 - Capillaries Based Dual Range Gas Dividers

    BetaCAP30X100 is a gas divider in two stages with 100 + 30 equal capillaries, designed to operate 31 dilution ratios linearly scaled between 0 and 100%) and 30 more between 3.000: 1 and 100: 1. While the first range of dilutions gets the main application of the analyzers for emissions, the second is aimed to tests of analyzers air quality ...

    By Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl based in Borgolavezzaro, ITALY.

  • ECOM - Model CN-OC - Handheld Gas Analyzer - Low CO

    ECOM America Ltd., manufactures portable emission / combustion analyzers for many applications. From single gas Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide analyzers for flue gas testing to multi-gas analyzers measuring Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, & Hydrocarbons offered in several configurations, we have instruments ...

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. based in Fuquay-Varina, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Handheld Gas Analyzer - Low CO Product line

  • Neutra - Acidic Waste Air Treatment System

    The purpose of a waste air absorption unit is to remove contaminants from the fumes arising in surface finishing processes.Neutra‘s absorption units comply with statutory threshold values for exhaust emissions, thus reducing air pollution while protecting the environment for the future. Its absorption systems are designed in collaboration ...

    By Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH based in Petting, GERMANY. from Acidic Waste Air Treatment System Product line

  • D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - Air conditioning filter

    Air conditioning filterHighly efficient electrostatic filtering material attracts dust and pollen like a magnet. Captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacterial and the particles that carry virus. a merv 1 rating requires a 65% to 80% efficiency on 1-3 micron particles and greater than 85% efficiency 3-10 micron ...

    By D.P.Engineers based in DELHI, INDIA.

  • Projects On Consultancy

    We provide the following services on consultancy basis. Support services to satisfy Regulatory Requirements to Best Comply with Environmental Standards. Environmental Study Report Preparation (for New Road Formation, Road Widening & Road Strengthening, Construction Projects, Ports, Harbours, Jetties, Airport Terminals, Airport Runways). ...

    By ENVIROCENTRE based in Chennai, INDIA.

  • Title V

    Argent has extensive experience assisting facilities in complying with the Clean Air Act. We aid clients in all aspects of air permitting including Title V permits, state air construction and operating permits, applicability determinations, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, compliance plans, emission testing, monitoring plans, and ...

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Title V Product line

  • IM - Model 1440H - Combustion Gas Analyser

    The IM 1440H is the ideal combustion analyzer for professional emission testing!The IM1440H is easy to use and still very rugged. It measures Oxygen O2, Carbon Monoxide CO and other must-have parameters such as Carbon Dioxide CO2, Excess Air and Combustion Efficiency. It can be equipped with up to 4 sensors and comes standard with a CO bypass ...

    By IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH based in Heilbronn, GERMANY. from Combustion Gas Analyser Product line

  • simplewell - Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber

    The internal surface of chamber is made of SUS#304 stainless steel.This emission test chamber is a best choice to test formaldehyde, acetaldehyde,benzene derivatives, and other low boiling point VOCs. However,it’s unsuited for high boiling VOCs and polar compounds,like tetradecane and 4-phenyl-1-cyclohexene.International StandardsGB18580-2001 ...

    By Simplewell Technology Co.,Ltd based in Dongguan City, CHINA.

  • Sampling & Monitoring System

    Source Air Emissions Testing. CEMS- Certification Testing. Relative Accuracy Testing- RATA. Continuous Emission Monitors- CEMS. Predictive Emission Monitoring- PEMS.

    By Air Techniques, Inc. based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Elex - Bag Houses

    ELEX has been specialized to the remodelling of old electrostatic precipitators where the existing housing is used. The ELEX custom-designed and manufactured bag house systems reflect decades of experience and continuous research to achieve the best possible outcome. Stricter dust emission limits or dust tops can bring the electrostatic ...

    By Elex AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND.

  • Stelter - Packaged Air Heaters

    As the name suggests, our direct gas-firedpackaged air heatersare complete packages; they include a burner as well as a process supply blower. Each air heater is completely prepiped and prewired and complete with flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and motor starters. These direct-fired air heaters are used as the hot air source ...

    By Stelter & Brinck, Ltd based in Harrison, OHIO (USA). from Packaged Air Heaters Product line

  • Scentroid - Model TR8 - ODOTRACKER

    Scentroid OdoTracker is a wearable multi-sensor device that measures the concentrations of two chemicals in ambient air at the same time. The chemicals to be measured by the device are specified at the time of ordering. For example the user may specify the measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in ppb level and Ammonia (NH3) in ppm level. The ...

    By Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada. based in Stouffville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Mobile Scrubber Testing System

    We can test emissions on site and engineer an acid gas control system for your application. By using our mobile spray-dry scrubber in conjunction with our mobile ESP, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of a full-scale air pollution control system.

    By McGill AirClean LLC based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Mobile Scrubber Testing System Product line

  • Inair - Portable Automatic 4 Ways Air VOC Sampler

    Indoor & Outdoor Air monitoring Test chambers studies Material emissions Sources identification Human exposure.

    By Inair Solutions based in Strasbourg, FRANCE.

  • simplewell - Model V100 - VOC Emissions Test Chamber

    VOC emission chamber for interior can provide standard testing environment (such as appointed temperature, relative humidity, air exchange rate and airflow rate) or simulate real indoor environment, and test the pollutant release rate and release properties of various indoor materials and products. Usage: *Confirm the influence of environment ...

    By Simplewell Technology Co.,Ltd based in Dongguan City, CHINA.

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