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air intake filter equipment

  • Air Intake Filter Systems

    TURBINES, ENGINES, CENTRIFUGAL FANS, BLOWERS, & COMPRESSORS are common equipment for Industrial utility. They intake atmospheric air for its further operations. If moisture, dust, and varieties of solid particulate are present in the intake air, such contaminants can build up on the internal components such as valves, impellers, rotors, and ...

    By Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA. from Air Intake Filter Systems Product line

  • Mikropor - Model Makroline Series - Air Intake Filters

    Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed to provide maximum performance for those customers with extremely high dust capacity and low pressure drop air intake filter demands. These Makroline filters are also suitable for higher temperature use.

    By Mikropor, Inc. based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Air Intake Filters Product line

  • Macrotek - Air Intake Filters & Silencers

    Macrotek offers custom designed intake filters for gas turbines and large blower applications offering reverse pulse-jet and multistage panel filter designs. In conjunction with Intake filters Macrotek also develops custom designed absorptive style splitter silencers for gas turbine intakes.

    By Macrotek Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Air Intake Filters & Silencers Product line

  • Mikropor - Model Mikroline Series - Air Intake Filters for Air Compressors

    Mikropor’s air intake elements are designed for the removal of dust or particulate in the air intake systems of compressors, machines, pumps, blowers, etc. Based on the density of the dust load, Mikropor offers two series with different sizes and capacities: Mikroline and Makroline.

    By Mikropor, Inc. based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Air Intake Filters for Air Compressors Product line

  • Blower/Air Intake Filter Elements

    Heavy duty, rugged construction combined with 10 micron high efficiency media provides the protection required for high powered vacuum truck blowers. The polyester felt media is pleated between two layers of epoxy coated wire mesh to prevent pleat collapse under high pressures as well as maintain consistent air flow. The core and media is then ...

    By Fab-Tex Filtration based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Blower/Air Intake Filter Elements Product line

  • Air Intake Filter Cartridges for Gas Tuines

    Gas turbine air intake filter cartridges and Dust collection filters produced by Polymer Papers are most suited for all latest high performance gas turbines which are sometime subjected to extreme dusty and humid conditions.

    By Polymer Papers Limited based in New Delhi, INDIA. from Air Intake Filter Cartridges for Gas Tuines Product line

  • Cartridge Cleaning

    40- 80% savings versus buying new. Paper, Polyspun, or Polyester. Our process can clean almost any filter, and most any dust or dirt. Intake filters, compressor filters, pleated dust bags.......We clean them all.

    By FilterPro based in East Lynne, MISSOURI (USA).

  • IQAir CleanZone - Model 5300 - High Capacity Air Filtration Unit

    The IQAir CleanZone 5300 is the high capacity air filtration unit for both gaseous and particulate control. Combining HyperHEPA H13 particulate filtration with the GCX Cartridge Set gas and odour filters, the IQAir CleanZone 5300 air filtration unit covers a broad range of contamination. The IQAir CleanZone 5300 will remove 99.97% of all ...

    By Commercial Air Filtration based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Capacity Air Filtration Unit Product line

  • Compressor Intake Filter (CIF)

    Air compressors play an important role in an industrial environment, providing the compressed air to the pneumatic controls, valves, process applications, and various instruments throughout the plant. Corrosive gaseous contaminants in the intake airstream of your compressor can inhibit air flow, impede heat dissipation, and cause vibration. The ...

    By Twin Filter B.V. based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS. from Compressor Intake Filter (CIF) Product line

  • Pulse Clean Intake Filters

    GENIUS Pulse Clean Intake Air Filter Panels combines a unique panel filter concept with a pulse cleaning system which provides a constant flow of filtered Intake air and eliminates the necessity of short-term filter change-out due to high atmospheric dust load conditions. Hence, they are used as clean intake air for Gas Turbines, Compressors and ...

    By Genius Filters & Systems (P) Ltd based in Visakhapatnam, INDIA.

  • Intake Filters

    Endustra's exclusive Venturi Outlet Design is the truly innovative design improvement in air intake housings for nearly half a century. It's a simple design change, but is most effective in lowering initial air restriction across the element and housing of intake filters and filter silencers. Instead of having the intake air turn a sharp ninety ...

    By JB Systems, Inc. based in LaGrange, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Intake Filters Product line

  • Mueller - Model MAF - Machinery Intake Air Filter

    The Mueller Model MAF Intake Air Filter for rotating machinery effectively filters intake air for centrifugal and axial compressors, rotary positive, vane axial and centrifugal blowers, reciprocating engines and compressors. Because it holds a variety of 24' x 24' filter and prefilter combinations, the MAF enables ideal filter selection to ...

    By Mueller Environmental Designs Inc based in Brookshire, TEXAS (USA). from Machinery Intake Air Filter Product line

  • ExcelTech - Model PreFilter - Prefilter

    Exceltech Air-Intake Pre-filter For Ahu and Hvac Systems

    By ExcelTech based in Bangalore, INDIA.

  • PreVent Filter Screens

    Permatron is also the leading designer of air filter screens. PreVent filter screens work as pre-filters for use on outside and inside air intakes, catching debris before it can enter the system. HailStop hail guard netting can also help protect outside air intake fins from hail damage.  Both of these products are custom sized and easily ...

    By Spill Solutions based in Anderson, INDIANA (USA).

  • Air Intake Kit

    The PumpOne Air Kit is a complete kit that includes everything needed to go from the on-site air supply via HDPE transition fitting or flange to the air-in tubing from the pump via 90 deg. ½” push fit. It is equipped with a ½” ball valve for isolation, PumpOne pulse counter, air/filter regulator, and mounting bracket to ...

    By PumpOne Environmental, LLC based in Cornelius, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Air Intake Kit Product line

  • Intake Cartridge Filters

    Blowers and compressors are built with very tight tolerances between the inner workings of the machines. Wear and tear on these components decreases their efficiency and ends up affecting the operation of their systems. To protect these inner components American Fabric Filter offers several types of Intake Air Filters.

    By American Fabric Filter Co based in Wesley Chapel, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Intake-Pit Filters

    The filter for receiving hoppers produced by the Filcon Filtration A/S firm is a flexible modular system, which can easily be adapted for use in both existing and new reception bunkers. The effective removal of dust from receiving hoppers requires a large volume of air and highefficiency filters.

    By Filcon Filtration A/S. based in Korsør, DENMARK.

  • contec - Intake and Exhaust Air Filter for Air and Gas Filtration

    Application: One intake filter helps to protect processes, measurement and control technology against contamination. Exhaust air filters protect against harmful emissions. A tank breather and venting filter is the prerequisite for constant pressure during the process of filling or draining a storage tank without the danger of contaminating the ...

  • Purafil - Compression Intake Filter (CIF)

    Corrosive gaseous contaminants of your compressor can inhibit air flow, impede heat dissipation, cause vibration and decreased efficiency. To protect your compressor from corrosion, Purafil offers a, a dry-chemical scrubber designed to remove corrosive gases from intake air.

    By Purafil, Inc. - Filtration Group based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Compression Intake Filter (CIF) Product line

  • TurboMaster - Model E10 - Filter

    Eagle Filters' TurboMaster EPA is a new era in static filtration replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters to absolute cleanlinesssecuring static filtration system without changing any construction of the air intake housing.Pulse filters are widely used in power generation because of their low cost construction and regenerative ...

    By Eagle Filters Ltd. based in Kotka, FINLAND. from Filter Product line

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