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air law equipment

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    TAPI - Model T400 - UV Absorption O3 Analyzer

    The Model T400 UV Absorption analyzer uses a system based on the Beer-Lambert law for measuring low ranges of ozone in ambient air.

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from UV Absorption O3 Analyzer Product line

  • Recording Systems

    With over one billion field recording hours, Ultra SSS is a market leader in data recording and analysis solutions. Ultra’s 50,000 recording channels have been successfully integrated throughout Air Traffic Control (ATC), Defence, Law Enforcement, Command & Control centres and Courtrooms. Highly specialised in ATC recording, ...

    By Ultra Electronics Communication and Integrated Systems based in Greenford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model GearPURE - Air Purifiers

    Hygiene, Odors, Germs, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Molds and Mildew control are a huge concern among Athletes, Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, Fire and Rescue personnel. Athletes, Military, Law Enforcement and Hunters use sprays of various types to control odors in ballistic gear, clothing, bedding, boots, wetsuits, backpacks, and equipment. The use ...

    By A Quality Indoor Environment LLC based in St.Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Air Purifiers Product line

  • TIMEX - Model THC - Air and Dirt Separators

    TIMEX Micro Bubbles Deaerator and Dirt Separator of ?HEATLINE / COOLLINE? are ONLY way for removing micro bubbles & particles / dirt from your systems. Normally, release the micro bubbles or gas, it is based on Henry?s Law. This physical law states the solubility of gases in water usually decrease with temperature with increasing and/or ...

    By TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems based in Saray-Kazan, TURKEY. from Air and Dirt Separators Product line

  • Project Automation - Air Quality Monitoring System

    The offer related to the air pollution monitoring consists mainly in monitoring networks made up of fixed stations and/or mobile units conforming to the European and national laws in force. A detection network allows the carrying out of a careful and continuos control of the air pollution problems and to acquire complete air quality information to ...

    By Project Automation S.p.A. based in Monza (MB), ITALY. from Air Quality Monitoring System Product line

  • Linton - Air to Water Heat Pumps

    Air Source Heat Pumps work using similar technology as the ground source heat pumps, but using the outside air as its energy source. In the UK and Ireland, the outside air temperature rarely goes below -3°C. The heat or energy moves from hot to cold (2nd law of thermodynamics) and the refrigerant in the heat pump boils at very low temperatures ...

    By Linton Solutions based in Lisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air to Water Heat Pumps Product line

  • BMI - Model BM-LDAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Units with Lamella Technology

    The flotation units BMI series LDAF, due to the lamella technology, incorporate a large separation surface.The LDAF flotation systems incorporate lamella packs, made with fibreglass wavy sheets, to obtain a high surface area into a small volume. The lamella packs are positioned at an angle higher than 50 degrees to avoid the possibility of ...

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

  • ACC - Model Bell 407 - Cabin Heater / Windshield Defroster

    The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-4 LongRanger. The 407 uses the four-blade, soft-in-plane design rotor with composite hub developed for the United States Army's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior instead of the two-blade, semi-rigid, teetering, rotor of the 206L-4. The Bell 407 is frequently ...

    By Air Comm Corporation (ACC) based in Westminster, COLORADO (USA). from Cabin Heater / Windshield Defroster Product line

  • Stripping Tower

    The sewage to deal it is pumped in the upper part of the tower and sprayed down to the bottom, there it meets the air flow in counter-current pushed by the fan. This phase allows of the passage from the liquid status to the gaseous one of the polluting. The air then passes through a chemical Scrubber for the cleaning of the polluting to reach the ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Stripping Tower Product line

  • Ankersmid - Model AOX Series - NOX Convertor

    In the high temperature combustion processes, the nitrogen contained in the air reacts with the oxygen producing oxides of nitrogen in the forms of monoxide (NO) and dioxide (NO2). The item NOx shows the total amount of the two components. For provisions laid down by law and regulatory instructions in terms of environmental protection or for ...

    By Ankersmid Sampling - Ankersmid Group based in Wilrijk, BELGIUM. from NOX Convertor Product line

  • Model RING - Radial Symmetry Diffusive Sampler

    The diffusive samplers uses very simple tools that can exploit a natural law (that of molecular diffusion) to enrich on a substrate adsorbing substances in the air as gases or vapors. The amount of pollutant sampled may be determined by an appropriate quantitative analysis. Its average concentration is determined by knowing: the duration of ...

    By Aquaria Srl based in Lacchiarella, ITALY. from Radial Symmetry Diffusive Sampler Product line

  • ECO - Gas Neutralization System

    In Poland, the air protection technique was for many years targeted at dust collection, at the same time ignoring gas neutralisation processes. As the environmental awareness was developing and the environmental protection law requirements got more stringent, the discrepancies (especially, in the recent years) has become less visible; ...

    By Eco Instal Sp. z o.o. S.K.A based in Kościan, POLAND. from Gas Neutralization System Product line

  • Selection and Sorting Cabins

    I.T.R. designs and manufactures modular cabins as well as  ones with the necessary dimensions according to the placement of the manual sorting plant. They are also installed  following the optical detection systems  of waste with corresponding manual check made by the workers. The selection  and sorting ...

    By I.T.R. based in Spresiano - Treviso, ITALY.

  • Paper Paint Arrestor Pads

    RP paint arrestors are one of the original paint arrestors to ever hit the market. They are fabricated from slit and expanded Kraft paper, assembled so the air entering side has larger openings than the air leaving side. They come in both standard efficiency and high-efficiency, with the high-efficiency filter including an extra layer of polyester ...

    By Spraybooth Filters & Supply, Inc. based in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Paper Paint Arrestor Pads Product line

  • RBXc Cast valves for Potable Water

    Vent-O-Mat Series RBXC Has Evolved From RBX Range Of Valves The Basis Of The Rbxc Is That It Contains All The Elements Of The Vent-O-Mat RBX Design In A Cast Ductile Iron Body For Markets Which Prefer This Format To The Standard Fabricated Designit Is As Per The RBX Designed  In The Understanding Of The Physical Laws That Govern Air ...

    By VENT-O-MAT based in Benoni South, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Lint Removal System (LRS)

    Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the facility and fire hazards. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems has successfully designed and engineered a solution to these ...

    By Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Lint Removal System (LRS) Product line

  • CGS - Quad High Efficiency Cyclone Collectors

    CGS Cyclone Collectors are designed to achieve high dust collection efficiencies at low pressure drops. We can satisfy the most stringent air pollution control laws and/or product recovery requirements. Our Cyclones incorporate a volute or tangential inlet. Collection efficiency depends on many factors such as operating pressure drop, cyclone ...

    By Clean Gas Systems Inc (CGS) based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Quad High Efficiency Cyclone Collectors Product line

  • CGS - Single High Efficiency Cyclone Collectors

    CGS Cyclone Collectors are designed to achieve high dust collection efficiencies at low pressure drops. We can satisfy the most stringent air pollution control laws and/or product recovery requirements. Our Cyclones incorporate a volute or tangential inlet. Collection efficiency depends on many factors such as operating pressure drop, cyclone ...

    By Clean Gas Systems Inc (CGS) based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Single High Efficiency Cyclone Collectors Product line

  • Model HTT-86100 - Truck Terrain Crane

    Excellent transportability - can be configured to meet some of the toughest transportation laws. Both fly options feature four offset positions of 2°, 15°, 30° and 45°. 'Stow 'n go' outrigger pontoons are easily secured for transport. Next generation operator's cab with improved visibility and ergonomics. Pull-out CabWalk for easy ...

    By Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company based in Lexington, KENTUCKY (USA). from Truck Terrain Crane Product line

  • Vertical Belt Press Cloths

    An increasing number of companies in the bulk chemical processing industry are using the Vertical Belt Filter Press. The vertical design of this filter saves space and uses the laws of gravity to advantage. The vertical belt press uses a continuous belt and several chambers to achieve even, efficient filtration. As soon as all chambers in the ...

    By Menardi Filters based in Trenton, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Vertical Belt Press Cloths Product line

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