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HORIBA - Model APHA-370 - Ambient THC Monitor / Ambient Air Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

The APHA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric THC, NMHC, and CH4 concentrations using a cross-flow modulated selective combustion type method combined with a hydrogen ion detection method. The APHA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy.

Model AQT-2000 - Air Quality Monitors/Controllers

by Enercorp Instruments ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The AQT Air Quality Monitors/Controllers operates by looking at the signal from a full spectrum sensor, automatically zeroing out temperature and humidity effects, and judging the degree of pollution. The sensor is sensitive to a wide variety of air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ketones, aldehydes, esters benzene, alcohols, hydrogen, ...

Indoor Air Quality Monitors / Indicators / Controllers

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality is very important to ensure a healthy and safe living and working environment. IAQ is a comprehensive index, including room temperature, humidity, fresh air and a diverse range of low concentrations of air contaminants. The measurement of indoor air quality has, conventionally, been used for comfort ...

Felix - Model APM2000 - Air Particulate Monitor

by Felix Technology Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The APM2000 air particulate monitor implements advanced Beta ray attenuation principles to measure and record airborne particulate concentration levels. It can directly measure the mass of particulates in air without the effects of ingredients, density, color, etc. Each hour, a small 14C (carbon-14) element emits a constant source of high-energy ...

Scentinal - Model SL50 - Air Quality Monitoring Station

by Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada.     based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Scentinal provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2. The flexible intelligent station allows live monitoring of plant emissions on Scentroid’s cloud servers. Odour emission is reported in OU/m3 based on correlation determined based on periodic ...

Armstrong-Monitoring - Model AMC-310 Series - Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor/Tansmitter

by Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC)     based in Ottawan, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Carbon dioxide concentrations are a direct function of a number of factors; the number of people occupying a space, combustion byproducts from furnaces, fireplaces and indoor household appliances, can all contribute to lower indoor air quality.

Armstrong Monitoring - Model AMC-CD-2 Series - Human Occupancy Detector

by Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC)     based in Ottawan, ONTARIO (CANADA)

For organizations involved in cross border shipments, stowaways can present an increasingly costly problem. Aside from the serious security concerns, under current law carriers often become liable for a fine, plus the stowaways’ housing, food, healthcare, supervision, legal representation and repatriation costs. This situation has led the ...

HORIBA - Model APMC-370 - Air Pollution Multigas Calibrator

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Dilution of gases with high accuracy and precision requires high quality mfc’s, especially for high dilution ratios and ranges. Consequently HORIBA’s APMC-370 is equipped with digital mfc’s. These mfc’s are factory calibrated, optional also with a special Polynomial Calibration. HORIBA Europe‘s APMC-370 is designed to ...

Watchman - Model DP - Differential Air Pressure Monitor

by Omnitec Design, Inc.     Distributor in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Watchman DP Monitor is designed for monitoring differential pressure in work areas on abatement and restoration projects. It is simple to setup outside the containment with a tubing connection from Watchman to the contained work area. With containment air pressure monitoring using The Watchman DP monitor, work space integrity can be closely ...

OmniGuard - Model 4 - Differential Air Pressure Monitor

by Omnitec Design, Inc.     Distributor in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Omniguard 4 is a differential pressure recorder in a completely self-contained package, designed from the beginning to be e

Model WLx - Working Level Monitor

by Pylon Electronics Inc     based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The WLx is a popular radon and thoron working level measurement monitor. This monitor used proven, integrated solid state detector technology to detect alpha particles from radon and thoron progeny decay. The built in multi-channel analyzer circuitry and firmware allows the monitor to calculate radon, thoron, and their progeny in working levels ...

Model AST Series - Commercial Gas Detectors, Analog Transmitters

by Enercorp Instruments ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

AST Series Analog Transmittersare cost-competitive, Commercial Transmitters, utilizing two different, field proven, reliable sensor technologies for a wide variety of gas detection applications. They are supplied in a very rugged, corrosion resistant polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged door and accompanying transmitter circuit.

Model 310 - CO2 Monitor/Controlle

by Enercorp Instruments ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The AirSense Model 310 CO2 Monitor/Controlleris a non-dispersive infrared analyzer for measuring CO2 concentration in ventilation systems and indoor living spaces. Its measurement range of 0-5000ppm covers the range required to monitor compliance with ASHRAE or other ventilation efficiency standards.  Packaged in a compact, distinctively ...

Telaire Ventostat - Model 8100 Series - Wall Mount CO2, Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Wall mounted commercial grade single beam CO2 ventilation controllers for applications where there is not full-time occupation.

Telaire - Model 7001 Series - Handheld Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Handheld Carbon Dioxide and temperature monitor. Now with Ventilation Rate Displayed in CFM/Person.

Telaire - Model 6615 - Dual Channel CO2 OEM Module

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Dual channel CO2 module designed to meet the volume, cost & delivery expectations of OEM's.

Telaire - Model 2077 - RH/Temp Datalogging Kit

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Connects directly to the 7001 monitor. Includes RH, Temp, datalogger s/w and cables.

Telaire - Model 6613 - CO2 OEM Module

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Small, compact CO2 module designed to integrate into existing controls and equipment.

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