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Air Pollution Planning equipment

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    Munters - Zeolite Rotor Concentrator/Oxidizer System for VOC Abatement

    Munters Zeolite Rotor Concentrator/Oxidizer Systems are the leading technology for cost-effective abatement of VOCs (VOC abatement). With hundreds of systems currently in service, Munters installed base includes some of the world's most respected companies in semiconductor manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries. Munters Zeolite ...

    By Munters based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pollution Control & VOC Abatement Product line

  • Industrial SCR Systems

    Fuel Tech has extensive SCR design experience and understands “real world” plant operations, and has been applying this know-how on a wide range of SCR applications around the world. These projects include boilers, incinerators, reformers and many other types of heat recovery equipment firing coal, gas, oil, and a variety of process ...

    By Fuel Tech, Inc. based in Warrenville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Air Pollution Control Product line

  • ENVIRO-Air - Air Quality Measuring Station

    To fight omnipresent air pollution requires knowledge of the trends occurring in the atmosphere, and highly accurate measurement results. Permanent monitoring of selected pollution parameters supports decision-making processes and creation of air quality improvement plans. In various areas, different pollutants may be present, whose acceptable ...

    By Far Data Ltd based in Cracow, POLAND. from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • OPEC - Permanent Oil Booms

    The 'Boom' Industry Is as wide as it is long. There are many different types of booms for a varied number of applications. Solid buoyancy booms are associated with permanent installations that can be used for a multitude of uses. Using GRP polyethylene filled floats this range of booms can be used as a debris screen on rivers, canals or reservoirs ...

    By Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd based in Batley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Pollution Containment Product line

  • Air Pollution Control System

    CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO has designed and installed kinds of Air Pollution Control System in different industries. The Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems depends on the type of treatment to be provided with different process and to achieve the norms as laid down by the pollution control board. The Dry type air pollution control devices are ...

    By CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO based in Moradabad, INDIA. from Other Product line

  • Filter Air Cleaners with Optional VOC Filter

    The Artel air cleaners have been planned to filter the air from the smokes, smells, pollens and polluting substances.

    By Artel Group based in Vicenza, ITALY. from Air Treatment Product line

  • Prozone - Model The Twister - Advanced Oxidation Air Purification System

    The Twister is more than an air purifier. This unique and powerful device destroys biological & chemical pollutants in the air and eliminates their associated odors — with no harmful by-products. The Twister is the only air purification device for individual use to harness the force-multiplying power of advanced oxidation. With its ...

    By Prozone International based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Air Purification Product line

  • Humid Cleaners - Scrubber

    The treatment of the air can regard various types of industrial production processes, characterized by emissions of injurious substances for the atmosphere. The scrubber it is a equipment that allow to pull down the concentration of substances in gaseous state, usually powders and micro polluting acids. These equipment finds application in the ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Air Treatments Product line

  • Title V

    Argent has extensive experience assisting facilities in complying with the Clean Air Act. We aid clients in all aspects of air permitting including Title V permits, state air construction and operating permits, applicability determinations, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, compliance plans, emission testing, monitoring plans, and ...

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Focus Areas - Air Product line

  • ElectroMax - Electrostatic Air Cleaners

    The VisionAir ElectroMax is an electrostatic air cleaner that is especially suitable for removing tobacco smoke and is therefore the perfect solution if you plan to set up a smoking room.

    By Euromate BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Air Cleaners- VisionAir Product line

  • Ogawa - Ambient Air Passive Sampler

    Ambient Air Passive Sampler for NO-NO2, NOx, SO2, O3, NH3. The Ogawa Sampler is ideal for low-cost air monitoring programs, personal, outdoors and indoors. The only known method of passive simultaneous monitoring of NO & NO2. The Ogawa Sampler is reusable countless times. Only the pre-coated filter pad is expendable. The same sampler is used ...

    By Ogawa & Company, USA, Inc. based in Pompano Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Passive Sampler Product line

  • TECCON - Biological-Based Air Emission Control Systems

    BIONIK is based on biofilter, an environmental and resource saving technology for air purification. Unlike other methods for the elimination of odour and pollutants (VOCs; H2S and HAPs), BIONIK requires no fossil-fuel and uses very little energy. Biofilters have the lowest CO2-emissions compared to all other known exhaust purification processes. ...

    By TECCON Engineering GmbH based in Lieserbrücke, AUSTRIA. from Industrial Plants Product line

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubbers

    UF IND Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air scrubbers remove excess carbon dioxide from the premises and maintain a comfortable and safe level of carbon dioxide in your room. CO2 Scrubbers make it possible to keep indoors the stable ambient carbon dioxide level, even about 400ppm.

    By Ab Alfaintek Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from For People Product line

  • BioFloor™

    A commercial aerobic composing polyethylene floor system. Use: Biological air pollution control has been used on an increasing basis in recent years to cleanse noxious and odorous gases, such as those emanating from sewage treatment plants. In addition to sewage treatment plants, biofilters are useful for treating the effluent gases from many ...

    By Hallsten Corporation based in North Highlands, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Evaluation & Troubleshooting, Refurbishing & Upgrading of Existing Ventilation Systems

    Most Air Pollution control systems are initially properly designed based on accepted engineering practices and guidelines and will perform adequately for a period of time after the initial startup. However, over time, problems may develop due to several reasons.

    By IVT Engineering Corp. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Kombifil - Dualfilters

    Complex, combined airborne pollutants through changing work processes, greasy welding, or critical manufacturing steps in general require special air filtration solutions. With a constant filtration efficiency of 99,997% for particles > 0,3 µm KOMBIFIL Dualfilters provide for clean air even under adverse ...

    By ILT Industrie-Luftfiltertechnik GmbH based in Ruppichteroth, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    EUROPELEC - Model SOFIE - 2-In-1 Submersible Aerator and Mixer

    The SOFIE is Europelec high-performance submerged aerator and/or mixer and is designed to both mix and transfer oxygen in wastewater as efficiently as possible.

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Mechanical Surface and Bottom Aeration Product line

  • PuriSoil Proven Technology

    PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. At the site that has to be cleaned up pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Air is then injected into the soil through the pipes. A specially developed bio-active material (PuriSoil

    By Terreco B.V. based in Geleen, NETHERLANDS.

  • AWAS - Model Type ADF - Emulsion Breaking and Flotation Systems

    The AWAS ADF Flotation systems are specially planned and configured for different types of waste- and process water. Depending on the technical requirements the systems are designed in full or partial stream. In full stream, the feed water is saturated up to 100% with air or another gas in the saturator. In the partial stream ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Hydrok - Emergency Recover (HyER) Liftout Grids

    Hydrok's HyER Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed for rental to help in emergency situations where an existing plant problem requires a rapid aeration solution. This could be in the form of operational overload during seasonal peak periods, during planned maintenance activities or where extended plant capacity is needed. The Hydrok ...

    By ELIQUO HYDROK based in Indian Queens, St Columb, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wastewater Treatment Processes Product line

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