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Dynamic - Model RS-2, RS-3 & RS-4 - Integrated Air Purification Systems

by Dynamic Air Quality Solutions     based in Princeton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The RS-2 air purification system includes two 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners in a V-Bank configuration to increase filter face area for more effective air cleaning at lower air velocity and are available cased in 1400 and 2400 cfm models. The RS-3 also includes two 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners in a cased V-Bank configuration with the addition of a ...

Model ACT Series - Ozone Generators for Air Purification

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

There are three series of air purification generators, ranging from Series 3000 for home and office, to Series 6000 for heavy duty applications. The picture below shows the ACT 3000. (dimensions: 225x110x75mm).

CARULITE® 500 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARULITE 500 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ethylene emissions resulting from sterilization of medical equipment and supplies. The catalyst converts toxic ethylene oxide, at low temperatures, to carbon dioxide and water.

CARULITE® 400 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARULITE 400 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone or adsorb various gases and malodors after being coated onto a substrate. Metallic, ceramic and cellulose are typical substrates.

CARULITE® 200 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARULITE 200 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone emitted from various off-gas emissions, converting toxic ozone to oxygen in water off-gas, digital printers, and corona printing off-gas applications.

CARULITE® 300 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARULITE 300 catalyst is used to effectively destroy carbon monoxide in compressed breathing air, respirators, escape masks, and in cryogenic gas purification.

CARULITE® 110-TR Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARULITE 110-TR catalyst is used to effectively destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as flexographic, in a recuperative catalytic oxidizer at minimum inlet temperatures of 300º C. Although CARULITE 110-TR catalyst operates at low temperatures, (600º F (315º C)), it has an upper temperature stability limit of 1300º F (704º C), providing ...

Air Purification Units

by Tecnicomar S.r.l.     based in Marsala, ITALY

The CAPS is an extremely effective indoor air purifying system. It works through seven patent pending technologies - Photohydroionization and six proprietary high efficiency cartridge absorbers. Tecnicomar combine these technologies to provide you with the Ultimate Commercial Air Purification System CAPS. Photohydroionzation Commercial Dual ...

SATA - Model 101 prep - High Quality Air Purification

by SATA GmbH & Co. KG     based in Kornwestheim, GERMANY

When applying waterborne primer and filler materials, it is recommended using or retrofitting an activated charcoal filter stage, respectively – in line with the recommendation for basecoat for many years. Fibre-bound activated charcoal provides a separation degree of 99.999 %. Existing compressed air filters of the SATA filter 100 prep ...

Model APS-400 - Air Purification System

by Circul-Aire     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The APS-400 is a compact, self-contained air purification and recirculation unit combining gas phase and particulate filtration; it offers maximum odor and particulate removal at high efficiency. With filters and chemical media readily shipped in the unit, this 5-foot tall purifier is complete with plug, castors, and a disconnect switch or ...

RGF - Commercial Air Purification System

by RGF Environmental Group, Inc     based in Riviera Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

The RGF’s Ultimate APS is an extremely effective indoor air purifying system. It works through seven patent pending technologies – PhotohydroionizationTM and five proprietary high efficiency cartridge absorbers. RGF has combined these technologies to provide you with the Ultimate Air Purification System APS.

Model APS-1000 - Air Purification System

by Circul-Aire     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Circul-Aire’s APS-1000 comes standardized with advanced gas phase and particulate filtration technology. Its design offers maximum contaminant control efficiency. The multi-stage design allows for selection of the required filters in a specific sequence to meet the requirements of each application.

PureAir - Model PP18 PurePak - Air Purification Systems

by Pure Air Filtration, LLC     based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Pure Air Filtration’s PP18 PurePak was developed to provide our customers with a method to quickly and cleanly, change the media in their air purification systems. This disposable cartridge is designed for commercial and industrial applications. Factory filling assures no air bypass of media. Reduced time to change purification system media. ...

Deltafrimair - Air Purification Plant

by Delta NEU S.A.S.     based in La Chapelle d’Armentières Cede, FRANCE

Air purification plant making it possible to comply with the highest requirements ol industry. Flow: From 1 000 to 50 000 m3/h.

Commercial HVAC For Air Purification

by Innovative Labs LLC     based in Petaluma, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Innovative Labs provides a total solution for your air purification needs by using two unique catalytic technologies for HVAC applications: Photo Catalytic Purification- Indoor air environments with extreme levels of VOCs. Thermo Catalytic Purification - Indoor air environments with typical VOC levels. Photo Catalyst-Titanium Dioxide. Reacts with ...

Air Purification Materials

by Dongguan Uniclear New-material Co.,Ltd.     based in Dongguan, CHINA

Uniclear provides all kinds of air purification materials: prefilter,moderate-efficiency filter, HEPA, active carbon and zeolite filter, VOC filter, ozone filter, and photocatalyst products etc. Higher performance, lower price. Welcome your inquiry and visit.

AirMaster Ultra - Air Purification System

by RainSoft - part of Aquion, Inc.     based in Elk Grove Village, ILLINOIS (USA)

Have you ever thought about the quality of the air your family breathes at home? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality in the average home can be 4 to 40 times as dirty as the air outside. And considering how much time your family spends indoors, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Airmaster Ultra, an air ...

Waste Air Purification

by Lenzing Technik GmbH     based in Lenzing, AUSTRIA

Our service portfolio is characterized by a wide range of different applications from VOC minimization, to the removal of smells and process optimizations. Starting with the analysis of the actual state, through to the erection of turn-key lines and the servicing of these.

Air Purification Filters

by APC Filtration, Inc.     based in Flamborough, ONTARIO (CANADA)

APC designs and manufactures a wide variety of OEM Pre-Filters and HEPA Filters for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Air Purification Equipment and Appliances.. FILTER, 'HEPA-TYPE' SQUARE FILTER 4.5X4.5' 20 PLEATS. FILTER, Assy Kit, W/MIS010 Tube, MIS009 Filter. FILTER, HEPA 11.75' x 12' x 1'. FILTER, HEPA 22' x 14' x 1.625'. FILTER, HEPA ...

BiOzone - Ozone Air Purification Systems

by BiOzone     based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA)

Ozone air purification systems produce clean and purified air through ozone oxidation technology. Ozone air purification and our ozone air purifier systems provide disinfection and odor control for ozone air environments. The high oxidation potential of ozone is utilized to its greatest advantage with ozone air purifier equipment manufactured by ...

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