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air purification solvent equipment

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    B&W Megtec - Liquid Purification and Distillation System

    Water-soluble solvents and multiple-solvent mixtures may need to be separated from the water and/or separated into their individual components prior to reuse. B&W MEGTEC offers complete extractive and azeotropic multicomponent distillation systems for the separation and purification of solvent mixtures. Depending on customer and process ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Liquid Purification and Distillation System Product line

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    Model GC-4X8S - Coconut Shell Activated Carbons 4x8

    GC 4x8S granular activated carbon is ideal for most air purification purposes. Made from select grades of coconut shell, their superior level of hardness makes them cleaner than most other carbons and gives them longer life expectancy. This, combined with their high activity level, makes them well suited for use in any kind of carbon filter ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC based in West Milford, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Coconut Shell Activated Carbons 4x8 Product line

  • Silica - Waste Air Purification Unit

    The purification of waste air by adsorption is especially suitable for reducing organic contaminations to very low residual concentrations. Generally the recovered solvents can be re-used. Due to decades of experience Silica is in a position to process also special substances and combinations of substances.

    By Silica Verfahrenstechnik GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Miab - Model FD - Purification Systems

    This type of purification system is suitable for large air flows with low concentrations of solvents. Typical range of volyme is 15 000- 250 000 m3/h and concentration range from 0 to 1 000 mg/m3.

    By Mölnbacka Industri AB (MIAB) based in Deje, SWEDEN.

  • Biocat-Filter - Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants

    Biological air treatment is for various companies and municipalities an economic and efficient solution to reduce odours, hazardous substances and solvents in the exhaust air. BIOCAT-Filters have successfully assembled been used in various application areas for many years.

    By Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants Product line

  • Photox - Model 200 - Advanced Indoor Air Purification System

    The Photox 200 unit destroys microorganisms and many organic compounds in the air according to independent laboratory testing. The Photox air purification system treats indoor air with a proprietary process that utilizes UV light and a unique catalyst. Photox is effective for the reduction of airborne microbiological contaminants as well as ...

    By Zentox Corporation based in Newport News, VIRGINIA (USA). from Advanced Indoor Air Purification System Product line

  • Solvent Stable Membranes

    Hydro Air Research Italia (HARI) is able to design and manufacture complete systems for purification and/or concentration processes in presence of organic solvents, by means of different membranes, organic or inorganic, suitable for the purpose. HARI , through an agreement with a partner can now offer a range of new Organic Solvent Nanofiltration ...

    By Hydro Air Research Italia (HARI) based in Merlino (LO), ITALY. from Solvent Stable Membranes Product line

  • LESNI - Solvent Recovery Plant

    LESNI designs and builds fully automated single and multiple activated carbon bed adsorption plants. This facilitates the recovery of chemicals by steam regeneration for mixed VOC and individual high value solvents. The purification process includes efficient cleaning of the plume generated by the drying air as well the pure separation ...

    By Lesni A/S based in Billund, DENMARK.

  • Prantner - Solvent Condensation System

    The Prantner solvent condensation allows highly contaminated exhaust air flows to be purified efficiently by cryocondensation. The solvents that are recuperated through the condensation process can often be led back into the production process directly. Thus, the efficiency of the proceeding is increased. The condensation proceeding is also ...

    By Prantner GmbH Verfahrenstechnik based in Reutlingen, GERMANY. from Solvent Condensation System Product line

  • Zeolite Concentrator Unit For Purification of Large Volumes of Air

    A zeolite concentrator is the ideal solution when it comes to purification of large volumes of air with a low concentration of solvents. The concentrator consists of a rotating zeolite wheel, in which the pollutants are first adsorbed and then subsequently released (desorbed) in a smaller volume of air with a higher concentration. The ...

    By Reecon A/S based in Vejle, DENMARK.

  • ZORFLEX Pure

    Solvent recovery, escape masks, high purity filtration, air purification/conditioning, water filtration and purification

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation based in Moon Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from ZORFLEX Pure Product line

  • ATL - Model ATL-E4060 - extruded activated carbon

    As professional manufacturer of high precision Activated Carbon based on coal, wood, bamboo and coconut shells in different shape for more than 10 years. Our products are widely used in oil & gas purification,water and waste water treatment, air purification,agriculture,solvent recovery, food and beverage, etc.For more information, please contact ...

  • Carbosorb - Model 44 - Gas Air Treatment Extruded Activated Carbon

    CARBOSORB 44 is a premium gas phase extruded carbon. The high activity, exceptional hardness, low flow resistance, low density, and high working capacity make this carbon a superior and cost effective adsorbent in solvent recovery applications. With its high adsorptive capacity, it also has application in odour control, as a catalyst or catalyst ...

    By Comelt S.p.A based in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), ITALY. from Gas Air Treatment Extruded Activated Carbon Product line

  • Activated Carbon - Model 010 - Caol Base Activated Carbon

    Characteristic: Mainly applicable to the refrigerator-swimming pool deodorization, air purification, refinement and purification of industrial raw gases, also to the recovery of alcoholic, hydrocarbon and aromatic organic solvents. The product features high absorptive capacity, high strength and easy regeneration.

    By Neelanjan Carbon based in INDIA.

  • Model EP-CP Series - Activated Carbon

    EP-CP (series): Pellet/Granular Coconut based Activated carbon for deep treatment of filling water, Solvent Recovery, VOC, Air Purification & Treatment, disodor of waste gas etc.

    By Epochemmie CO.,LTD. based in ChengDu, CHINA. from Activated Carbon Product line

  • Jacobi - EcoSorb

    Activated carbons designed for air and gas treatment, covering a diverse set of applications including VOC abatement in air, odour control, solvent recovery, process gas purification, residential and commercial air treatment devices, cigarette filters, and cabin air filters and evaporative loss devices in automobiles.

    By Jacobi Carbons AB based in Kalmar, SWEDEN.

  • Airdot - Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

    The honeycomb activated carbon is mainly used for air and water purification. It has wide applications in many fields, such as chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food industry and military industry. It can be used as catalyst or catalyst carrier, and for gas separation and purification organic ...

    By Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd based in Foshan City, CHINA.

  • VSS - Activated Carbon Filter Plant

    VSS-Umwelttechnik uses activated carbon filters for the purification of exhaust air, which is contaminated mainly by organic pollutants in low concentrations. At our plants, the exhaust air is led through an activated carbon layer where the pollutant molecules, via physical adsorption, are bonded to the inner surface. With this method, for ...

    By VSS-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Activated Carbon Filter Plant Product line

  • Herco - Condensation Plants

    Condensation plants are an ideal solution for exhaust air purification in processes with low flow rates and high VOC concentrations. Primarily, the vapour pressures of the solvents to be recovered define the cooling capacity required for VOC condensation. The following applies: the cooling capacity required increases with increasing vapour ...

    By Herco Kühltechnik based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Condensation Plants Product line

  • GC - Model 6x12S - Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

    GC 6x12S is a granular activated carbon ideal for most air purification purposes. Made from selected grades of coconut shell, its superior level of hardness makes them cleaner than most other carbons and gives them longer life expectancy. This, combined with its high activity level, makes it well suited for any kind of carbon filter or system. ...

    By General Carbon Corporation based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon Product line

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