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air sparging system equipment

  • Air Sparging Systems

    Sequoia sparge systems are designed to be robust and low maintenance, and come in many standard and custom configurations, suitable for a wide variety of sites. Complete a sparge unit with many options such as custom sound attenuated enclosures or telemetric controls to ensure quiet perfomance and versatility.

    By Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Remediation Equipment Product line

  • Air Sparge Systems

    SSI’s  Air sparge systems are available in a wide range of configurations.  Each system is designed to meet site specific needs and can be fully integrated with our soil vapor extraction system. System component selection is dependant upon expected pressure and air flow rate.  Common SSI Air Sparge compressors include: Rotary Lobe Blowers, rotary ...

    By Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc. based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from New Remediation Equipment Product line

  • ESD Waste2Water - Air Sparge Systems

    ESD’s Air Sparge Systems include blower or compressor, TEFC or XP motor, heat exchanger if required and a prewired, pretested, custom NEMA IV control panel. Pressure gauges, flow indicators, temperature indicators and filtration can be specified per your application. All Air Sparging components are fully integrated and prewired on a marine ...

  • GEE - Air Sparging System

    Multi-valve automated header systems available. Compact and quiet design. Custom-manufactured for your specific needs. Dry contactless pumps. Full telemetry available.

    By Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from In Situ Treatment Product line

  • PLC - Model PD Series - Air Sparge Systems

    We size and match model type according to your air flow and pressure rates. Sparge models reflect the type of air pump chosen for the project. We offer positive displacement blowers and a variety of compressors in our standard air sparge systems. All systems are delivered pre-piped, -wired, and -tested on a forklift-ready, coated steel skid. ...

    By Product Level Control Inc. (PLC) based in Burnsville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Remediation Systems Product line

  • Air Sparging Systems

    Air sparging systems are typically deployed for the injection of air into the contamination groundwater to both oxygenate the groundwater to enhance natural biodegradation and, especially in the case of more volatile organics, to strip the organics from groundwater into the air stream.

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Air Sparging & Oxygen Diffusion Product line

  • Air Sparging System

    Air Sparging (AS) is a remediation technology that allows the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the dissolved phase in groundwater through the injection of air in the underground.

    By GeoStream Srl based in Tarcento (UD), ITALY. from Groundwater and Soil Treatment Product line

  • PRM - Air Sparging System

    The Air Sparging process injects pressurized air into the soil or ground water to facilitate the removal of harmful vapors from VOC contaminated soil or ground water. The process also promotes biodegradation and is often combined with soil vapor extraction (SVE) to improve removal.

    By Product Recovery Management, Inc.(PRM) based in Butner, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Remediation Equipment Product line

  • MAE2 - Air Sparge System

    Air Sparging involves the injection of air or gases to the subsurface that promote enhanced degradation of contaminations. Sparge systems are designed based on required air flow and anticipated breakthrough pressure. A wide variety of blowers & compressor can be used to achieve various flow and pressure scenarios. Typical industry standards ...

    By Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in Bluffton, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from System Components Product line

  • PLC - Model AirRaider Series - Low Profile Air Strippers

    Product Level Control manufactures a variety of air sparge systems; custom-equipped for optimal on-site performance. By offering flexible system designs and a wide range of available product parts and accessories, we meet your individual project goals for the best possible value. We size and match model type according to your air flow and pressure ...

    By Product Level Control Inc. (PLC) based in Burnsville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Remediation Systems Product line

  • Model OS - Ozone Remediation Systems

    The OS REMEDIATION systems are designed to fit most remediation applications. The OS REMEDIATION systems produces 10-60 to g/hr of ozone, at sparge air flowrate of 2-6 CFM. The OS REMEDIATION systems offer reliability and performance you can trust, with optional equipment to customize the system to fit your exact needs.

    By Ozone Solutions, Inc. based in Hull, IOWA (USA). from Ozone Remediation Systems Product line

  • Remediation Equipment Rentals or Lease

    SCG Industries is equipped with full scale and pilot scale remediation equipment, available for lease or rental, which can be adapted to, or built specifically for your remediation needs. SCG provides the experience gained in extensive field operations, system designs, and manufacturing, to service our client's needs (over 200 MPVE projects). ...

    By SCG Industries Ltd based in Saint John, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from SCG Environmental Products Product line

  • Microbubbler - Oxygen Generation & Delivery System

    Microbubbler™ is an inexpensive oxygen generation and delivery system that reduces the cost of dissolved oxygen to below $0.40 per pound.  Depending on site conditions, typical oxygen requirements for biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons is 2 to 3 pounds.  The cost of alternative sources of oxygen such as solid peroxygens can ...

    By Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI) based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Bioremediation Solvents Product line

  • WBM - Wet Hopper Destoner

    The WBM Wet Hopper Destoner is a compact solution that offers both a stone and heavy clod removal system while ensuring your line is fed at a steady and consistent rate.  The produce is fed onto the in-feed flume where it is washed down a chute and over a gap that has water flowing in an upward direction.

    By Weening Brothers Mfg. Inc. (WBM) based in Bradford, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Wet & Dry Hoppers Product line

  • BioCell - Media Screen

    The approach for carrier retention sieves has evolved based on the practical experience. Early designs used vertically mounted stainless-steel flat-panel sieves. Now uses horizontally configured stainless-steel wedge-wire sieves in aerated MBBR applications, because the position and orientation of the sieve takes advantage of the media and process ...

    By BioCell Wastewater Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd based in Wuxi, CHINA. from Media Screen Product line

  • QRS - Quick Release Substrate

    QRS - Quick Release Substrate is an engineered product for the reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents or any anaerobically degradable substance.  This substrate package contains a fast release electron donor in addition to a nutrient package.  It is intended for projects that are on a fast track.  One injection will ...

    By Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI) based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Bioremediation Solvents Product line

  • MTS - Metals Treatment Substrate

    MTS™ - Metals Treatment Substrate is a slow release product that has been designed to remove a range of dissolved metals from groundwater via in situ immobilization and also provide a substrate for biodegradation of chlorinated compounds.  It contains sulfate and sulfide.  This complex is immobile in the subsurface because it sorbs ...

    By Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI) based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Bioremediation Solvents Product line

  • Soil Vapour Extraction Remediation Systems

    Soil vapour extraction systems can be used for a number of potential applications including: Volatilisation of residual NAPL within the soil matrix; Enhanced biodegradation of organics within the soil matrix by oxygenation; Vacuum Enhanced product recovery; Recovery of vapours from air sparging and/or steam injection.

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Vacuum Extraction Product line

  • EPG - Air Sparging Equipment

    Air sparging is often used in conjunction with vapor extraction for in-situ soil remediation. This process involves injecting pressurized air into the water table in order to strip volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by mass transfer. Air bubbles are created that come in contact with dissolved phase contaminants which are then volatilized. The ...

    By EPG Companies Inc. based in Maple Grove, MINNESOTA (USA). from Remediation Product line

  • Ozonology - Pilot Test Trailer for In-Situ Air/Ozone

    Ozonology has the experience and capability to design and build pilot plants for aqueous or vapor phase research.

    By Ozonology Inc. based in Northfield, ILLINOIS (USA).

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