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air treatment equipment

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    EcoSorb - Activated Carbons for Air and Gas Treatment

    Activated carbons designed for air and gas treatment, covering a diverse set of applications including VOC abatement in air, odour control, solvent recovery, process gas purification, residential and commercial air treatment devices, cigarette filters, and cabin air filters and evaporative loss devices in automobiles.

    By Jacobi Group based in Kalmar, SWEDEN. from Activated Carbons Product line

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    MCZ - Customized Compressed Air Treatment Systems

    Innovative, modular system concept for systems to treat/purify compressed air according to customer specification. Base don the specific needs of the customer, MCZ offers turnkey system solutions with all components required to generate and treat compressed air, onsite installation available upon request.

  • Air Treatment

    LeverEdge provides two residential air treatment products to improve indoor air quality. The Qualitair system is installed in the air duct system of the home and purifies the air as it moves through the air circulation system through the use of both UV light and Ozone. The Clean Station Disinfection Filtration System is a portable filter that is ...

    By The LeverEdge based in Odessa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Hospitair Scrolair - Model SEC 7AH - Air Treatment Device

    New compact air treatment device by adsorption for medical air which performances are beyond the european pharmacopeia requirements. Patent system. Complies with ISO 7396/1 & HTM 02/01 norms.

    By MIL’S based in GENAS, FRANCE. from Healthcare- Medical Air Plants Product line

  • ECOFAN - Air Treatment Fan

    The ECOFAN make the air recirculation inside the greenhouse possible, the synthetic structure increase the durability and reduce a 30% of energy consume. It is made with plastic, this kind of material provide a great corrosion resistant. This fan has a protection grid in the suction zone and allows to optimize the energy (Q/m3).

    By Nutricontrol, S. L. based in Cartagena, SPAIN. from Air Treatment Product line

  • ProactiveTest - Air Treatment Units

    When a Standard Chamber or even a Bespoke Chamber is not the answer, particularly when the test object is an unusual shape or size an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) is often the right solution. Applications can change and a flexible approach can often reap dividends. The ATU is a device for delivering conditioned air into a made-to-measure test ...

    By Proactive Test Solutions Ltd based in Tring, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Wiser - Dust Air Treatment

    The treatment of dust air from crushing, quarrying and explosion is another major application area of the Wiser scrubbing process. In such instances, the scrubbing will greatly reduce smoke hour, allowing more time for actual production and greatly improving working conditions. The Wiser scrubbing equipment can also be used for drop separation, ...

    By Wiser Oy Ltd. based in Kerava, FINLAND. from Gas Purifications Product line

  • Model OZO Series - Air Treatment Systems

    Ozomax commercial air treatment systems have the following standard features.

    By OZOMAX Inc. based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Commercial Products Overview Product line

  • Ozotech - Model Mini Max - Ozone Air Treatment

    Mini Max is an ultra-reliable cold plasma corona discharge technology – no plates to clog up or short out.  Its compact size, consistent ozone output, rugged enclosure and portability make the Mini Max perfect for many different applications.  Built lightweight and corrosion resistant, the Mini Max destroys organic odor and fumes ...

    By Ozotech, Inc. based in Yreka, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Product line

  • Air Treatment System

    Osmogenic barriers are based on the use of dilution water and specific products. These products contain water repellent elements, made of rather long hydrocarbons chains, with properties that enable them to form large molecular aggregates of various types called micelle. Osmogenic barriers are the only solution in the case of wide spread emissions ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY.

  • Exhaust-Air Treatment

    Exhaust-air treatment can be carried out using biological as well as physical/chemical purification processes. In the case of physical/chemical processes, the pollutants are removed by means of absorption, which takes place in a packed column scrubber. The biological treatment, on the other hand, takes place in a bio-reactor, where pollutants are ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH based in Oberhausen, GERMANY. from Plant Engineering Product line

  • DCT - Air Treatment Plant

    Donau Carbon Technologies Srl designs and supplies complete lines for the treatment of dust and gases polluted flows. The main installations have been done for the treatment of flue gases coming from industrial process, therefore characterized by high concentration of specific pollutants.For example, Donau Carbon Technologies Srl realized plants ...

    By Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l. (DCT) based in Guanzate (CO), ITALY. from Air Treatment Plants Product line

  • Model G Series - Compressed Air Treatment- Air Filters

    Mikropor Compressed Air Filters have been designed to meet all requirements of compressed air filtration world. These air filters provide more comfortable usage for end users an increased endurance, higher efficency at lower pressure drop and more port size options.

    By Mikropor, Inc. based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Compressed Air Treatment- Compressed Air Filters Product line

  • Ozotech - Model Micro Max - Ozone Air Treatment System

    Incredible quality and value in an ozone air treatment system that provides flawless service and performance. Micro Max is a high-tech portable device for the control of noxious odors, toxic gases, bacteria, virus, mold and mildew through oxidation. These units destroy organic odor and fumes through the principle of oxidation. Note: ...

    By Ozotech, Inc. based in Yreka, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Product line

  • SafeAir - Model SA Series - Air Treatment UV Systems

    Spectral Innovations Ltd., (SIL), manufactures a series of Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems for treating air in HVAC systems and their associated plenum or ducting as well tank headspace.

    By Purgo EnviroTech, (PET) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Air UV System Product line

  • Model KLC-Airstar - Exhaust Air Treatment System

    KLC-Airstar combines distillate and exhaust air cooling with efficient exhaust air cleaning and odour minimisation.

    By KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH based in Kirchentellinsfurt, GERMANY. from Pre- and Finishing Treatment Product line

  • Honeywell - Model UC100E1030 - Ultraviolet Air Treatment System

    When installed in forced air heating and cooling systems, theUV100E Ultraviolet Systems kill airborne or surface microorganismcontaminants like mold and bacteria. The UV systems use patented SmartLamp. control technology that monitors the HVAC system to operate the lamps only when needed. This technology extends bulb life up to five times and ...

    By Filter Value based in Rochester, FLORIDA (USA). from Air Purification Systems Product line

  • Water and Air Treatment Systems

    Encotech offers a complete line of treatment systems for process water, wastewater, groundwater remediation, and vapor phase applications. Our systems are available for purchase, lease, and rental in standard, off-the-shelf designs or customized desings to fit our customers' specific requirements.

    By Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc. based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Herhof - Exhaust Air Treatment Systems

    With implementation of the 30th BImSchV (German emission control ordinance) there are strict limits for the operation of mechanical-biological plants in Germany. The total carbon emissions in the exhaust air are not only limited in concentration, it is also limited in the loading of carbon emitted.

    By Herhof GmbH based in Solms, GERMANY.

  • Residential Air Treatment System

    Ozomax Residential Air Treatment systems have the following standard features.

    By OZOMAX Inc. based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Residential Products Overview Product line

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