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air treatment tower equipment

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    ENEXIO 2H - Air Inlet Louvres For Cooling Towers

    Our cellular inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower. They not only hold back unwanted elements (e.g. leaves) but also prevent water splash-out which can cause icing and loss of expensive water and treatment chemicals. Moreover, an inlet louvre restricts the amount of sunlight entering the cooling tower thereby impeding algae ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Air Inlet Louvres For Cooling Towers Product line

  • Air Pollution Control System

    CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO has designed and installed kinds of Air Pollution Control System in different industries. The Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems depends on the type of treatment to be provided with different process and to achieve the norms as laid down by the pollution control board. The Dry type air pollution control devices are ...

    By CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO based in Moradabad, INDIA. from Air Pollution Control System Product line

  • Ecochimica - Model TW-STR Series - Air-Stripping Tower

    Operation Principal: Volatile compound stripping tower and treatment of stripped compound with ecochimica scrubber. The stripping tower is used to reduce the volatile compound concentration (ammonia for example) in a fluid (waste water and process water).

    By Ecochimica s.r.l. based in Creazzo (VICENZA), ITALY. from Air-Stripping Tower Product line

  • Air Treatment System

    Osmogenic barriers are based on the use of dilution water and specific products. These products contain water repellent elements, made of rather long hydrocarbons chains, with properties that enable them to form large molecular aggregates of various types called micelle. Osmogenic barriers are the only solution in the case of wide spread emissions ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY.

  • Model BC 1106 - Biocide Microbiological Control Agent

    BC 1106 is a microbial control agent approved for use in a variety of industrial water-based systems. BC 1106 contains 1.15% 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 0.35% 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one. This product is most effective as a bactericide, but will also control fungi and algae when used at higher dosages. BC 1106 aids in the control ...

    By Weihai Xiangyu Technology Co.,Ltd based in Weihai City ,, CHINA. from Biocide Microbiological Control Agent Product line

  • Cooling Tower

    A cooling tower is built to cool down cooling water with air. The system works with surface enlargement. An open cooling tower is part of an open cooling water system. The warm cooling water coming back from the consumers, is pumped into the upper part of the tower, flows to the bottom and fed back into the cooling system. In this process a part ...

    By Merus GmbH based in Sindelfingen, GERMANY. from Cooling Tower Product line

  • Venturi Tower - Scrubber

    It is a scrubber for the treatment of the air by means of chemical reaction with specific reagent. Generally it is realized in 2 sections so to increase the efficiency and grant the complete respect of rules. Section 1 - Venturi: the polluted air comes aspired in the scrubber where, for effect of the turbulence created in the throat by the high ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Venturi Tower - Scrubber Product line

  • Cannon-Water - Model DTEA-SC-100 - Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment, One Tablet

    New solid, slow-release formulations provide all the benefits of DTEA II in a convenient form for cooling towers, closed loops, humidifier and air conditioner drain lines, sump basins, etc. Slowly dissolves and releases active ingredient when immersed in water. Designed for use in small and medium cooling water systems and especially beneficial in ...

    By Cannon Water Technology Inc. based in Granite Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment, One Tablet Product line

  • Model ENVIPAC - Random Tower Packing

    ENVIMAC's high-efficiency random packing ENVIPAC is a spherical lattice packing, which was developed especially for the treatment of exhaust air, in particular for extremely small liquid loads. In comparison with other high-efficiency random packings, ENVIPAC operates with a low pressure drop, significantly higher loadability and comparatively ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH based in Oberhausen, GERMANY. from Random Tower Packing Product line

  • Stripping Towers / Vacuum Degassers

    Stripping towers are used to remove volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzene, toluene and xylene, and volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons such as perchloroethylene (per) and trichloroethylene (tri) from water. Logisticon stripping towers are of the type known as counter-current stripping towers. The principle of these towers is that water is ...

    By Logisticon Water Treatment b.v. based in Groot-Ammers, NETHERLANDS. from Stripping Towers / Vacuum Degassers Product line

  • AQUCAR - Model 714 - Water Treatment Microbiocide

    AQUCAR 714 Water Treatment Microbiocide is an aqueous blend of glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium. It is especially effective in controlling slime-forming bacteria, sulfatereducing bacteria and algae in water cooling towers, air washers, pasteurizers, and other recirculating water systems.

    By The Dow Chemical Company based in Midland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Water Treatment Microbiocide Product line

  • Tower Packing (Structured and Random)

    Tower packing is used in lots of applications. Packed columns are most frequently used to remove contaminants from a gas stream (absorption).  However, packed columns can also be used to remove volatile components from a liquid stream by contacting it with an inert gas (stripping). We will restrict ourselves here to these two applications ...

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Tower Packing (Structured and Random) Product line

  • Degasifier System

    Degasifiers are used in the drinking water treatment facillities to remove odors caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Also known as air strippers or aeration towers, degasifiers work by stripping disolved Hydrogen Sulfide from water, therefore reducing the overall odor of the water. 

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Degasifier System Product line

  • Globalozone - Ozone Generator PSA Oxygen Generator Spare Parts

    FeaturesFor 2 towers:·Two oxygen cylinders exchange working, it repair/replace which reduced cost of maintenance.·The equipment uses with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate N2 and O2 from air, also can take off impurities in the air, auto drain water, in order to product high purity O2 gas.·It’s a good choice to use for human ...

    By Guangzhou Ozone Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • Water Softener

    A water softener is one type of many ion exchange devices used for water improvement. It has many useful applications in water treatment. For example, it does a good job of removing moderate amounts of iron from well water if the pH of the water is low. But its most common use is the removal of the 'hardness' ions of calcium and magnesium. Mojan ...

    By Mojan Engineering Co. based in Tehran, IRAN.

  • Pretreatment System

    Here is an example of a designed filter system that offers protection to the RO membranes. The filters are sized to treat a flow of 3,576 gpm and remove 3 mg/L of iron and 0.06 mg/L of manganese. Hungerford & Terry’s system includes four (4) 10’ diameter x 30’ long 2-cell horizontal filters and a custom forced draft ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Gelaili - Model G-CDL/CDLF90-60 - G-CDL/CDLF Multistage Centrifugal Vertical Pump

    Application:Water supply and pressure boosting: Pressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residential complexes, pressure booster stations, supply of water networks, pressure boosting for industrial water supply.Light industry: Washing and cleaning systems, car washing facilities fire fighting systems, process water systems, machine tools (cooling ...

    By Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd based in gao'an, CHINA.

  • Wet Scrubber Abatement Systems

    Wet abatement systems through absorption (wet scrubbers) are designed to remove pollutants present in a contaminated gaseous flow through the action of a liquid (solvent) and adequate chemical reagents.  Labiotest offers Venturi batteries, single or multiple towers, horizontal or vertical with self-cleaning floating or static beds having a ...

    By Labiotest Srl based in Povoletto (UD), ITALY. from Wet Scrubber Abatement Systems Product line

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