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amalgam UV lamp equipment

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    Model UVLA Range - Low Pressure Amalgam UV Systems

    The UVLA series offers a range of high quality, reliable single and multi-lamp UV disinfection systems, utilising the very latest in amalgam UV lamp technology. Featuring traditional axial style UV chambers and a number of market leading design features, the UVLA range provides a cost effective, premium solution for the environmentally friendly ...

    By atg UV Technology based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Model UVLW Range - 800 Watt Amalgam Lamp - Closed Vessel Low Pressure UV System

    The UVLW series features the very latest in low pressure Amalgam UV lamp technology and optimised UV chamber design to deliver amazing performance at a fraction of the size and operational power compared to standard low pressure UV systems. Designed for municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater discharges, the UVLW design is centred ...

    By atg UV Technology based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TrojanUV - Model Phox - High Output, Monochromatic Amalgam UV Lamps

    The TrojanUVPhox (UV-Photolysisand UV-OxidatJon) solution is a groundbreaking, pressurized ultraviolet (UV) light reactor that utilizes Trojan's high-output, monochromatic amalgam UV lamps.

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    Model UVLX Range - 800 Watt Amalgam Lamp- Ultra High Output Low Pressure UV System

    The UVLX series features the very latest in low pressure Amalgam UV lamp technology and optimised UV chamber design to deliver amazing performance at a fraction of the size and operational power compared to standard low pressure UV systems.  Designed for municipal drinking water, the UVLX design is centred around the market leading 800 Watt ...

    By atg UV Technology based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Amalgam - UV Lamps for Disinfection and Oxidation

    The Heraeus GoldSpot amalgam lamps are regarded as the market-leading product - primarily due to their long service life and unique Longlife technology. The extremely long-life high-performance low-pressure lamps achieve an up to ten times higher UV power density compared to conventional mercury low-pressure lamps and can be used at higher ambient ...

    By Heraeus Holding GmbH based in Hanau, GERMANY. from UV Lamps for Disinfection and Oxidation Product line

  • Model TrojanUVLogic Series - High Performance UV System

    Aquafine TrojanUVLogicTM series forchlorine and chloramines utilizing amalgam lamp technology are the systems of choice for meeting the rigid quality standards of the Recreational Waters, Life Sciences and Food & Beverage markets. The 'L-shaped' reactor design was developed using advanced computer modeling, resulting in 40% greater hydraulic ...

    By Aquafine Corporation based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Amalgam Lamps

    LightSources, Inc. and LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. are pleased to offer high density, low pressure amalgam lamps with a longstanding reputation for excellence. Extensive research and testing has allowed us to provide our clients in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market with the proven technology to take ultraviolet (UV) applications ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Ueberall - Model UltraBord 200/300/400 - UV Sterilizer

    This design is based on through developed and highly reliable High-Efficiency Amalgam UV lamps of 200, 300 and 400 W each,providing a significant reduction of the number of lamps installed!

    By Ueberall GmbH based in Elmshorn, GERMANY.

  • UV-Xtender - Amalgam Lamp Technology

    Amalgam lamp technology is employed throughout our UV Treatment Systems. Our high performance UV-Xtender lamps produce over 400% more 254nm UVC output than conventional low pressure UV lamps while maintaining superior lamp efficiency. When comparing standard low-pressure lamp UV equipment performance with our UV-Xtender amalgam lamp equipment, ...

    By Purgo EnviroTech, (PET) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Amalgam Lamp Technology Product line

  • Philips - Dynapower Lamps

    The Philips Dynapower lamp range covers all of the commonly used Amalgam UV lamps seen in older as well as modern UV systems. Note the size of the filament, and the helictical cable which keeps the cable out of any minor moisture ingress or condensation which is often found in the quartz sleeves. The lowest power lamps commonly seen is the 230 ...

    By UV-Lamps - Part of the Commercial Lamps Group based in Hayedown, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • KappaLine - Model UV Series - Compact Low-Pressure UV Amalgam Lamp

    The KappaLine UV series is the most forward-looking UV system available in the market today. It features ‘in-one-line’ positioning for the in and out connections and perpendicularly positioned, very compact low-pressure UV amalgam lamps, called EcoLight. The high-efficient ‘state-of-the-art’ EcoLight lamps emit germicidal ...

    By bestUV BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • 88-MLV Series

    Modular 88-MLV series are based on state of the art high intensity amalgam lamps and are designed for installation into open channels for wastewater disinfection. The lamps in the modules are arranged in staggered arrays that are installed in a vertical direction, perpendicular to the water flow. Each lamp is placed in a protective sleeve of ...

    By LIT UV EUROPE / LIT Technology based in Moscow, RUSSIA.

  • BetaLine - Model E Series - Low-Pressure UV Lamp

    The BetaLine-E series uses unique high-efficient amalgam low-pressure UV lamps called Ecolight. The lamps emit germicidal wavelengths at 254nm. The compact Ecolight lamps are ‘state-of-the-art’ low-pressure lamps, especially developed by bestUV for use in BetaLine-E UV systems. The lamplife is extremely long, meaning the operational ...

    By bestUV BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • BetaLine - Model UV Series - Low-Pressure UV Lamps

    BetaLine UV is a series of optimized “L-shaped” units. The inlet and outlet are positioned at 90°, providing predictable hydraulics while passing the UV lamps. The ‘L-shape’ makes BetaLine UV system installation in existing or new pipelines very simple. The UV chamber, which can be installed in a main or bypass ...

    By bestUV BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • Xclear Master Blaster - Model UV-C - UV-C Disinfection System

    The Master Blaster is designed to treat highly polluted water. It is suited for all kind of water treatment and can even be used for the production of ultrapure water, semiconductor-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic industry. Other applications: swimming pools, process water treatment and aquaculture. The reactor is made of HDPE with two flanged ...

    By VGE International B.V. based in Son & Breugel, NETHERLANDS. from UV-C Disinfection System Product line

  • Aquaray - Model SLP-WF - UV Systems

    The SLP units can treat chlorine-resistant species such as Cryptosporidium parvum. The high-power, low-pressure lamp has a stable UVC output over a wider temperature range. The low pressure amalgam lamps are powered by electronic ballasts. The lamps are inserted in pure quartz tubes isolating them from the water. The lamps can be easily changed ...

    By Triogen Ltd. based in East Kilbride, UNITED KINGDOM. from UV Systems Product line

  • S.I.T.A. - Model Serie 400 DS - Disinfection UV Units

    Disinfection UV units of 400 DS SERIES use low pressure amalgam lamps. Amalgam lamps have higher lifespan and efficiency than standard low pressure lamps. Lifespan is around 14.000 hrs and these lamps work perfectly with low and high water temperatures. In this Series of UV system SITA uses powerful lamps that will allow, at the same treated flow ...

    By S.I.T.A. srl based in Genova, ITALY. from Disinfection UV Units Product line

  • Model FLUX-V - UV Systems

    Optimal system configuration for the treatment of high water levels. The Flux-V model is equipped with lamps arranged vertically and orthogonal to the water flow. This configuration requires is particularly suitable for high water levels and for the restoration of disinfection splitter tanks with minimal adjustment works. As the other equipment of ...

    By Montagna S.r.l. based in Lacchiarella, ITALY. from UV Systems Product line

  • Aquaray - Model LPTS - Industrial UV Systems

    A range of reactors utilising high power Low Pressure High Output Amalgam lamps specifically designed for pure water applications. These units have been sized to operate in conjunction with the Membrel ozone units and are predominantly utilised for de-ozonation of pure water ring mains.

    By Triogen Ltd. based in East Kilbride, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial UV Systems Product line

  • Aquaray 40 HO and Aquaray 3X UV Systems

    The ONLY fully BIOASSAY validated vertical lamp UV system on the market. The Aquaray® 40 HO is the premier solution for the disinfection of waterborne pathogens in municipal wastewater. The system utilizes low pressure, high output UV lamps for reduced footprint and energy efficiency. The Aquaray® vertical lamp technology has been used by ...

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