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analytical chemistry system equipment

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    ColiLyzer - Fully Automatic On-Line Analyzer System

    The coliLyzer is a fully automatic on-line analyzer that can be used as an early warning system for detection and measurement of coliform organisms in water. As with all of AppliTek’s water analyzers, the coliLyzer offers convenient and simplified operation requiring no specialist skills in microbiology or analytical chemistry. Operators can ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from Fully Automatic On-Line Analyzer System Product line

  • Helios - Model PFIB - Semiconductor

    The Helios PFIB is the world's most advanced DualBeam Plasma FIB platform for large area deprocessing to enable electrical fault isolation of advanced process ICs and advanced failure analysis of 3D packages. The Helios PFIB system combines the innovative Helios Elstar™ with UC technology electron column for high-resolution, high-contrast ...

    By North America NanoPort (FEI) based in Hillsboro, OREGON (USA). from Semiconductor Product line

  • Model FOX-IQ - Process & On-Line XRF Analyzer

    Olympus Innov-X on-line Fox-IQ XRF analyzer for metal tube and rod manufacturing quality control.The Fox-IQ provides customized and automated, continuous XRF measurements of Ca to U. It functions in a 24/7 operation for industrial process optimization, increased productivity & improved quality. The FOX-IQ XRF system performs fully automated ...

    By Olympus based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Process & On-Line XRF Analyzer Product line

  • Fluid PowerPrep - Multi-Column Sample Cleanup System

    Sample cleanup is a very important step because methods often don’t respond to the analyte in its in-situ form, or the results can be distorted by interfering species. Column cleanup is used to eliminate interferences that can occur in the sample matrices. Multi-column cleanup procedures use multiple column chemistries to remove ...

    By Fluid Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) based in Watertown, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Multi-Column Sample Cleanup System Product line

  • Varsal - Model LC-2008 - HPLC System

    Varsal LC-2008 consists of a dual-pump head system with a variable wavelength detector. It's easily controlled for convenience, intuitive ease of use, utility and high performance. The LC-2008 can be used in petroleum, coal, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, bio-chemistry, medical, environmental, public ...

    By Varsal based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HPLC System Product line

  • Buck Scientific - Educational FID GC Package

    The Educational FID GC system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes or graduate level research. This same GC is also used in thrifty labs for general VOC analysis because of its low cost and complete upgrade-ability with our wide selection of detectors and injectors, in case analytical needs change in the future. Both the carrier gas and ...

    By Buck Scientific Inc based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Educational FID GC Package Product line

  • Model AQ400 - Discrete Analyzer

    Brings increased speed, capacity, flexibility and reproducibility to your analysis. Your environmental analytical chemistry has just got easier with the SEAL AQ400 Discrete Analyzer . This compact, bench-top analyzer has been designed by chemists to address the needs of environmental laboratories requiring high levels of automation, a wide range ...

    By SEAL Analytical, Inc. based in Mequon, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Model FS 3100 - Flow Solutiom

    The Flow Solution FS 3100 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is a modular system for performing continuous flow analysis methods on water samples, soil, or plant extracts and digests using FIA or SFA techniques. The FS 3100 consists of an X-Y-Z autosampler (90 or 360 position), multi-channel precision pump, electrically-actuated sample injection valve, ...

    By OI Corporation - a Xylem brand based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Flow Solutiom Product line

  • Waters Screening Solution with UNIFI

    The Waters® Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI® is the first and only comprehensive screening solution – target, identify, quantify, and review using a streamlined analytical workflow that enables more accurate results across a wide range of aenvironmenal pplications. The platform is holistically designed, combining world-class instruments, ...

    By Waters Corporation based in Milford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Waters Screening Solution with UNIFI Product line

  • Custom Bulk Chemical Blending

    MLI’s capabilities include bulk chemical blending to customer specifications. Our IP Protection Management System ensures the highest level of security for customer IP.  Custom chemistries are qualified to meet or exceed customer specification using the most advanced laboratory analytics.

    By Moses Lake Industries based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model REDI Plus - High Precision Powder Dispensing and Weighing System

    The accurate dispensing of powders is an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. REDI (Resin Dispenser), an X, Y, Z dispensing system with a powder pipette, helps to automate sample preparation in analytical applications, in material research and also in modern combinatorial chemistry. The pipette picks up a pre-determined volume of material ...

    By Zinsser North America, Inc. based in Northridge, CALIFORNIA (USA). from High Precision Powder Dispensing and Weighing System Product line

  • Olympus FOX-IQ - Process & On-Line XRF Analyzer

    The FOX-IQ XRF system performs fully automated online analysis for 100% high-volume process control. X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a proven analytical technique commonly used to quickly and nondetructively verify alloy grade and chemistry. The FOX-IQ is a compact system that integrates easily with new or existing PLC-controlled processes. This ...

    By Innov-X Canada based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Model Poroshell 120 - Analytical HPLC & UHPLC Columns

    Poroshell 120 columns provide rugged, high resolution separations within the pressure range of any mainstream LC system, making the benefits of sub-2 µm performance available with all existing LCs. Poroshell columns can achieve high resolution and high speed separations on current instruments, and higher resolution and speeds on new ...

    By Agilent Technologies, Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SEAL Analytical - Model AQ2+ - Discrete Analyser

    The Discrete Analyser AQ2+ by SEAL Analytical is a nutrient analyser that uses the principle of Discrete Analysis. Each test occurs in a separate or discrete reaction vessel. Discrete Analysers allow multiple tests on a single sample; varied tests on a single sample; ultra Low reagent Use and up to 150 tests per hour. The AQ2+ Discrete Analyser ...

    By Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd based in Hallam, AUSTRALIA.

  • Beckman Coulter - Model AU480 - Laboratory Analyzer

    With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes the AU480 Chemistry System is the ideal main analyzer for small to medium sized laboratories. The AU480 Chemistry System can also fit as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories as well. TheAU480 ...

    By Beckman Coulter, Inc. based in Brea, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Laboratory Analyzer Product line

  • MiDas - Mass Detection System

    The MiDas compact interface unit allows for the simple deployment of mass detection in a large variety of real-time on line and off line applications. The MiDas is an integrated interface module and software package allowing automated sampling, dilution and injection for direct MS analysis at your lab bench or fume hood. Applications range from ...

    By Microsaic Systems plc, based in Woking, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Brechtel - Model 4001 - Particle Into Liquid Sampler (PILS)

     The PILS is one of the simplest methods available to acquire samples for aerosol chemistry applications. It can be easily integrated with the analytical method of your choice. Ion chromatography systems and total organic analyzers are routinely used with the PILS. These analytical methods allow on-line analyses of aerosol ...

    By Brechtel based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Particle Into Liquid Sampler (PILS) Product line

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