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analytical spectroscopy equipment

  • Hallow Cathode Lamps

    We represent PHOTRON PTY LTD. (AUS) for hallow cathode lamps  which specializes in research, development and manufacture of high quality light sources for use in analytical spectroscopy. The design for all lamps produced are based on actual use and experience with atomic absorption, UV-Vis spectrophotometers and other spectroscopic ...

    By BSR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Nasik, INDIA.

  • Model EQ-77 LDLS - High-Brightness, Long-Life, Broadband Laser-Driven Light Source

    Based on the highly successful Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) technology, the EQ-77 offers the highest radiance and irradiance  available in a truly broadband white light source. The EQ-77  features a compact lamp house, with clean construction that ensures long life and ultimate stability. With a 170nm-2100nm wavelength range and a ...

    By Energetiq Technology, Inc. based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Laser-Diven Light Sources (LDLS) Product line

  • Model EQ-99XFC LDLS - Laser-Driven Light Source System with Fiber-Coupled Output

    Advanced imaging & analytical spectroscopy applications in the life sciences and materials sciences need light sources capable of providing extremely high brightness across a broad wavelength range. Traditionally, multiple lamps (Halogen/ Tungsten, Xenon-arc, Deuterium) have been used to cover this broad spectral range. However, combining ...

    By Energetiq Technology, Inc. based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Laser-Diven Light Sources (LDLS) Product line

  • Aurora Biomed - Spectrophotometers Device for Measuring Light Intensity

    A spectrophotometer measures sample compositions and concentrations as a function of the color intensity, or more specifically, the wavelength of light absorbed by the analyte. UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used in the quantitative determination of solutions of transition metals and highly conjugated organic compounds. Using Beer’s law, ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Elemental Analysis Product line

  • Element Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy System (EDS)

    The Element Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) System delivers powerful analytical capability in a compact package, maximizing performance and flexibility, while providing streamlined operation to guarantee fast results and ease of use. It is focused on the industrial market, where application specific problems need to be solved quickly and ...

    By EDAX - AMETEK, Inc based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA). from EDS Product line

  • J M Analytics - Model PAT Series - Spectroscopy Systems

    Process Analytical Techniques (PAT) have recently achieved great importance in pharmaceutical industries. Most important aims of PAT are to increase productivity, to improve safety as well as to learn about processes.J&M Analytik AG provides individual PAT solutions basedon optical spectroscopy in the UV-, Vis- and NIR-range (190 – 2500 ...

    By JT Ingram Technologies Inc based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Process Analytics Product line

  • afm+ - Thermal Analysis Instruments

    The Anasys afm+ offers a full featured AFM with powerful analytical capabilities that make it much much more than just an imaging tool. Some of the key aspects are:

    By Anasys Instruments based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Gilson - Model 223 - Sample Changer

    Programmable sampler for automated sample preparation and transfer. The 223 Sample Changer is the perfect solution for protocols such as serial dilutions, addition of samples, sampling into vials, timed reactions and tube-to-tube transfers.

    By Gilson Inc based in Middleton, WISCONSIN (USA). from Automated Liquid Handling Solutions Product line

  • Low Pressure Zinc Lamps

    Low pressure Zinc Lamps are major sources of extreme short wave UV radiation. They produce a variety of spectral lines with the strongest at 213.9 nm. The lamps incorporate a special processing technique. Zinc Lamps offer an exceptionally long life, In addition, are constructed with a special vacuum jacket around the double bore body and heat ...

    By Fine Metrology S.r.l. based in Spadafora (ME), ITALY. from Lamps Product line

  • Micro-Volume UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

    OneDrop UV/VIS Spectroscopy, the Life Science Specialist. LockPath Technology: Wide concentration ranges without further dilutions. Automatic or manual pathlength selection. Secure locking of the arm during measurement minimizes errors. No drying out of sample during measurement for increased repeatability. Convenient sample pipetting from either ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND. from Analytical Instruments - UV/VIS Spectrophotometers Product line

  • Protea - Fourier-Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectroscopy

    Fourier-Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy is a full-spectrum analytical technique that allows all IR absorbing species to be detected and measured by a single instrument. Protea has been at the forefront of FTIR technology in process and emissions measurement and prides itself on making the relatively complex operation of FTIR as simple and useful ...

    By Protea Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Technology Product line

  • Model EQ-99X LDLS - Laser-Driven Light Source System

    The compact LDLS EQ-99X is an ultra-high brightness, high stability broadband source that is specifically designed for demanding imaging and spectroscopy applications. The EQ-99X offers excellent spatial and power stability for highly repeatable measurements across the broad spectrum. Utilizing a patented laser-driven bulb technology* the EQ-99X ...

    By Energetiq Technology, Inc. based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Laser-Diven Light Sources (LDLS) Product line

  • Combined/hybrid Raman Systems

    Increase the analytical power of your inVia by coupling it to other analytical systems from a wide range of manufacturers. For maximum efficiency, you can analyse your sample with two or more techniques without having to transfer it between instruments. With Renishaw's correlative microscopy systems you can be confident ...

    By Renishaw plc based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Raman Spectroscopy Product line

  • Aurora Biomed CRYSTA - Model 1000 - Lab Water Purification Systems

    Highly purified lab water should be available for use in any lab, especially for use in high precision analytical applications such as atomic absorption spectroscopy. The CRYSTA 1000 accommodates this need by producing Type 1 ultrapure water with minimal total organic carbon concentrations. It is ideal for use in a range of analytical applications ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Elemental Analysis Product line

  • Model MA 300 Series - Material Analyzer

    The Material Analyzer MA 300 is a module which is part of a system for process control and monitoring tasks. The MA 300 will be part of a series of different modules with varying working distances up to several meters for remote sensing in industrial environments. It offers an OEM-solution to simplify adaptation to different industrial ...

    By LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Metrology Systems Product line

  • Model DCS 1000 Series - Drilling Core Scanner

    The drilling core scanner DCS 1000 is a module which provides the opportunity of fast elemental analyzing to a large field of users working in mineralogy, exploration and construction engineering. The system consists of a high power Nd:YAG laser, a high-resolution echelle spectrometer, a laser-safe housing with core holder, linear stages, pilot ...

    By LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Metrology Systems Product line

  • Headwall - Raman Spectrometers

    Headwall's Raman spectrometers provide exceptionally high signal-to-noise efficiency and signal throughput.  They are based on a patented aberration-corrected, all-reflective design using Headwall's own diffraction gratings. Aberration-corrected diffractive technology enables the use of large fiber bundles within the spectrometer. ...

    By Headwall Photonics based in Bolton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Raman Spectrometers Product line

  • Digilab Identity - Raman Spectrometer

    Digilab combined recent technology advancements in the miniaturization of spectrometers, data storage, laser technology, robotics and automation and developed Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader, enabling high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides.  Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader is an innovative microplate ...

    By Digilab Inc. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Analytical Sample Identification Product line

  • FPI - Model ICP-5000 - Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)

    Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), is a well- established analytical technique that used to detect the presence of trace metals in an analyte. The analyte sample is introduced into the ICP as an aerosol that is carried into the center of the plasma - ionized argon gas. The superheated argon gas excites ions and ...

    By Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI) based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Laboratory - Inductively Coupled Plasma Product line

  • Sensirion - Model SFM3000 - Mass Flow Meter

    SFM3000 is a digital flow meter especially suitable for high-volume applications. The design of the flow channel results in very low pressure drop through the sensor element, making it highly suitable for medical ventilation and respiration applications.

    By Sensirion AG based in Stäfa, SWITZERLAND. from Mass Flow Meters for Gases Product line

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