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anemometer output equipment

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    Delta-T - Model AN3 - Hi-Res Anemometer (3m Cable)

    Suitable for fast changing wind speed measurements such as gusts. Provided with both an analogue and a digital output.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hi-Res Anemometer (3m Cable) Product line

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    Geonica - Model 03002 - Wind Sentry Anemometer

    The Model 03002 Wind Sentry Anemometer and Vane set includes crossarm with junction box and mounting for standard 1 inch pipe. Model 03002V Wind Sentry with Voltage Outputs provides calibrated voltage output signals for wind speed and wind direction. The voltage outputs are convenient for use with many data loggers and recorders. Model 03002L Wind ...

    By Geonica SA based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Wind Sentry Anemometer Product line

  • Model 6410 - Anemometers

    Anemometer polycarbonate complete with fixing support for pole 32 to 50mm. Separate outputs for speed and direction. Reed sensor for wind speed and  low friction linear potentiometer for direction. For a simple signal handling, it is recommended the use of the converter board

    By Bit Line based in Collecchio, ITALY. from Anemometers Product line

  • Model A100K, A100M and A100S - Anemometers

    This anemometer provides a pulse/frequency output signal suitable for direct measurement in Knots, Metres/second or run of wind when connected to a counter, PLC or data logger and is often used in applications where wind speed is required as an input to a PLC which is controlling equipment such as cranes, sprayers or water fountains. The 3-cup R30 ...

    By Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited) based in RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model BLD Series - Anemometers

    The sensor is made of an high precision and high stability potentiometric transducer. This sensor is built according to the WMO standards (World Meteorological Organization). It’s also available in the versions with heater for low temperature areas (BLD-R cod.). The sensor is available with analog output 0÷2Vdc or 4÷20mA

    By Bit Line based in Collecchio, ITALY. from Anemometers Product line

  • Anemometers

    Our A100 Series Anemometers are robustly constructed using weather resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels enabling them to withstand continuous exposure to the weather, including marine environments, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where accuracy and sensitivity are important. The A100 series anemometers ...

    By Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited) based in RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FWS - Cup Anemometer

    The Fairmount Anemometer is a professional sensor intended to provide reliable and accurate measurement of wind speed, combining traditional British quality with modern electronics. It has been developed to offer very smooth and reliable mechanical operation with a minimum of maintenance. The rotational speed of the Anemometer is monitored using a ...

    By Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd based in Meldreth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cup Anemometer Product line

  • WindMaster - Model 3D - Sonic Anemometer

    The WindMaster 3D sonic anemometer will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s (0-100mph), providing digital outputs for U, V, and W vectors. Outputs for Speed of Sound and Sonic Temperature are available as standard.WindMaster is constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre and is available with either a 20Hz or 32 Hz data output rate. Optional analogue ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sonic Anemometer Product line

  • WindMaster - Model Pro 3 - Axis Anemometer

    The WindMaster Pro is constructed from stainless steel and has a maximum operating wind speed of 65 m/s. With a fast maximum data output rate of 32Hz as standard, improved vertical (W) resolution and Speed of Sound accuracy and less distortion due to wind loading, this 3-axis anemometer is particularly suitable for precision wind measurement ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Axis Anemometer Product line

  • Fan anemometers

    The fan type anemometer is a sensor for measureing air speed in ducts or at ventilation grid outlets.The sensor may be connected directly with LSI-LASTEM acquisition systems or to an X100S converter to provide analog output (4-20 mA) depending on air speed.

    By LSI-LASTEM srl based in Settala Premenugo, ITALY. from Fan anemometers Product line

  • Model A100 and A100H - Porton Anemometers

    The Porton Anemometer is a highly sensitive but robust transducer in which the rotational speed of a 3-cup rotor is measured by means of a photo-electronic pulse generator and ratemeter. An analogue d.c. voltage output is obtained which is substantially linear with respect to windspeed allowing accurate averaging of windspeed data. The standard ...

    By Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited) based in RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Young - Model 81000 - Ultrasonic Anemometer

    The YOUNG Model 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 3-axis, no-moving-parts wind sensor. It is ideal for applications requiring fast response, high resolution and three-dimensional wind measurement. The sensor features durable corrosion-resistant construction with 3 opposing pairs of ultrasonic transducers supported by stainless steel members. Each ...

    By R.M. Young Company based in Traverse City, MICHIGAN (USA). from Ultrasonic Anemometer Product line

  • Model R3-100 - Research Anemometer

    The R3-100 anemometer is ideal for scientific research applications, with a fast sampling rate of 100Hz. This 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer is used extensively for the determination of fluxes using the Eddy Covariance method.R3-100 will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s at environmental operating temperatures of -40ºC to +60ºC. Analogue, ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Research Anemometer Product line

  • ThermoAir - Model 3 - Mobile Thermoelectric Anemometer

    Air-flow from 0,015 m/s. Automatic probe recognition. Simple operation. Minimum, mean and maximum values recallable. Free selectable measurement intervals from 2 seconds to 2 hours. Analog output 0 … 1 V. Mini2Logger-output. Automatic temperature compensation. 100 % warranty of measuring ...

    By Schiltknecht Messtechnik AG based in Gossau, SWITZERLAND. from Mobile Thermoelectric Anemometer Product line

  • Model R3-50 - Professional 3D Anemometer

    The R3-50 3-axis anemometer has been designed for scientific research, particularly suitable for determining fluxes using the eddy covariance technique.This precision ultrasonic anemometer will monitor wind speeds up to 45m/s, with a fast data output rate of 50Hz (100Hz model available, click here to view). U, V, W and SOS (sonic temperature) ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Professional 3D Anemometer Product line

  • Model A100L2 - Low Power Anemometer

    This anemometer was developed from the proven A100 Porton™ instrument and R30 rotor design in response to demand for an anemometer offering pulse/frequency and analogue voltage outputs while consuming little supply current. The low power consumption, wide power supply range and choice of pulse/frequency and analogue voltage output signals ...

    By Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited) based in RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM. from Low Power Anemometer Product line

  • Digital Temperature Anemometer

    Very high accuracy Display of air velocity in fpm or mps Display of temperature in °F or °C Memory circuit for maximum, minimum and average Measuring time every 2 seconds Average calculated over 16 seconds Max and Min over current measuring session Data acquisition for up to 1000 double measurements Max and Min over acquired values Serial output ...

    By Kernco Instruments based in EL Paso, TEXAS (USA).

  • Hot wire anemometers

    Accurately measure the air speed, including at low speeds, in ducts, at duct outlets and in rooms. The sensors are mounted on the walls of the duct by means of a sliding flange or a sliding screwed fitting. The analog output is selectable. Versions with 0-5 m/s or 0-20 m/s range and 12 Vdc or 24 Vac power supply are available.

    By LSI-LASTEM srl based in Settala Premenugo, ITALY. from Hot wire anemometers Product line

  • Felix - Model FT4000 - Wind Sensor (Anemometer)

    The wind speed sensor FT4000 series are used for transmission of electrically measured wind speed. This wind sensor is designed for automatic weather stations which can be used in a wide range of locations such as airports, research vessels, and industrial sites. The availability of simultaneous outputs makes the wind sensor suitable for a wide ...

    By Felix Technology Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Wind Sensor (Anemometer) Product line

  • NEW Digital Anemometer

    Enter, store and recall up to 10 unique duct sizes High accuracy: ±1.0% of reading Rugged metal probe and vane Intuitive user interface design Ultra low speed sensitivity down to 40 ft/min Industrial grade enclosure and probe Measure airflow in extreme environments from -20° to 100°C Protective rubber boot & splash-proof option Minimum and Maximum ...

    By Kernco Instruments based in EL Paso, TEXAS (USA).

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