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atmospheric emission equipment

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 94140 - Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Vent (Spring Closed)

    The Shand & Jurs Model 94140 Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Vent reduces excessive venting of product in liquid storage tanks. Available for open or closed vent systems, this vent provides pressure relief by either venting vapor into the atmosphere or piping emissions in a closed loop system.

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    Dürr Megtec - Carbon Adsorption Systems

    Carbon adsorption systems from Dürr Megtec are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Both regenerative and non-regenerative systems are used to capture vapor-phase emissions of volatile organic compound (VOC) solvents from industrial processes and prevent their emission to the atmosphere.

    By Dürr MEGTEC, LLC based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Exhaust Gas and Air Pollution Control - Sorptive Processes Product line

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    Tri-Mer - Filters for Particulate Emissions (PM)

    Particulate emissions are tiny particles and droplets in the air that are made up of hundreds of different chemicals. Most are formed in the atmosphere as a result of chemical emissions from power plants, industries and automobiles. To reduce PM pollution, the EPA regulates inhalable particles smaller than 10 micrometers.

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 94050 - Polyvinyl Chloride Conservation Vent (Pressure/Vacuum)

    The Shand & Jurs PVC Conservation Vents are designed for highly corrosive service where toxic liquids are stored. They are an excellent alternative to coated metal construction, where frequent corrosion due to the presence of pinholes is a problem. PVC valves are intended to provide pressure and/or vacuum relief on atmospheric storage tanks ...

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    Codel - Model GCEM4000 - Multi-Channel In-Situ Flue Gas Analyser

    The GCEM4000 is a multi-channel flue gas analyser that uses Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR) technology. It provides high accuracy, low maintenance measurement of all the key combustion process emissions to atmosphere. It is capable of operating in very high dust loading conditions, up to several gm/m3 of dust. Its performance can be ...

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Continuous Emission Monitoring - Stack Gas Analysers Product line

  • Model BM3A - Double Monobloc Mechanical Seal

    Double monobloc mechanical seal available to reduce axial bulk, suitable for dangerous, toxic, inflammable, highly abrasive, gaseous liquids and situations in which it is necessary to avoid atmospheric emission. Particularly suitable for dryers, hydrogenetors and top-entry agitators. Particularly suitable for dryers, hydrogenetors and top-entry ...

    By Fluiten Italia S.p.A. based in Pero, ITALY. from Component Mechanical Seals Product line

  • Koger - Model Type A - B - Industrial Cyclone Separators

    Welded, bolted and flanged 12-gauge or heavier mild steel in inlet diameters 12″ to 48″, Design and construction minimize abrasion as system particulate is collected and separated, Used as a pre-cleaner, the A-B cyclone separator reduces the load for the final filter, Maximum efficiency is obtained when paired with final filter or in ...

    By Koger Air Corporation based in Martinsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Cyclones, Airlocks, Fans Product line

  • Vertical Scrubber

    The vertical scrubbers are the most classic and recognizable scrubber within the  landscape of purification of atmosphere emissions. These abatement systems differ in the type of pollutant to be treated. In particular, for very dusty waste is preferable using a venturi system, while for  chemical washing systems is preferable use ...

    By Pramec srl based in Legnano (MI), ITALY. from Air Depuration Product line

  • Demisters/Knitted Wire/ Mesh Pad

    ‘Becoil’ knitted mesh demisters - In many industrial processes it is necessary to remove mist or spray droplets from air or gas streams in order to purify the gas, remove liquid which would contaminate the subsequent process, damage downstream equipment, constitute an undesirable atmospheric emission, or to recover a useful liquid ...

    By Begg Cousland Envirotec Limited based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filters Product line

  • Oxidizer Systems

    Oxidizer systems are used to reduce drastically Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentration in atmosphere emissions. In consideration of the applications and requirements due to client specifications, Pramec can produce different oxidizer systems, in particular:

    By Pramec srl based in Legnano (MI), ITALY. from Air Depuration Product line

  • Airbox - Model DE Series - Portable Collectors

    AIRBOX DE Series; Selective filter universal Portable Collectors (Auto-purifiers). The DE Airboxes facilitate direct at-source elimination of pollutants before they can be dispersed into the air and reach operators’ respiratory systems.  Both exhaust-fans as well as filters are adaptable to all industrial environment requirements due to ...

    By Airbravo S.r.l. based in Z.I. Acilia - Dragona, ITALY. from Airbox Portable Collectors - Downdraft Tables Product line

  • UFI - Air Filters

    Air filters are key components behind a car life, as they purify the air that passes through the combustion chamber and protect the engine from the hazard of impurities (dust, sand etc…) which would clog the injectors and alter the flow of fuel, generating a loss in power and an increase in fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions. UFI ...

    By UFI Filters spa based in Nogarole Rocca, ITALY.

  • Blue Shark - Stationary Hammer Mills

    The hammermills of the Blue Shark series are systems suitable for transforming medium-heavy metal scrap into high quality shredded material. Shredded material is today and will be the most widely used material in steelworks because it better meets the density and purity [99.5% Fe] features imposed by governments for limiting atmospheric emissions ...

    By Zato Srl based in Prevalle (BS), ITALY. from Hammermills Product line

  • Urea and AdBlue tanks

    Tanks for Adblue Urea, equipped with distribution unit in box with dispenser and litre counter.New directives concerning atmosphere polluting emissions reductions are respected thanks to the installation of a catalyst on the trucks (SRC) which needs to be used with a special liquid, a mix of water and urea, called Adblue. Each truck has to have an ...

    By Numak Srl based in Castello D`Argile, ITALY. from Tanks Product line

  • GEM Matthews - Industrial Waste Treatment Plant

    The need for proper disposal and the use of industrial processing residues within its plant is part of the current legislation on waste disposal and atmospheric emissions and is an effective alternative energy source. GEM Matthews International Srl has developed a range of rotary drum units suitable for continuous use, particularly suitable for ...

    By GEM Matthews International Srl based in Udine, ITALY. from Biomass & Fume Treatment Product line

  • Hydrocarbons

    Hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere as a result of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, or when fuel evaporates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 47% of hydrocarbon emissions in the atmosphere stem from on-road and off-road vehicles. Ground-level ozone causes health problems such as difficulty breathing, lung ...

    By Global Emissions Systems Inc based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Multicyclones

    The combustion gas produced in the burning process contains solid particles that may enter the atmosphere. Multicyclone — a particle receiver — is used to reduce the particulate emission to the atmosphere. Multicyclones are installed between the hot water boiler and draft fun.

    By Komforts based in Tukums, LATVIA.

  • Ilpersa - Telescopic Sleeves

    For loading trucks, tanks or wagons, without emissions of dust into the atmosphere, the use of “Moduflex” telescopic sleeves is highly recommended which can be adapted to any kind of truck and installation with the possibility of incorporating aspiration filters which reduce the product dust when loading the trucks.

    By Ilpersa based in Sueca, SPAIN.

  • Gas Washing

    To solve the problems of particulate emissions to the atmosphere, we offer the system ecoWash. The development of the ecoWash system was carried out specifically for driers via direct drying trommels or other processes with powder emissions. It comprises a wet scrubber system incorporated into the gas output stack, with the advantages that this ...

    By Prodesa Medioambiente based in Zaragoza (España), SPAIN. from Gas Treatment Product line

  • GALAXY - Model VM - Mobile Generators

    Visa has a new set of generators for mobile use, designed on the basis of experience gained in thirty years of direct business in the rental sector. The machines are developed in compliance with the most stringent European standards with particular attention to issues related to environmental constraints of noise and gaseous emissions into the ...

    By Visa S.p.A. based in Fontanelle (TV), ITALY.

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