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atmospheric radiation equipment

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    Geonica - Airport Weather Monitoring System

    The Airport Automatic Weather Observation Systems (AWOS system) deals with measuring all the meteorological parameters and meteorological instrumentation of airports and aerodromes, providing data already processed to the Meteorological Center for distributing them to the aircraft pilots and Authorities responsible for air traffic ...

    By Geonica SA based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Other Systems Product line

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    HydroMet - Meteorology & Hydrology System

    The experience GEONICA has gained since 1974 in the design and manufacture of Remote Environmental Data Measuring and Transmission Stations, together with the great developments in telematic communications and the Internet, has enabled us to develop a Measuring, Transmission and Diffusion System for Meteorological and Hydrological Data, and any ...

    By Geonica SA based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Other Systems Product line

  • Middleton Solar - Model PG01 - Pyrgeomete

    The Middleton Solar PG01 is for measurement of atmospheric long wave radiation. The Middleton Solar PG01 Pyrgeometer measures the long wave radiation emitted by the atmosphere (downwelling) or by the Earth surface (upwelling). It uses a passive thermoelectric sensor shielded by a flat silicon window. The PG01-E version has an in-built amplifier ...

    By Middleton Solar based in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

  • Sciencetech - Model AM0-FT-3 - Air Mass AM0 Filter

    A 3x3' air mass filter specifically designed for Sciencetech's Fully Reflective Solar Simulators, including filter holder. The AM0 simulates the terrestrial solar spectrum for space applications where there is very little absorption of solar radiation due to the atmosphere. It includes direct light from the sun only. It does not include the ...

    By Sciencetech Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Optical Components- Filters Product line

  • Pollutants measuring systems

    We design pollutant monitoring as a stationary or portable automatic measuring stations, which detect and record components of air pollution caused by traffic, thermo and energetic sources, chemical operation and secondary influences taking place in the atmosphere (when solar radiation affects primary pollutants). These automatic monitoring ...

    By Envitech Bohemia s.r.o. based in Prague 6, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • MTX - Air Temperature Sensor

    The sensing element is based on a Pt100 transducer (platinum thermoresistance) with response curve according to the class 1/3 DIN – 43760 standard and is mounted on the top of a cylindrical support screwed to the sensor body. The cylindrical support is made of plastic material in order to minimize heat transfer from the base towards the ...

    By MTX Srl based in Campogalliano (MO), ITALY. from Sensors - Air Temperature Product line

  • Model MS-202 - Pyrgeometer

    Pyrgeometer MS-202 is designed to measure long-wave radiation above 3µm. A coated Silicon dome transmits incident radiation which above 3µm by cutting off the shorter wavelengths of the Sun spectrum. An electronic compensation circuit with a thermistor is integrated into the MS-202. This circuit is used for the sensor body temperature ...

    By EKO Instruments based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Environmental Science - Pyrgeometers Product line

  • Model MS - 202 - Pyrgeometer

    The MS - 202 is designed to measure long wave radiations beyond 3µm. A specially coated silicon dome transmits incident radiation which have a wavelength above 3µm by cutting off the shorter wave lengths of the sun spectrum. A radiative compensation circuit with a thermistor is integrated in the MS - 202. This circuit is used for the ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Industrial Sensors: Solar Radiation Sensors Product line

  • MTX - Model FAR019xx - Combined Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

    The sensor combines in a single body the air temperature and the relative humidity transducers which makes it compact and cost saving. The sensor body is made of anodized aluminium corrosion resistant. The protection shield is made of polycarbonate added with glassfiber, material with high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric ...

    By MTX Srl based in Campogalliano (MO), ITALY. from Sensors - Air Temperature Product line

  • Instrumex - Wireless Weather Station

    Wireless Weather Station with Rugged Constrution for rough weather. Measurement of following Parameters:- Wind speed- Wind direction- Rain bucket- Solar radiation- Temperature- Humidity- Atmospheric pressureWith - Wireless data logger. Solar panel- Mounting accessories. Data transfer over GSM/GPRS network on to a cental server. Historic Data ...

    By Instrumex based in Mumbai, INDIA. from Weather Monitoring Station Product line

  • Vinyl Sheet Piling

    The Pietrucha Group is the global leader in manufacturing and distribution of high quality EcoLock vinyl sheet piling, broadly used in the civil engineering sector. Vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely durable and advanced alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood. They are ...

    By Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Civil Engineering Product line

  • thermoMeters - Model IR - Handheld Thermometers

    IR thermoMeters have various configurations and designs, which differ in optics, electronics, technology, size and housing. Nevertheless, the way of how the signals are processed is the same: It always starts with an infrared signal and ends with an electronic temperature output signal. The LS is the most sophisticated IR hand held device. It ...

    By Bestech Australia Pty. Ltd. based in Dingley, AUSTRALIA. from Temperature Sensor Product line

  • Hygro - Transmitter

    Indicating humidity measuring instrument with resistance output. Sturdy construction. The outer parts such as the case head and the immersion stem are made of stainless steel

    By Adolf Thies Clima GmbH & Co. KG based in Göttingen, GERMANY. from Relative Air Humidity Product line

  • Model O3 - Ozone Generators

    Ozone O3, or trioxygen, is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic allotrope (O2). Ozone in the lower atmosphere is an air pollutant with harmful effects on the respiratory systems of animals and will burn sensitive plants; however, the ozone layer in the upper ...

    By Pure Pro Water Purifying Technollogies based in Lahore, PAKISTAN. from Other Products Product line

  • Activated Air Units

    By means of a high-voltage applied to an ultra-violet light generating, catalytic wire mesh, molecules in ambient air are split and energised, converting the moisture and air into a flow consisting of a mixture of unstable atoms, ions and radicals, with elevated electron activity levels. These Activated Air molecules may then be injected into a ...

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Process Systems Product line

  • Model MKS-U - Multipurpose Dosimeter Radiometer (Special Purpose Kit)

    Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges. Audio signalling of each detected gamma-quantum and beta-particle. Digital display and control keys backlight if operating in the dark. Multilevel indication of battery discharge. Option to operate under atmospheric precipitation, dusty conditions and at submerge of the remote gamma radiation ...

  • Thermal Imager

    Thermal imager can detect and measure temperatures on a surface. The thermal imager series TIM is designed for precise measurement tasks due to the high thermal sensitivity. Powered from just one USB cable, the system is absolutely plug and play.Different classes of performance models allow the use of an appropriate model for the right ...

    By Bestech Australia Pty. Ltd. based in Dingley, AUSTRALIA. from Temperature Sensor Product line

  • Model DOAS - Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

    We have extensive experience in DOAS instruments design and implementation. DOAS-M1 is a commercial DOAS spectrometer based on single coaxial telescope scheme.

    By Photonics Technology Obninsk, Ltd based in Obninsk, RUSSIA.

  • IR Online Thermometers

    IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER CT series are most durable, robust and reliable with an extreme long service life. IR temperature sensors can operate in 250°C environment without cooling and are used in a variety of applications within any industry from R&D to production and process monitoring. Stationary IR temperature sensors ...

    By Bestech Australia Pty. Ltd. based in Dingley, AUSTRALIA. from Temperature Sensor Product line

  • Model CE332 - Airborne Multiband Infrared Radiometer

    CE332 is a very accurate device for measuring simultaneously an aimed target radiance and brightness over three thermal infrared  bandwidths The radiometer is specially designed to be used in mobile field campaigns or airborne or boarded on a vehicle

    By Cimel Electronique S.A.S (Cimel) based in Paris, FRANCE. from Remote Sensing Instruments Product line

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