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automated waste collection system equipment

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    Rotowrap - Model 30, 40 and 50 - Bale Wrapping Systems

    Machine types in the Rotowrap series bale wrapping system differ in terms of the components they are equipped with for automated bale conveying. The wrapping unit used to wrap bales is the same for all plant types, with these being designated Rotowrap series 30, Rotowrap series 40 or Rotowrap series 50, depending on the equipment involved.

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Bale Wrapping Systems Product line

  • EcoCart - Waste and Recycling Collection Cart

    The EcoCart from Cascade Cart Solutions is an eco-friendly waste and recycling collection cart that contains up to 50% recycled content. With the same cart dimensions and specifications as our ICON Series carts, we manufacture the EcoCart to create a container that has high recycled content, exceptional durability and a high quality finish. With ...

    By Cascade Cart Solutions based in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN (USA). from Waste and Recycling Collection Cart Product line

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    Extran - Emulsified Oil Water Separators

    The Extran Ultrafiltration System is a proven and dependable filtration system designed to clean contaminated parts wash water for re-use and to filter oily wastewater for discharge. This system continuously removes oil and particulate from the process fluid and returns the purified solution for re-use. This is done through a series of filters and ...

    By Separation Dynamics based in Fountain Inn, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model MERX-T - Automated Mercury Systems

    At Brooks Rand, we firmly believe that obtaining the highest quality data is essential, but also recognize the necessity of operational efficiency. Our decades of trace level mercury analysis experience have enabled us to develop a system that achieves both of these critical goals.

    By Brooks Rand Instruments based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Automated Mercury Systems Product line

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    FFP - Sludge Dewatering Filter Press

    Sludge dewatering using filter presses has become accepted as a reliable and efficient method of dewatering effluents and sludges from industrial and municipal waste treatment processes.

    By F.F.P. Systems Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    ​CombiFlash - Model Rf+ Lumen - Flash Chromatography System

    The smallest Flash system with integrated UV, UV-Vis, and ELS detection. The CombiFlash Rf+ Lumen system enhances detection capabilities with an integrated evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD). In addition to UV or UV-Vis detection for absorbing compounds, the ELSD detects compounds with little or no chromophores such as carbohydrates, ...

    By Teledyne ISCO based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA). from Flash Chromatography System Product line

  • BossKart - Model 96 & 65 gallon - Rotational Waste Handling Systems

    The 'Boss-Kart'™ is one of the strongest, rotationally-molded carts available for automated and semi-automated waste handling. With both a 96-gallon and the new, mid-size 65 gallon models, Boss-Kart fit a full range of collection programs. Pleated sidewalls give the Boss-Kart exceptional vertical strength. The pleat ...

    By Ameri-Kart Waste Handling based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA). from Rotational Waste Handling Systems Product line

  • Model PAWDS Land - Waste Streams System

    Already the US Navy’s choice for the Gerald R. Ford Class of aircraft carriers, the Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System for Land (PAWDS-Land), being the world’s most compact, easy-to-operate, high temperature, plasma-based waste treatment system, is perfectly suited to meet the demands of remote communities and camps (mining, ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Waste Streams System Product line

  • Food Waste System

    Wet food waste is recognised as the most problematic waste stream that complicates the effectiveness of most waste recycling activities. The majority of waste is clearly recyclable and if separated, it will substantially reduce the overall expenditure in the complex world of waste management. When food waste is separated, ...

    By STREAM Environment Sdn. Bhd. based in Taman Sungai Besi Indah, MALAYSIA.

  • LeanPath - Model 360 - Food Waste Prevention System

    The LeanPath 360 Food Waste Prevention System is the most complete, automated solution for high-volume operations.

    By LeanPath, Inc. based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA).

  • Champion - Model 36 Cubic Yards - Solid Waste Management System

    With the Champion’s automated power and design package, you get exceptional operating performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Key Features Include: Lifting Power: With up to 4000 pounds of lifting power, the Champion has more than enough power for your day to day operations. Total Control: With total in-cab hydraulic controls, the operator ...

    By Southwestern Equipment Company based in Justin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Waste Registration & Identification System DIFTAR

    As the world turns to more automation, so does the collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. There are several applications for waste registration, of which the DIFTAR system is the most sophisticated. The future will be to let people pay by means of differentiated rates, based on their amount of waste. The more waste, the more they ...

    By Crudesco Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

  • Automated Turn Key Trucked Liquid Waste Receiving Septage Stations

    Automated, turn-key trucked liquid waste receiving stations and software to track and monitor septage and/or F.O.G. being dumped into your collection system. Each Septage Receiving Stationis turn-key, self contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly. Our Systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with an electric actuated plug ...

    By Flowpoint Environmental Systems based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model ICON Series - Waste & Recycling Carts

    Cascade's ICON Series is a symbol of excellence for residential carts in curbside waste and recycling collection programs. Our carts have performed in the industry since 1989, and are compatible with ANSI approved semi and fully automated lift systems. Backed with a 10 year warranty, Cascade’s carts are built for safety, compatibility, and ...

    By Cascade Cart Solutions based in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN (USA). from Waste & Recycling Carts Product line

  • Hydratech Toploader - Reliable Waste Processing System

    Effective transfer of alternative fuels from road transport and into a process is often given little consideration. It is not unusual for sites to rely on tipping material onto a floor and using front loaders to move the material around. Not only is this inefficient but it can also become dangerous when multiple vehicles become involved. A much ...

    By Renby Limited based in Tarvin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Waste Water Treatment System

    The recent World Health Organization Guidelines on safe use of wastewater, excreta and black & grey water opens doors for other reuse opportunities than urban irrigation. This gives an opportunity to re-invent the role of sanitary engineers in the future of sustainable urban development to join with urban planners, developers and policy makers ...

    By Genoil Inc. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Venturi Systems

    Paramount Waste Extraction can supply Venturi or 'Eductor' systems to suit your specific requirements. The advantage of these systems is that they enable waste, whether it be in the form of a continuous trim or other, to be conveyed to a remote collection point without the need to chop the waste. Contamination of the waste is kept to a minimum, ...

    By Paramount Waste Extraction Ltd. based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Blow-Molded - Model 3100 Series - Waste Handling Carts

    Blow-molded waste handling carts, in high molecular weight-high density polyethylene give the 3100 Series models exceptional durability, vertical strength, and flexibility. Blow molding produces containers with very high resistance to impact damage in walls, corners, and features.The 3100 Series is designed for use with semi-automated waste ...

    By Ameri-Kart Waste Handling based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA). from Waste Handling Carts Product line

  • Curotto-Can - Automated Carry Can

    The Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can has the fastest load time of any automated system on the market and delivers a proven 25% to 30% productivity advantage over automated side loaders. By using the robust reliability of a front loader, this carry can delivers game-changing performance that will enable you to service more customers, more quickly, ...

    By Curotto-Can, Inc. - part of Environmental Solutions Group based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Differentiated Dry-Wet Collection

    The 'CALABRESE' equipment is specifically designed to simultaneously collect distinct dry-wet waste and to resolve packing and transport problems of solid urban waste, in compliance with legislations in force in Italy and in the EC (Directive n°89/392/EC, 91/368/EC, 93/44/EC, 93/68/EC and amendments) with particular reference to Safety Rules ...

    By C.V.I. - Soc. Coop a r.l based in Bari, ITALY. from Differentiated Dry-Wet Collection Product line

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