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  • Premium

    ProMark - Model PMA - Retro Filter Modules

    PMA Retro filter modules fit into existing air-handling systems in order to add gas-phase capabilities. The Retro is designed with a 1-inch header to replace existing ridged or bag filters that provide gas contaminant control. The housing is permanent, and the eight trays are either refillable or honeycomb disposable. Any ProGuard® Media ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Retro Filter Modules Product line

  • Bag Filter

    Bag Filters are designed for smaller air volumes with limited material contamination and where waste has to be collected into bins. The filtered air can be recycled back into the building. Principally for outdoor installation, the filter has bags or bins underneath each filter section for the collection of waste.

    By Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) based in Dewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Hybrid Electrostatic Bag Filter

    Electrostatic Bag Filters (EBFs) are hybrids between ESPs and fabric filters.Typically they are selected when a plant operator has an existing ESP that can no longer meet the emission levels required, yet they cannot extend the site housing their air pollution control system. Lodge Cottrell understand the unique challenges required when an ESP is ...

    By Lodge Cottrell Ltd based in Halesowen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Lührfilter - Model MWF - Travelling Medium Pressure Semi Offline Cleaning Bag Filters

    The cleaning of the flat-bag rows takes place sequentially in steps by means of a cleaning device, travelling within the clean gas chamber. The cleaning air is injected into one row of the flat-bag filters by means of a medium pressure fan, while the two flat-bag rows adjacent to the cleaning row are not under the normal extraction IE Isolated ...

    By Lührfilter Limited based in Sutton Coldfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Travelling Medium Pressure Semi Offline Cleaning Bag Filters Product line

  • Model HCW - Bag Filter

    The HCW bag filter incorporates an 'offline' filter fabric regeneration technology (during the regeneration process, the treated air flow through the filter fabric is cut off).  The filter fabric is regenerated by means of a travelling system equipped with a medium pressure fan. It is installed on carriage, which by means of a special seal ...

    By ECO INSTAL based in 61-249, POLAND. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Batcher - Filter Vents

    Batcher Filter Vents are used to filter and release the displaced air caused by product filling the weigh hopper. The filtered product is then returned to the weigh hopper by gravity through the action of the shaking bags. Both Natural Vented and Blower Assisted models are available.

    By Griffin Filters LLC based in Liverpool, NEW YORK (USA). from Filter Vents Product line

  • Herkules - Model OFC4 - Crushers

    Economical and environmentally friendly, the OFC4 is powered by Herkules proprietary Air-Bag technology, a virtually maintenance-free, highly durable power source. Manufactured in the USA, the OFC4 is a workhorse with 18 tons of crushing force, reducing an oil filter’s size by up to 80%. Efficient and environmentally-safe, the OFC4 crushes ...

    By Herkules Equipment Corporation based in Walled Lake, MICHIGAN (USA). from Crushers Product line

  • Air Tec - Manual Bag Splitter

    The manual bag splitter is a device for emptying paper or plastic bags. The cutting chamber is completely closed and kept depressed by a filter with a fan or by a connection to an existing suction installation in order to avoid dissemination of material into the air. The manual bag splitter has a robust and compact construction.

    By AIR-TEC System s.r.l. based in Calderara di Reno, ITALY. from Manual Bag Splitter Product line

  • Through Flow Filter

    Through-flow filters are particularly well suited to handling of small and medium-sized volumes of air with limited material contamination. The filter is designed to operate in conditions in which the particles extracted are to be concentrated in a lesser volume of air, and then to be transferred, for example, to a silo. The filter has special ...

    By Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) based in Dewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Through Flow Filter Product line

  • Nomex - Cement Bag Filter

    Nomex filter bag specially applied in cement kiln smoke filtration ,Nomex bag filter,Nomex bag filter water repellent. Bag filter Nomex  offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature resistant function ,and long wearing life .

    By Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd based in XIAOSHAN, CHINA. from Cement Bag Filter Product line

  • JKF - Model Type PL and PLD - Silo Filter

    Silo filter type PL and PLD is a bag filter. The filter is used on a flat silo top so that the contaminated air flows directly against the underside of the bag bottom and up through the bags for separation.

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S based in Hadsund, DENMARK. from Silo Filter Product line

  • ITK Envifront - Model CPFE - Air Bag Filter Control Manager

    The solution is called resistance measurement namely measurement of both pressure drop and flow. By measuring the resistance in different parts of industrial process evacuation plants for ex. bag filter plants you can keep an accurate track of the conditions on your filter plant which saves your money. About 20 years ago we introduced a control ...

    By ITK Envifront AB based in Växjö, SWEDEN. from Air Bag Filter Control Manager Product line

  • ECE - Model CF 125 - Clear Flow Systems - Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

    125 Gallon Batch Treatment capacity up to 375 GPH. Semi-automatic process. Polyethylene tank and base. Stainless Steel construction. Mobile unit allowing placement near water to be treated then stored out of the way until needed. Air Diaphragm pump for filling and draining system. 100 micron bag filter for solids removal.

  • JKF SuperBlower - Under and Over-pressure Filter

    The SuperBlower filter is an under- and over-pressure filter designed to run in constant operation. Constructed as a self-supporting sheet metal construction in high tensile steel modules. Process air is passed into a filter chamber, where the larger particles settle to the bottom of the filter, from where the air is passed through filter bags ...

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S based in Hadsund, DENMARK. from Under and Over-pressure Filter Product line

  • Topline Vessels

    Our 'Topline' series is the finest bag filter vessel available. From its high-performance design to its investment-cast components, everything about 'Over the Top' is simply the best. The side inlet, flow through the top design results in a minimum headroom of unfiltered liquid for easy bag change out, as well as providing optimum sealing of the ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Topline Vessels Product line

  • Model HD - Bag Filter

    The new EN779:2012 has ensured further development of many bag fi lter products. AFPRO Filters has made sure that all its bag filters comply with the new EN 779:2012 by improving the fi lter medium. Because AFPRO Filters makes a large proportion of the media itself, this improvement could be made rapidly, and the new filters ...

    By AFPRO Filters B.V. based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Basic-Flo - Model Green - Bag Filters Synthetic Media

    Applications: Filtration of fresh air or recirculated air in the climate controlled spaces.

    By Camfil Ltd based in Haslingden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bag Filters Synthetic Media Product line

  • Pocket filters - Fixed Bag Filters

    Fixed bag filters – These are also located at the second stage of filtering. Both their frame and their medium are rigid. They can meet the requirements for large air supplies. They cannot be cleaned but must be replaced. 

    By Dimtech S.A based in ASPROPYRGOS, GREECE. from Fixed Bag Filters Product line

  • AER - Model 2000 - Ambient Air Unit

    Designed to filter Ambient Dust; Good for warehouses and manufacturing shops; 2000 CFM Airflow; 48 Long x 24x 24; Direct Drive Blower, 3/4HP Open Motor; 115V 60HZ Single Phase/ Optional Voltage Available; Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Welded Steel Cabinet; Power Cord with Top-Mounted 2-Speed Rocker Switch for; Easy Installation; Tool-less and Quick Filter ...

    By AER Control Systems based in New Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ambient Air Unit Product line

  • Automatic Shaker Filter

    The versatile Automatic Shaker Filter range are robust self-contained mechanically cleaned dust collector / filter units, suitable for use with potentially explosible dusts, when fitted with explosion relief panels. It builds on many years’ practical ...

    By Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) based in Dewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

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