bag filter equipment in India

  • EIC - Model EIC BGF - Bag Filter

    PULSE JET BAG FILTERWe have supplied bag filter (dust collectors) on various application like Crusher and Screen house, bunker house, coal handling plant in Thermal Power Plant, Induction furnaces, banburry Mixture, various Furnaces, sponge iron plants, Rice mill, cement plants etc. We have so many installation of bag filters and few of them has ...

    By Enviro International corporation based in GHAZIBAD, UP, INDIA.

  • D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - Bag filters

    Bag filtersThese are extended surface dry type filters that offer high efficiency, low resistance and high dust holding grade synthetic filter media is stitched to make pockets. These pockets are welded at the edges into a rigid, aerodynamic shape. Rigid pockets ensures that the dust cake is not disturbed during fan shut ...

    By D.P.Engineers based in DELHI, INDIA.

  • CombiJet - Bag Filter

    Basically,it comes with filter systems for dust always to high deposition rates, reliability and low maintenance overhead and operating costs. The sophisticated filtering solution CombiJet combines all these requirements. Bag filter of the CombiJet series are available in a modular system in welding and bolted, and are suitable for various ...

    By Intensiv-Filter Himenviro GmbH Office in Nodia, INDIA. from Bag Filter Product line

  • EPL - Bag Filters

    Bag filter is used for collection of dry free flowing dust; typically dust from the dust-laden air that enters by suction or positive pressure into the hopper. When this air travels across the filter media, the dust is retained on the filter element and the clean air passes through. The bags are periodically cleaned by Reverse Pulse jet type ...

    By Envergy Projects Limited based in Vadodara, INDIA. from Bag Filters Product line

  • Electric Bag Filter

    The superior technology of bag filters has already caught up with the advantages of electrostatic precipitators. In particular, compliance with current - and in the future even more stringent - typical values for the dust emission is not observed with electrostatic precipitators. Plant operators have still propagated without braking interest in ...

    By Intensiv-Filter Himenviro GmbH Office in Nodia, INDIA. from Electric Bag Filter Product line

  • D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - POCKET / BAG FILTER

    POCKET / BAG FILTER DPENGINEERS Pocket Type Filters are, high dust holding capacity filters with long service life to provide an economic solution to high efficiency air filtration in commercial HVAC applications. Pocket type filters are designed for use in air handling units and air conditioning systems which have separate pre-filters or where ...

    By D.P.Engineers based in DELHI, INDIA.

  • Jet Bag Filter

    Special separation systems are required for very fine dust. The same is true for fibrous, sticky or moist dust, or for dust which is difficult to agglomerate. Processes with a high concentration of dust and material require filter systems which continue to work reliably when the filter surfaces are subject to maximum loading. Venti Oelde filters ...

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH Office in Mumbai, INDIA. from Jet Bag Filter Product line

  • ROVAL - Oval Bag Filter

    The ROVAL, oval bag filter range is a compact, space-saving and extremely efficient bag filter system for the separation of almost all dry, free-flowing dusts. The oval filter bags are installed horizontally in the dust-laden gas plenum. They are clamped and sealed against the slotted wall from the clean air side. The advantage of oval filter bags ...

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH Office in Mumbai, INDIA. from Oval Bag Filter Product line


    We have various models that can cater requirement of different industrial needs for nuisance venting. We constantly improve our products in the area of ventilation and environmental technology from the experience gained through successfully Installing many filter systems in wide range of applications. Our systems are designed to provide optimum ...


  • Air Pollution Control Device for Steel Induction Furnace

    Induction Melting Furnace is major steel producing technology using scrap & sponge iron (Directly Reduced Iron) as main raw material. This technology contributes significant steel making capacity in secondary steel sector in India.

  • Enviropol - Bag Filters for Efficient Dry Seperation

    Enviropol has developed highly efficient Bag Filters of capturing ultra particulates for better emission control or product recovery for various process technologies.

  • AIROCHEM - Pulse Air Jet Bag Filters

    AIROCHEM Pulse Jet Filters are designed to give continuous operation, wilst handling a high dust burden at filtration efficiencies often in excess of 99.9%. Dust load decides filteration velocities.

    By AIROCHEM Engineering Company based in Kolhapur, INDIA.

  • ENVIRO TECH INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - Model ETIP - Bag Filter / Pocket Filters / Dust Collector Filter.

    Bag Filter / Pocket Filters / Dust Collector Filter.Our organization offers a wide range of bag filter, which is manufactured using non woven filter media. This media is thermal bonded, fire retardant and progressively structured with clean air side that ensures the retention of solid particles up to stipulated micron rating. Furthermore, the ...

    By Enviro Tech Industrial Products based in Delhi, INDIA.

  • Pulse Jet Bag Fabric Filter

    A pneumatic pulse-jet system provides continuous, automatic bag cleaning. On a timed cycle, a burst of compressed air is directed down through a venture at the top of bag. This includes clean air into the bag setting up a pneumatic shock wave inside it. The air flow through the bag is momentarily stopped, the bag is firmly flexed, causing the ...

  • ProJet - Smart Compact Filter

    With the objectives of process optimization, cost reduction and efficiency of dedusting specialist Intensiv-Filter has developed an optimized compact filter that is tailored to the particular application. Equipped with mounted fan and silencer and associated cleaning control this new compact filters are the most readily available and inexpensive ...

    By Intensiv-Filter Himenviro GmbH Office in Nodia, INDIA. from Smart Compact Filter Product line

  • CataFlex - Catalytic Filter Bags

    The new CataFlex catalytic filter bags offers a universal design with a unique catalytic formula, effective at low temperatures, which reduces CAPEX expenses compared to other solutions on the market.

    By FLSmidth A/S - Airtech Office in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. from Catalytic Filter Bags Product line

  • Felt Filter Bags

    Felt bags are made from various fabrics; they are available in polypropylene, polyester and nomex media. There different area weight is used for different micron rating. These bags are ultrasonically fused with top polypropylene or polyester caller. Felt bags are available with embossed micron rating for ease of identification. They have large ...

    By Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA. from Felt Filter Bags Product line

  • Ducon - Baghouse Filter

    Ducon supplies pulse-air and reverse air type baghouse filters for industrial and utility applications. Over the years Ducon has provided hundreds of successfully operating installations for a variety of industries, such as: coal, cement, steel, power, mining and chemical. Ducon's Bag Filters are state of the art, high efficiency, modular filters ...

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. Office in Thane (West), INDIA. from Baghouse Filter Product line

  • AFT - Dust Collector Filter Bags

    FLSmidth AFT can fabricate filter bags from most filtration media for all types of dust collectors including pulse-jet, reverse-air and shaker baghouses.

    By FLSmidth AFT Office in Chennai, INDIA. from Dust Collector Filter Bags Product line

  • Dust Collector Filter Bags

    FLSmidth AFT can fabricate filter bags from most filtration media for all types of dust collectors including pulse-jet, reverse-air and shaker baghouses. FLSmidth AFT’s manufacturing process ensures strict quality control measures at every stage, from order placement to delivery. It spans high-standard raw materials, modern manufacturing ...

    By FLSmidth A/S - Airtech Office in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. from Dust Collector Filter Bags Product line

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