bag filter bag equipment in Chile

  • Bag Filters

    With their distinctive design features, Redecam’s Bag Filters offer the highest particulate removal efficiency on the market. We have installations in several plants far exceeding the world’s strictest emissions requirements. Our secret has been to constantly evolve with technology and search for improvements to provide our customers ...

    By Redecam Group S.r.l. Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Bag Filters Product line

  • Rosedale - Model 4 - Basket Strainer and Bag Filters

    Model 4 strainer/filter housings are made in 2 sizes and 4 pressure ratings. In all cases, covers are easily removed without special tools, and the basket or bag is easily cleaned or replaced.

    By Rosedale Products, Inc. Office in la Florida, CHILE. from Basket Strainer and Bag Filters Product line

  • Model RSM - Manual Bag Openers

    The RSM Manual Bag Opener consists of a grille with a rest fitted on its front. The grille is mounted on top of a hopper which is supported by four feet. A fabricated hood with protection door fitted on its front covers the hopper and grille. RSM Bag Openers are manufactured from high-finish-grade materials and come with or without integrated ...

    By WAMGROUP S.p.A. Office in Lampa, CHILE. from Manual Bag Openers Product line

  • Bag-Sized Cartridges

    Rosedale has combined the best features of filter bags and cartridges into one single unit. Like bags, these bag-sized pleated cartridges are easy to handle and trap contaminant inside, preventing 'WASH OFF' when removing spent or dirty cartridges. Like cartridge elements, they provide larger surface areas and greater dirt-holding capacities than ...

    By Rosedale Products, Inc. Office in la Florida, CHILE. from Bag-Sized Cartridges Product line

  • Turn Bag Housings Into Cartridge Filters

    Rosedale Products introduces a newly designed bag filter converter into which filter cartridges are installed. Thus, the bag filter can be quickly converted to a cartridge filter. Simply put, there are applications that call for a bag filter and others that call for a cartridge filter. Until now, it wasn't very easy to change between the two.

    By Rosedale Products, Inc. Office in la Florida, CHILE. from Turn Bag Housings Into Cartridge Filters Product line

  • Flexicon - Bag Dump Stations

    Flexicon bag dump stations (also known as manual dumping stations) collect dust generated when dumping powder and bulk solids from bags, boxes, drums, and other containers, and return the material to the hopper. The system reduces material waste and eliminates the need to clean a remote dust collection site, while protecting workers and preventing ...

    By Flexicon Corporation Office in Providencia, CHILE.

  • Dual Action Filters

    Our Dual-Action Filters offer you the greatest advantages of both our Bag Filters (baghouses) and our Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs). They combine these two devices in the same casing, providing you with optimum particulate removal efficiency, at a lower cost than traditional air filtration solutions.

    By Redecam Group S.r.l. Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Dual Action Filters Product line

  • Compact Filter Receiver

    PNEUMATI-CON filter receivers incorporate numerous design and construction innovations offering unsurpassed separation efficiency across all capacity ranges. Low-capacity units such as this are commonly positioned above packaging lines or smaller process equipment, while medium-capacity units are utilized above storage vessels and process ...

    By Flexicon Corporation Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Compact Filter Receiver Product line

  • Plant-Wide Weigh Batching System

    An automated Plant-wide Weigh Batching System simultaneously weighs up to seven major ingredients received in bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients received in 50 lb (23 kg) sacks, pails or boxes, and conveys weighed batches to a downstream blender that feeds a bulk bag filler and a paper sack filling machine. System components supplied by ...

    By Flexicon Corporation Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Plant-Wide Weigh Batching System Product line

  • Premium

    Anthracite Filtration Media (1 Cubic Foot)

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. - Anthracite Filtration Media is selected for its high quality. This anthracite filtration media is produced from a superior vein of coal in PA. The filtration media conforms to AWWA B100 specifications and NSF standards. The Anthracite filter media is packaged in (1) cubic foot bags or 1 ton supersacks.

  • Industrial Ventilation

    1.- Acid Mist Capture for EW/SX process 2.- Bag Filtering (dust and particles) 3.- Gas Control and Capture (cold and hot gases) 4.- Engineering Solution for ventilation (Mining process, plant, and general industry)


  • Premium

    HILCO - Simplex Liquid Bag Filters

    HILCO offers a wide variety of standard bag filter products as well as custom engineered configurations for your individual application. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with a fully accredited weld shop which gives us the ability to manufacture and test a wide variety of filter arrangements. A range of materials of construction are ...

    By Hilliard Corporation Distributor in Santiago, CHILE. from Simplex Liquid Bag Filters Product line

  • Gas Conditioning Towers (GCT)

    Gas conditioning towers (GCT) are used in industrial applications to cool gases upstream, ahead of bag filters, electrostatic precipitators or our Dual-Action Filters. They are considered to be the most effective type of cooling systems in treating exhaust process gases. Our GCTs offer unequalled effectiveness: our team has three decades of ...

    By Redecam Group S.r.l. Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Gas Conditioning Towers (GCT) Product line

  • Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System

    This Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System eliminates dust during manual dumping from bags, boxes, drums and other containers, de-lumps the material, and feeds it gravimetrically from mezzanine level into rigid bins placed on a floor scale. The Manual Dumping Station features a high-velocity vacuum fan that draws airborne dust from the ...

    By Flexicon Corporation Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System Product line

  • Model RV - RVR - Drop-Through Rotary Valves

    RV/RVR Rotary Valves are the ideal solution for controlled discharging and feeding of powdery or granular materials from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filter houses, or cyclones. RV Drop-Through Rotary Valves with square and RVR with circular inlet consist of a tubular cast iron or stainless steel casing, a horizontally mounted ...

    By WAMGROUP S.p.A. Office in Lampa, CHILE. from Drop-Through Rotary Valves Product line

  • Model PD - Multi Dense Phase Pumps

    The Multi PD Pump is designed for handling either fine or coarse fly ash from ESPs or from bag filters and can be used to convey directly to the main silos without using an intermediate hopper. There can be up to 8 pumps connected on the same pipeline with an ESP. The most efficient arrangement is for the vessels to be connected across the gas ...

    By Stock Equipment Company Inc. Office in Recoleta, CHILE. from Multi Dense Phase Pumps Product line

  • Premium

    ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A) - Model AMESA - Dioxin Monitoring System

    Traditionally, the monitoring of pcdd/fs is achieved by taking 1–3 short-term samples per year (each of 6 hours). However, over the past 10 years it was discovered that especially during start-up and shut-down periods of (state of the art) incinerators the dioxin emissions in the flue-gas can increase compared to normal operation up to ...

    By ENVEA Distributor in La Serena, CHILE. from Dioxin Monitoring System Product line

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