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beverage industry water technology equipment

  • Atec - Waste Water Treatment System

    In the field of industrial waste water treatment Atec focuses on highly polluted waste water. Among others Atec systems have been installed especially in the following industries: Metalworking industry, Solar cell production, Chemical and farmaceutical industry, Watchmaking industry, Food and beverage industry, Winery and brewery, Landfills.

    By Atec Automatisierungstechnik GmbH based in Neu-Ulm, GERMANY. from Waste Water Treatment System Product line

  • Aquadron - Water Disinfection Technology

    How does the aquadron system work? Aquadron is a disinfection technology developed in Germany. The system is installed at hundreds of sites around the world. It is effective as a water treatment system, for the control of pathogens, and is used as a disinfectant system in the food industry, brewing and beverage industries and more.

    By Aquadron based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Model ECL Range - Inline Polychromatic (Medium Pressure) UV Systems

    The atg UV Technology ECL series provides the very latest in medium pressure UV lamp technology and in-line UV chamber design. Offering increased treatment capacity and flexibility for the environmentally friendly process of UV disinfection, the ECL series provides solutions for a range of applications, including drinking water, industrial process ...

    By atg UV Technology based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ozonation for Food and Beverage

    For more than 30 years the bottled water industry has been using ozone to effectively treat its water. The treatment ensures a quality product that customers will pay a premium for. The industry knows that ozone treated water creates a product that tastes good and is aesthetically pleasing. Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring compound in the form ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ozonation for Food and Beverage Product line

  • Jet Aerators

    Jet aerators or educators have been utilized for gas/liquid contacting and mixing for over hundred years. Over the past decades, jet aeration has become widely accepted, and increasingly popular in waste water treatment technology. Since 2006 the KLa Systems aerators we are implementing, are provided with a Slot Injector™ aeration system. ...

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Jet Aerators Product line

  • closed loop vector control & torque control frequency inverter (variable frequency drive)

    V6-H series closed loop vector control frequency inverter is based on high performance vector control and torque control technology, modular software and hardware features. This high performance V6-H frequency inverters can meet the demands of printing, lifting, crane, papermaking, chemical fiber, elevator, mill, packaging and other high-end ...

    By V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. based in shenzhen, CHINA.

  • Fast Water From Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology

    Fast Water is a series of modular water treatment plants based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. The units are designed to produce potable water at flow rates of 240m3/day to 1000m3/day depending on the model. Catering directly to the vital needs of the Power, Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Chemicals, Mining & ...

    By Aqualyng based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • BwB Neotech - Ultra Efficient UV Disinfection Technology

    Neotech is a patented ultra efficient UV disinfection technology that, when compared with conventional UV systems, enables significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX, whilst providing a 75% lower footprint. The technology is certified for potable water disinfection in the US and is installed in nearly 300 industrial water installations for ...

    By Bluewater Bio based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • water filter

    U&D membrane micropore aerator can solve these problems with these distinct its advantages:• Reduces energy costs by up to 75% • Lack of moving parts provides a very low maintenance alternative • Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels • Allows for higher stocking densities • Allows for higher feeding rates • Allows for more frequent ...

  • Sludge dewatering machine - Model TPDL - Spiral sludge dehydrator for industrial wastewater treatment.

    Get a brochure, Get a working video, Get a quote, Pease contact here!Contact: Ms.Oria Lo - BD ManagerEmail: grouptop003@yahoo.comTPDL Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine belongs to the screw press, it's clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. TPDL using screw and the ...

    By Top Machinery (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd based in CHINA.

  • Ultrasonic Level Sensor & Open Channel Flow Meter

    Non-contact ultrasonic continuous liquid and solid level measurement & open channel flow products based on patented technology. These systems offer affordable solutions for a variety of applications and industries: Water,Wastewater; Petrochemical; Chemical, Food and Beverage.

    By Rafallo Percalin Corporation based in Muntinlupa, PHILIPPINES.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    Wock-Oliver’s Reverse osmosis separation technology is used to remove dissolved impurities from water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. It is also one of the methods used to desalinate seawater. Reverse osmosis is used to purify liquids in which water is an undesirable impurity (e.g., ethanol). Municipalities and industrial ...

    By Wockoliver Limited based in Chandigarh, INDIA.

  • CPVC Fittings

    Cepex has developed a range of CPVC fittings to complement its valves made in the same material and to increase the possibilities of installations with its products, achieveing with this to increase the temperature range of its installations up to 90ºC. For applications in: water transport: building technology, electronics, shipping engineer, ...

    By Cepex based in polinyá (Barcelona), SPAIN. from CPVC Fittings Product line

  • QUA - Model FEDI-2 - Fractional Electrodeionization

    FEDI stacks are designe d to produce high purity water up to 18 M using a patented process with k double sets of electrodes per stack. FEDI  replaces mixed bed technology and produces pure water continuously without the use of regeneration c hemicals. Applications include the semiconductor, power, food & beverage and pharmaceutical ...

    By QUA Group LLC based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Fractional Electrodeionization Product line

  • QUA - Model FEDI-2HF-30X - Fractional Electrodeionization

    FEDI stacks are designed to produce high purity water up to 18 MΩ.m using a patented process with double sets of electrodes per stack. FEDI® replaces mixed bed technology and produces pure water continuously without the use of regeneration chemicals. Applications include the semiconductor, power, food & beverage and ...

    By QUA Group LLC based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Fractional Electrodeionization Product line

  • DAICO - Ultraviolet Irradiation System

    Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is a powerful technology that has been successfully deployed in several diverse industries such as life sciences, microelectronics, food & beverage, aquaculture, recreational water, etc. for several decades. While the most common application of UV in water treatment is disinfection, it's powerful energy can also be ...

    By Daico Water Management based in Valrico, FLORIDA (USA). from Ultraviolet Irradiation System Product line

  • Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP )

    Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP is a wastewater treatment method which purifies industrial wastewater for its reuse. The Primary Aim for an ETP Plant is to release safe water to environment. Industrial effluents contain various materials, depending on the industry. Some effluents contain oils industrial by-products, metals, radioactive wastes and ...

    By Austro Chemicals & Bio Technologies Pvt Ltd based in Iduvampalayam (PO), INDIA.

  • Colfax - Propeller Pump

    Colfax Centrifugal Pumps are used in the petrochemical‚ chemical‚ beverage and food industries; in process engineering‚ environmental and wastewater technology; air conditioning and cooling; marine and offshore engineering (sea water desalination‚ chemical tanker) and more. They handle liquids that are neutral or ...

    By Colfax Corporation based in Annapolis Junction, MARYLAND (USA).

  • InPro - Model 7001-VP - 2-Electrode Conductivity Sensor

    The 2-electrode sensor InPro 7001-VP is a highly accurate conductivity cell for pure and ultrapure water applications such as demineralization or desalination. The 12 mm body and the common PG 13.5 thread allows installation through most standard ports. The cell is steam-sterilizable up to 131 °C. The 2-electrode sensor from METTLER TOLEDO ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND. from 2-Electrode Conductivity Sensor Product line

  • ClO2 Generator

    Shivam Water Treaters Pvt Ltd ., specialists in total water & environment solutions for industry, homes and communities, recently launched the Shivam CLO2-GEN i.e. Chlorine Dioxide Generator. Shivam CLO2-GEN is a very reliable and cost effective solution in disinfection technology combining high performance, simplicity of use and low ...

    By Shivam Water Treaters Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

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