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bicarbonate hardness equipment

  • Premium

    TitriLyzer - Model TH + Alk - On-Line Total Hardness + Alkalinity Analyzer

    The TitriLyzer Series of On-line Titrimetric Analyzers are state of the art titration systems equipped with a high precision dispenser system and other quality components, controlled by AppliTek’s UPAMATIC controller software. Ease-of-use, robustness and analytical performance are key to each and every model of the TitriLyzer ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from On-Line Total Hardness + Alkalinity Analyzer Product line

  • Bicarbonate of Soda

    Bicarbonate of Soda (NaHCO3) is used primarily to remove Calcium contamination from water base drilling fluids, following cementing operations.

  • ProTeam Alkalinity Up - 5 lb. Pail

    Sodium Bicarbonate raises alkalinity to help prevent corrosion and pH bounce. Range: 80-120 ppm.

    By Aqua Pure Enterprises, Inc. based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Water Softening Systems

    Hardness in water is caused by certain salts. The main ions causing hardness are Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+) and Bicarbonate (HCO3-). These ions or minerals are normally addressed as scale in the water causing scaling of pipes and equipment in drinking water and process water systems. Softening units offer a water purification solution for ...

    By O.M.C. Collareda S.r.l. based in Schio (Vicenza), ITALY. from Water Softening Systems Product line

  • CL Free - Model POE-111-G-0 - Whole House Water Treatment System

    Fresh filtered water to every tap in your house. The system descales your pipes, hot water heater, faucets, dishwasher and shower heads. It eliminates hard water deposits by keeping the calcium in the bicarbonate form. It also kills bacteria (E-coli, Pseudomonas, etc.).

    By CL Free Water Systems based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Cristal Foss - Crystal of Polyphosphates - Chemicals

    The Crystal of Polyphosphates have some different property: ANTI-SCALE: They prevent the transformation of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium dissolved in the water into not-melted carbonates and consequently its prevent the scale into the pipes.

    By Cristal - Foss S.r.l. based in Pero (MI), ITALY.

  • TreatMent - Water Dealkalizer Plant

    Weakly acidic cation exchanger. Through dealkalization the hardness and the bicarbonate content of the water are reduced, thus typically reducing the salt content in the water by approximately 75%. Used for production of boiler water and district heating water as well as process water in breweries and Greenhouses . Flow rates for standard modules: ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Water Dealkalizer Plant Product line

  • Derwent - Dealkalisation Plant

    The presence of high levels of temporary hardness (high alkalinity) in the raw water supply feeding a highly rated package boiler can result in high blowdown rates and an associated very high level of carbon dioxide in the steam. The resultant condensate has an acidic pH and the water is very aggressive to the metals in the condensate system.

    By Derwent Water Services Ltd based in Alfreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dealkalisation Plant Product line

  • Ion Exchange Vs. Reverse Osmosis

    WatMan is able to deliver both IX and RO technology, so we have no favourites among these technologies. Enclosed are some parameters that affect the decision of which technology to choose.The total investment in a DI water system depends on the nature of the total plant, especially on the pretreatment and the possible post treatment. The layout of ...

    By Watman Ltd. based in Saukkola, FINLAND.

  • Skid Mounted Weak Acid Softener

    The H&T Weak Acid Cation (WAC) softening process can be used in applications for removal of both iron and hardness in a one-step process, or where softening is needed but an increase in the sodium level cannot be tolerated. Weak Acid Cation resin is extremely efficient and makes excellent use of the regenerant. The resin operates in the ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Weakly - Model Type DCM/DCMH - Acidic Cation Exchanger

    Flow rate: 1.5-14 m³/h per module.One-tank and two-tank plants, frame-mounted.

    By Silhorko-Eurowater A/S based in Stilling, DENMARK. from Acidic Cation Exchanger Product line

  • Single Step Treatment for Small Waste Generators

    Jenchem, Inc. has developed a new deionization (DI) system to generate low cost/high purity water that is ideal for use in water changes by the aquarist or small volume user. With Jenchem's DI system, you can connect directly to either tap water or an RO (reverse osmosis) system. Our unit is designed to generate 18 meg ohm water (laboratory grade/ ...

    By Jenchem, Inc. based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ProChem - Ion-Exchange

    ProChem offers a variety of ion-exchange technologies to help you remove calcium, magnesium, and other suspended solids from your water or wastewater.

    By ProChem Incorporated based in Elliston, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ion-Exchange Product line

  • Helix - Model IBS 100 - Blasting Cabinets

    IBS is the innovative pressure blasting/ shot-peening cabinet combined with an eco-blaster. The eco-blaster can be easily disconnected and used separately on large installed items that cannot be moved or removed.

    By IBIX Srl based in Santa Maria in Fabriago, ITALY. from Blasting Cabinets Product line

  • Double Duty Aquabolt

    Resolve extreme saline water with Magnation’s double duty Aquabolt™. Aquabolt's static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a more productive, active and life-giving water. Available sizes include 3/4', 1', 1.25' and 2' diameters. ...

    By Magnation Water Technologies based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Water Softeners

    B & V Water Treatment can supply a full range of ion exchange plant and equipment. We can also repair and maintain this equipment, supply replacement resin and resin cleaning chemicals as appropriate.

    By B & V Water Treatment based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Softeners Product line

  • Model D113 - Weak Acidic Cation Resins

    Product Standard: DL / T 519-2004. Similarly Lewatit CNP-80. Ionic form,as shipped:H+ . D113 is a sort of cation exchange resin which has carboxylic acid group (-COOH) in the crylic acid copolymer with macroporous structure,which has abilities of high exchange volume,small volume change,high mechanic strength,fine chemical stability, ...

    By HongKong Ablechem Industrial Limited based in Cheung Lee ST Chai Wan, CHINA. from Weak Acidic Cation Resins Product line

  • Model Series JCF - JCFF Impact Mill

    The JCF series of machines can be combined to give maximum flexibility and modularity for diverse industries, and, to this end, as well as the simple mechanical construction of machinery, we provide an overall system which complements and completes the excellent mechanics with the very latest electronic systems, user friendly and simple to ...

    By STM based in Ternate, ITALY. from JCFF Impact Mill Product line

  • ELIWA - Membrane Plant

    ELIWA is a modern membrane technology, which replaces the classical way of lime water production using a lime saturator. Water and lime water are reacting inline until a saturation of the treated water takes place. In this case the removal of turbidity is achieved via a membrane.

    By EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH based in Gärtringen, GERMANY.

  • HydroFlow - Model HS38 - Electronic Water Conditioner

    The Hydroflow HS38 is the most well known and established of Hydropath’s product range. The HS38 is the domestic model designed for the average sized house of up to three/four bathrooms (specifically for the North American market).

    By HydroFlow Canada Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Electronic Water Conditioner Product line

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