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biofilm destruction equipment

  • Clewer - Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR)

    CLEWER’S patented Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBRTM) harnesses the power of circular motion.  CLEWER’s Bioreactors are cylindrical.  By injecting air at the proper angle, the carriers rotate. Rotating carriers create several key advantages over competing systems including less energy consumption, less maintenance, smaller ...

    By Clewer North America, LLC based in Bluffton, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Zeta Rod - No-Salt Home Water Conditioning System

    Zeta Rod systems work silently, behind the scenes to condition every drop of water in your home, pool and garden; and to protect valuable plumbing, water using appliances, and surfaces from the destructive effects of hard water. Zeta Rod system’s green technology is patented electronic deposit control that accomplishes the goal of preventing ...

    By Zeta Corporation based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • BELAIR - Two Stage Biofilter

    BELAIR is our two-stage biofiltration technology for the destruction of VOC’s and odours.The concept, called BELAIR biofilter is based on the experience of Waterleau in the field of physico-chemical and biological air treatment.

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Two Stage Biofilter Product line

  • SIP - Model Omega - No Spill Device for Automatically Sanitises

    The SIP Omega is a 'no spill' device that automatically sanitises your bottled water cooler's reservoir every night. The SIP OMEGA prevents biofilm build up by circulating micro bubbles of chemical free ozone into the cooler reservoir at 2:00 AM. After the sanitisation process, the SIP Omega instantly dissipates the ozone with filtered air. Your ...

    By SIP Technologies, LLC based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • CLO2 - Commercial Chlorine Dioxide System

    Chlorine Dioxide (chemical formula ClO2, molecular weight 68) is known to be a unique and effective oxidizer and biocide. When Chlorine Dioxide is dissolved in water, unlike chlorine or bromine, it does not dissociate into ions. Instead, it remains as a nonionic substance. This property is responsible for many of its practical uses as an oxidizer ...

    By Dripping Wet Water Inc. based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA).

  • Multi Chamber Bioreactor

    Based on our patented technology, we have developed a highly effective biofilm multi chamber reactor at a low cost. A 30 m3 reactor may handle up to 2.200 tonnes a year of food waste or cow manure, only 5 - 7 days of decomposition, up to 98% utilization of the methane potential.. This represents a paradigm ...

    By Antec Biogas As based in Oslo, NORWAY.

  • Ozone Generators

    Ozone is a powerful oxidising agent which, when dissolved in water, produces a broad spectrum biocide that destroys all bacteria, viruses and cysts. Ozone remains effective over a wide pH range from ph 6.5 to above pH 9.5.

    By ESG Waterwise based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ozonix - Water Recycling Processes System

    Many water recycling processes use chemicals - chemicals that are costly and harmful to the environment. The Ecosphere Ozonix® Technology offers customers a chemical-free alternative to high-volume water recycling for a diverse range of applications ranging from the oil & natural gas industry and mining to agriculture and municipal ...

    By Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Mutag BioChip - Model 25 - Re-Granulate

    As a favorable alternative to the Mutag BioChip 25™, Multi Umwelttechnologie AG offers the Mutag BioChip 25™ regranulate, which is made of re-granulated PE. On request, we shall be pleased to provide you with more information.

    By Multi Umwelttechnologie AG based in Aue, GERMANY.

  • Advanced Odor Control Technology

    In recent years, there is growing public awareness of odors from waste water treatment plants, which mainly stems from the following observed trends: The public is less tolerant of objectionable odors from waste water treatment plants; Many waste water treatment plants have seen residential, commercial, or other developments established near the ...

    By PRD Tech, Inc. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Aquadron - Water Disinfection Technology

    How does the aquadron system work? Aquadron is a disinfection technology developed in Germany. The system is installed at hundreds of sites around the world. It is effective as a water treatment system, for the control of pathogens, and is used as a disinfectant system in the food industry, brewing and beverage industries and more.

    By Aquadron based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

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