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biofilm forming equipment

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    Jenfitch - Cooling Tower

    To optimize your cooling tower, you need to have a clean heat transfer surface.  Bacteria and organic deposits can lower your heat transfer rate up to 40%.  Using JC 9450 and controlling CFU’s (colony forming unit), we can prevent biofouling from biofilm and scale deposits.  JC 9450 is a strong oxidizer that quickly ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Product line

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    Kurita - Model NT - Innovative Biofouling Control Technology

    Biofouling is a major problem for the efficient operation of an open cooling water system. Slime produced by bacteria can very quickly form strong stable biofilm on heat exchanger, pipework and tower fill surfaces with really undesired consequences: Fast development - can be within days. Decrease heat transfer - 1µm of biofilm = 5 ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

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    2H BIOdek - Vertical Flow Fills

    BIOdek vertical flow fills form vertical channels and have open interfaces. Thus the sludge of thick biofilms does not accumulate and solids are easily expelled. The fill’s reinforced edges increase the bearing capacity and give a high resistance to erosion.

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    DEVISE - Model MBMR - Hybrid Moving Bed Membrane Reactor

    The MBMR process technique is a new advanced treatment method that after extensive studying and development by DEVISE ENGINEERING has successfully applied in fully operational plants. This innovative process method is used in DEVISE’s packaged treatment plants “Ultra-Clear Bio-Plants” and is best suited for small- and ...

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. based in Athens, GREECE. from Technologies Product line

  • Model BTI-AERO Medium - Microbiological Media

    A liquid growth medium for general aerobic bacteria (AERO).  Aerobes are very important in forming biofilms and deposits, which can result in biofouling, deposition, and MIC.

    By BTI Products, LLC based in Bayfield, COLORADO (USA). from Microbiological Media Product line

  • Unique Coating System

    When considering the definition of “corrosion“, you first think of aerobe corrosion where metal is distroyed under the influence of oxygen and water. However, a major part of all corrosion damages occur under full exclusion of oxygen, for instance in the bottom area of filled storage tanks or in pipeline systems. Mainly responsible for ...

    By Ceramic Polymer GmbH based in Roedinghausen, GERMANY.

  • Zeta Rod - No-Salt Home Water Conditioning System

    Zeta Rod systems work silently, behind the scenes to condition every drop of water in your home, pool and garden; and to protect valuable plumbing, water using appliances, and surfaces from the destructive effects of hard water. Zeta Rod system’s green technology is patented electronic deposit control that accomplishes the goal of preventing ...

    By Zeta Corporation based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Dynamic Biofilter Media

    Within an aquatic environment the microorganisms that clean water need habitat, cialis such as plant roots, cost in order to thrive and form into biofilm communities.  Biofilms are highly effective at improving water quality.  We have designed a proprietary media that provides the ideal habitat for growing and sustaining these biofilms.

    By Biomatrix Water Solutions LTD based in Forres, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BioClean - Mineral Acid Enhancer

    Use BIOCLEAN to: Remove biofilm produced by slime-forming bacteria, such as that produced by iron-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing bacteria, improve rinse-out of well treated with mineral acid by dispersing carbonate, sulfate, magnesium and iron deposits.

    By Cotey Chemical Corporation based in Lubbock, TEXAS (USA). from Chemicals Product line

  • MAT - Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor – MBBR Filters

    MAT MOVING BED BIOFILM REACTORS are biological filters, designed to efficiently enable the organic load degradation, either as a part of a Life Support System or more generally, as an apparatus to treat any Wastewater Treatment Process. The MAT MBBR bio tower, is made of Polypropylene, robust to withstand harsh operation conditions. The MAT MBBR ...

    By MAT Filtration Technologies based in Vari, GREECE.

  • Liquid Descaler

    Use LIQUID DESCALER to: Remove biofilm produced by slime-forming bacteria, such as that produced by iron-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing bacteria. Act as an excellent chelating agent (tie up) on iron sulfates and iron chlorides. Dissolve carbonate, sulfate, magnesium and iron deposits (mineral deposits). Keep dissolved solids in suspension more ...

    By Cotey Chemical Corporation based in Lubbock, TEXAS (USA). from Chemicals Product line

  • LuminUltra Biofilm - Model DSA™ - Deposit and Surface Analysis Test Kit

    Are you experiencing premature equipment failure due to microbial-influenced corrosion? By forming and populating biofilms on pipe walls and surfaces, microorganisms can survive biocide treatment and accelerate corrosion. Monitoring biofilm development using LuminUltra Biofilm (DSA™ Test Kit) can be used to manage chemical treatment to ...

    By LuminUltra Technologies Ltd. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from 2nd Generation ATP Test Kits Product line

  • Newpond - Model NEW-P - MBBR Bacteria Carrier Material

    Bacteria plays an important role in wastewater treatment plants because they “eat” decaying matters present in the wastewater and eliminates a portion of the pollutants.  Wastewater treatment plants can take advantage of this ability of bacteria to “eat” the organics present in wastewater by artificially increasing ...

    By Geoteck-Tierre srl based in Casazza, ITALY.

  • EvU - Biofilm & Activated Sludge Process

    The biofilm process is one of the oldest technical procedures of biological wastewater clarification. It is proven that biofilms are capable of remarkable performances in wastewater cleaning. There are obvious advantages: the installation of compact plants that are highly efficient, can be done environmentally sound and in general, without using ...

    By EvU - Innovative Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Gröditz, GERMANY.

  • Germ-free water for you in the medical

    Norit H 2 OK medicine filter. Norit H 2 Medical OK Filters provide an absolute microbiological barrier, where sterile water is most important.

    By Sanoxys AG based in Allschwil, SWITZERLAND. from Health & Hygiene Product line

  • Sewper - Model Rx - Polymicrobial Blend

    Sewper Rx is a polymicrobial blend of ecologically engineered bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients, scientifically formulated for the biodegradation of organic compounds found in all types of wastewater systems.  Sewper Rx bacteria have been subjected to a process known as anhydrobiotic engineering which causes them to change their behavior, ...

    By Sludge Solutions International (SSI) based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Bacsan - Non Hazardous Chemical

    BACSAN – is the most concentrated of the range of chemical products distributed by us. It is a liquid and supplied in 25 litre high impact drums for bulk applications. No toxic or harmful by-products are formed in the purification process. Depending on the quality of the water being treated, the ratio at which Bacsan Solution is dosed into ...

    By Water Development Program (WDP) based in Ford End, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Air Dosing Unit

    Sulphur in biogas causes problems during combustion in the CHP. Desulphurization is useful. Using an air dosing unit it is possible to feed small amounts of oxygen into the digester tank. Desulphurization of biogas takes place within the digester through the activity of naturally occurring bacteria that use the ...

    By Biogaskontor Köberle GmbH based in Obermarchtal, GERMANY. from Other Products Product line

  • Watertreatment - Biological Water Pollution

    When talking about microbiological pollution of water, a distinction needs to be drawn between drinking water and technical water.

    By Merus GmbH based in Sindelfingen, GERMANY. from WaterTreatment Application By Merus Ring Product line

  • TGT - Model UrinSolve - Urine Odor Eliminator and Uric Acid Degrader for Humans & Animals

    Urine is liquid waste excreted by the kidneys and is produced by a process of filtration from blood. This waste is eventually expelled from the body in a process known as urination. Healthy urine is a clear aqueous solution, varying in color from dark yellow to colorless, depending on dilution. The constituents besides water are Urea, Creatinine, ...

    By Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT) based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Degraders Product line

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