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biofilm growing equipment

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    2H BIOdek - Cross-Fluted Fills

    The structure and the high specific surfaces from 70 to 320 m2/m3 of BIOdek cross-fluted fills are perfectly adjusted to all requirements in biological sewage treatment processes. Different shapes of the fills allow growing thin or thick biofilms depending on what the process requires.

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    CIRCOX - Aerobic COD Removal

    If deep COD removal is required, then anaerobic treatment is usually followed by aerobic treatment. CIRCOX® is a fully closed aerobic system with outstanding performance. It is very suitable for aerobic polishing of anaerobic effluent in urban areas because the bioreactors are relatively small and require little space, whilst the technology ...

    By Paques Technology B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS.

  • AnoxKaldnes MBBR Technology

    The AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology is based on the biofilm principle with an active biofilm growing on small specially designed plastic carriers that are kept suspended in the reactor. The technology utilizes the advantages of both activated sludge and other biofilm systems (e.g. biofilters, biorotors etc.) without being restrained by their ...

    By Power & Mine Supply Co. Ltd. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • UltraPerl - Anti-Microbial Filter Media

    UltraPerl with Sanitect is a revolutionary, new, safe anti-microbial filter media used as a direct replacement for dangerous D.E. filter media. UltraPerl is the first product to provide full protection in the filter against algae, bacteria, viruses and germs that are common in all pool filters. UltraPerl keeps harmful and performance-robbing ...

    By Northern Filter Media based in Muscatine, IOWA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Packaged MBBR Water Treatment Plant

    The TBR™ is an advanced MBBR™ biofilm technology is based on specially designed plastic biofilm carriers or biocarriers that are suspended and in continuous movement within a tank or reactor of specified volume. The design of associated aerators, grids, sieves, spray nozzles and other integral parts to the reactor is also of great importance in ...

    By Wockoliver Limited based in Chandigarh, INDIA.

  • Dynamic Biofilter Media

    Within an aquatic environment the microorganisms that clean water need habitat, cialis such as plant roots, cost in order to thrive and form into biofilm communities.  Biofilms are highly effective at improving water quality.  We have designed a proprietary media that provides the ideal habitat for growing and sustaining these biofilms.

    By Biomatrix Water Solutions LTD based in Forres, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Germ-free water in your public bathrooms

    Anti Legionella Shower Head. This is the Legionella situation in Switzerland still not disarmed, they can document the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) for details. More information can be found also on this site . The Anti Legionella Shower head, but you can shower with absolute certainty. The microfiltration membranes are packed in the form ...

    By Sanoxys AG based in Allschwil, SWITZERLAND. from Health & Hygiene Product line

  • BioWater - Model CFAS - Combined Fixed Film Activated Sludge System (IFAS)

    The Biowater CFAS (IFAS) utilizes the benefit of a traditional activated sludge process combined with a biological fixed-film system to create a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant in a much smaller footprint. The process begins with the introduction of polyethylene biomass carriers into the activated sludge. The activated sludge removes ...

    By Biowater Technology AS based in Tonsberg, NORWAY.

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

    The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or MBBR process is based on the aerobic biofilm principle and utilizes activated sludge and other biofilm systems. On the process, the biofilm carrier elements that are made from polyethylene, that provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture to grow and ...

    By Applied Water Solutions, Inc. based in Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Industrial Systems Product line

  • Newpond - Model NEW-P - MBBR Bacteria Carrier Material

    Bacteria plays an important role in wastewater treatment plants because they “eat” decaying matters present in the wastewater and eliminates a portion of the pollutants.  Wastewater treatment plants can take advantage of this ability of bacteria to “eat” the organics present in wastewater by artificially increasing ...

    By Geoteck-Tierre srl based in Casazza, ITALY.

  • Ecohull - Solution to Prevent Biofouling on Ship Hulls

    Prevent biofouling and reduce the use of antifouling paint with the Ecohull.

    By LG Sonic based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

  • Tornado - Sewage Treatment Plant

    TORNADO is the modern moving bed technology from BLUEVITA. It works with lots of free-floating biofilm carriers, so called EvU-Pearls®, on which microorganisms are growing. TORNADO complies with the purification class C (carbon degradation) as well as with the high purification class D (denitrification). Due to the particularly efficient ...

    By Bluevita GmbH & Co. KG based in Boizenburg, GERMANY.

  • Organica - Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) System

    Fixed-Bed Biofilm Activated Sludge (FBAS) is a type of Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) system that leverages the use of various natural AND engineered media to provide a habitat for a diverse fixed-film bacterial culture which metabolizes the contaminants in wastewater.

    By Organica Water, Inc based in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Fixed-Bed Biofilm Activated Sludge WWTPs Product line

  • Pi BioSense - Biofilm Monitor and Controller

    The BioSense biofilm sensors are available with different controllers to give you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options. With the BioSense range of biofilm analyzers, you get everything that you need – and nothing that you don’t.

    By Process Instruments (UK) Ltd based in Burnley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Analyzers Product line

  • AnoxKaldnes - MBBR Water Treatment Technologies

    Solutions based on AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology offer numerous benefits, such as robust biofilm, flexible reactor design, easy upgrade of existing plants, easy to operate and control, no sludge return needed in most applications, low load on particle separation stage.

    By Veolia Water Technologies based in Saint-Maurice, FRANCE.

  • LG Sonic - Model Industrial Line - Solution for Preventing Biofouling

    Prevent biofouling and reduce chemical usage in cooling basins and sea chests with the LG Sonic Industrial Line antifouling system.

    By LG Sonic based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model ATP-201 - Hygiena SystemSure Plus Meter

    Hygiena SystemSURE Plus is the best-selling hygiene monitoring system on the market. This new system uses state-of-the art electronics with improved functionality, but still maintains its small hand-held design and affordability. How does the SystemSURE Plus work? In conjunction with the Ultrasnap and Aquasnap testing devices, Hygiena SystemSURE ...

    By Scigiene Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hygiene Monitoring Product line

  • PPU Umwelttechnik - Fluidised Bed Plant

    The biofilm required for the cleaning performance colonises on the floating support medium with a very large surface. Oxygen is supplied by a blower which is placed outside the plant in a control cabinet.

    By PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Bayreuth, GERMANY. from Technology Product line

  • Turbo4bio - Energy Efficient Sludge-Free Wastewater Treatment Plant MBBR-WWTP

    Turbo4bio stands for ‘Turbo-Reactor for intense Biofilm Production’ and is a highly energy efficient wastewater treatment proprietary technology. It is most suitable for treatment of municipal and low to medium load industrial wastewater, from which it produces a very high quality effluent. Turbo4bio offers complete Design/Build ...

    By Turbo4bio based in Aye, BELGIUM.

  • ARoNite - Autotrophic Reduction System

    ARoNite harnesses the power of naturally occurring autotrophic bacteria to reduce nitrate contamination in water. Autotrophic bacteria convert oxidized compounds through a natural reduction process absent of a traditional carbon source – ARoNite creates the optimal environment for these types of bacteria to flourish and perform.

    By APTwater LLC based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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