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PetroAlert - Model Series 9100 - Online Gas Chromatograph for Hydrocarbon Measurement

by MOCON - Baseline     based in Lyons, COLORADO (USA)

The PetroAlert Series 9100 is designed specifically for the oil and industry.   Incorporating all of the key features of the Series 9100 GC's while providing a FID (Flame Ionization Detector) for extra hydrocarbon sensitivity. Light hydrocarbon analysis, C1 to C5, is completed in 30 seconds while preserving the C1 to C2 separation. ...

InfraCal - Biodiesel in Diesel Fuel

by Spectro Scientific     based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The compact, easy-to-use InfraCal 2 Analyzers or InfraSpec Spectrometers will give you the percent biodiesel content in under a minute. They are specifically designed for on-site testing at a fuel loading rack or for repetitive laboratory testing. If you are a fuel distributor, blender, producer or regulator in need of a quick, cost competitive ...

InfraCal - Ethanol Blend Analyzer

by Spectro Scientific     based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

With the development of biofuels programs, the need for easy-to-use methods to ensure the specified fuel blend ratios grows. The InfraCal Ethanol Blend Analyzer is a fixed-filter infrared analyzer that, unlike FTIR spectrometers, has no moving parts making it portable, rugged and suitable for use in a field environment. Weighing less than 5 lbs., ...

HRS - Model DTI Series - Industrial Double Tube Heat Exchanger

by HRS Heat Exchangers     based in Lorquí - Murcia, SPAIN

The DTI type heat exchanger is a double tube heat exchanger (tube within a tube). The inner tube is corrugated for increasing the heat transfer. The product flows through the inner tube and the service fluid through the annulus between the inner and outer tube. Because of its geometry, the DTI heat exchanger is a true counter current heat ...

Compact Pellet Mill

by Van Aarsen International     based in Panheel, NETHERLANDS

Top quality in pelleting - 4 versions ensuring broad capacity range Available with different die speeds to optimize for each application Compact space saving design Quick roller and die changing Automatic lubrication Low energy consumption due to combined drive system of V-belt and geared belt.


by ACCIONA Energy     based in SARRIGUREN, SPAIN

ACCIONA Energy produces biodiesel from first-use vegetable oils that complies with the quality parameters established by EU legislation. The biodiesel, obtained from vegetable oils, substantially reduces polluting gas emissions produced by conventional diesel fuel, which it can replace (either pure or mixed) without having to make any changes to ...


by ACCIONA Energy     based in SARRIGUREN, SPAIN

ACCIONA Energy produces bioethanol -a fuel of plant origin that can act as an additive to or replacement for petrol (gasoline)- in a plant located in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha. The facility has an annual production capacity of 26,000 tonnes (33 million litres). The base material is raw alcohol from wine sector auctions that the EU ...

Ethanol Production

by PESCO-BEAM Environmental Solutions, Inc.     based in Roanoke, VIRGINIA (USA)

The principals of PESCO-BEAM have built and operated ethanol production facilities since 1980. At peak production, we processed and sold over 12 million gallons per year of anhydrous fuel ethanol blended with gasoline in service stations such as Racetrack, Wilco, Citgo and others throughout the Mid-Atlantic states of the USA.

Biodiesel Production

by PESCO-BEAM Environmental Solutions, Inc.     based in Roanoke, VIRGINIA (USA)

PESCO-BEAM Bio-diesel Systems are the most complete systems on the market today. Our Bio-diesel Systems include all the process modules to deal with a wide variety of feedstock, including yellow grease, canola oil, soy oil, palm oil and also animal fats. Our systems are designed to efficiently convert these fats and oils into bio-diesel, obtaining ...

InfraSpec - Multi-Biofuel Spectrometer

by Spectro Scientific     based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a portable infrared analyzer that provides on-site analysis of biodiesel in diesel, ethanol in gasoline and water in ethanol, all  in less than a minute. Weighing less than 5 lbs. including the rechargeable battery, the system may be on the move for a full shift before requiring a recharge. The InfraSpec ...

Envira Carbon - Model EnvirAnized™ - BioFuel

by Envira Carbon     based in Kingsport, TENNESSEE (USA)

A company that has the solution for the environment and for the coal industry, the future for EnviraCarbon, Inc. could not be brighter. The company is poised to rapidly become the market leader in direct and co-fired bio-mass, thereby revolutionizing the way electric utilities use existing coal power plants. Envir

Model BP420A - Biofuel

by UAB `UMP Technika`     based in Ukmergė, LITHUANIA

Capacity: 450 -500 kg/h(550-600pcs./h), pressing max: 1700 kg/cm², sawdust humidity max: 14 %, Length: 1800 mm, width: 1800 mm, height: 1900 mm, height during transportation: 2200 mm, weight: 3000 kg, electricity: 380 V 50 Hz, power: 33 kW, current: 70 - 100 A.


by HydroMentia, Inc.     based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA)

With focus on the development of renewable energy sources, significant research is being directed toward the production and conversion of algal biomass to energy products, including biodiesel and ethanol.

AlternaFuel - Model CMAX - Liquid Cellulase Carbohydrase Enzyme

by Dyadic International, Inc.     based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA)

AlternaFuel CMAX is a liquid cellulase (carbohydrase enzyme) preparation produced by the submerged fermentation of Myceliophthora thermophila that can effectively be used for the degradation of various lignocellulosic biomass substrates for conversion of biomass to glucose.

Purewell - Model VariHeat - Cast Iron Boiler

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

Purewell VariHeat cast iron boilers are available in condensing or non condensing versions. There are 5 models in the condensing range with outputs from 70kW to 180kW, and 4 models in the non-condensing range with outputs from 65kW to125kW. Both models are equipped with a fully modulating pre-mix gas fired burner. Their highly reliable cast iron ...

Ansty - Power Flame Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

Power flame stainless steel condensing boiler. Outputs 75kW to 640kW

Stratton - Wall Hung Modular Boiler

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

The Stratton wall hung modular boiler from Hamworthy Heating enhances the current range of condensing commercial boilers, providing more choice in commercial boiler system design.Available in 4 models from 45kW to 100kW, the Stratton boiler can also be used with the Merley sequence controller. The Merley sequence controller matches the optimum ...

Pelletstar - Fully Automatic Biomass Boilers

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

Fully automatic biomass boilers, self-cleaning, wood pellet only, outputs 30 to 60kW.

Fleet - Model V - Condensing Modular Boilers

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

Hamworthy designed and built, the Fleet offers the choice of floor standing vertical, floor standing horizontal and wall hung configurations from a single brand.As leaders in floor standing modular boiler design, Fleet boilers come in ultra-compact modules for horizontal and vertical configurations. Available in 26 models, with outputs from 80kW ...

Melbury - Model C - High Efficiency Condensing Steel Shell Power Flame Boilers

by Hamworthy Heating Limited     based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

The Melbury C condensing, steel boiler is suitable for commercial and industrial applications with high heating and hot water energy demands. The Melbury C provides excellent performance for reliable delivery of low temperature hot water (LTHW).Available in 12 models, with outputs from 530kW to 3000kW, the Melbury C provides a choice of fully ...

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