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DuoSphereâ„¢ - Biogas Storage

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Office in Dwarka, INDIA

Over the years, WesTech has supplied our customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that has added value to their plant operations. WesTech continues to provide valuable solutions with the DuoSphere™ Dual Membrane Gasholder. The DuoSphere™ offers innovative designs for digester gas storage and alternatives for conventional digester covers. ...

Biogas Holder On a Rectangular Tank

by Arjun Energy Corporation     based in Salem, INDIA

This is a Rectangular shaped biodigester pond of a Starch Industry, where our Biogas Holder is used , and the gas storage capacity is around 3800 Cubic Metre, and a (100% biogas run) Generator is running 8 - 10 hours a day, using this biogas.

Biogas Plants

by Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited     based in Kothrud, INDIA

Our biogas plants and equipment are designed for various capacities and uses. For standard 2 m3/day capacity we offer “Sanjeevani” and “Sanjeevani-S”. Both these plants take animal dung or crushed food waste as inputs and produce about 2,000 liters of biogas every day. The capacity is equivalent to about 1 domestic LPG ...

Agricultural Biogas & Cogeneration / CHP

by Clarke Energy     Office in Pune, INDIA

Agricultural biogas plants utilise organic materials found on farms to generate biogas, a renewable fuel source and in turn renewable power through cogeneration / combined heat & power. The plant may be designed to accept energy crops that have been grown specifically to input into the digestion facility or agricultural wastes. These crops are ...

Biogas from Food Waste Cogeneration / CHP

by Clarke Energy     Office in Pune, INDIA

Disposal and treatment of biological waste represent a major challenge for the waste industry. For a wide range of organic substances from agriculture, foodstuff of feed industries, anaerobic digestion is a superior alternative to composting. Biogas – a mixture of both methane and carbon dioxide – is created during anaerobic digestion ...

Sludge Heating Systems

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Office in Dwarka, INDIA

WesTech offers sludge heating solutions for nearly any anaerobic digestion application. From mesophilic to thermophilic, WesTech's versatility and experience ensure that our sludge heating equipment will provide years of dependable service. We can provide heat exchangers to be piped into existing hot water systems or a complete boiler/ heat ...

Permastore - Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks

by Storage Solutions     based in Bangalore, INDIA

Permastore tanks are of modular bolted-panel construction, vertical cylindrical construction, factory-fabricated and site-assembled. Basic material of construction is carbon steel, with a fused finish of glass over all surfaces, internal and external. Carbon steel and glass are fused together to achieve the best properties of both – the ...

Digester Covers

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Office in Dwarka, INDIA

WesTech provides innovative designs for custom digester covers using the latest structural standards while integrating ease of erection and economical value. WesTech offers three major structural designs: Steel Truss, Radial Beam, and DuoSphere™. Our Steel Truss and Radial Beam structures can be configured to fixed or buoyant configurations. Our ...

multi EA - Model 5000 - For Micro-Elemental Analyser

by Analytik Jena AG     Office in Delhi, INDIA

The multi EA 5000 is extremely versatile: The determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine is only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX or AOX/TOX analyses are further areas easily covered by the multi EA 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields.

Sewage Gas Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power

by Clarke Energy     Office in Pune, INDIA

Wastewater professionals once accepted the high costs of operating wastewater treatment facilities as a consequence of meeting their discharge permit requirements. As the cost of energy rises and emphasis on renewable energy increases, local authorities and municipalities are seeking solutions that save money and meet renewable requirements. GE ...

BioGasClean - Biological H2S Removal Systems

by Biogasclean A/S     Distributor in New Delhi, INDIA

The system with tanks built on-site is used at ethanol distilleries and paper mills. Each gas cleaner is designed to the project specific biogas flow and H2S load and comprise the following 3 main systems: The PTU - Process Technique Unit - is the machine room and contains circulation pumps, air blowers, PLC controller board, etc., installed in a ...

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