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biological air treatment equipment

  • BELAIR - Two Stage Biofilter

    BELAIR is our two-stage biofiltration technology for the destruction of VOC’s and odours.The concept, called BELAIR biofilter is based on the experience of Waterleau in the field of physico-chemical and biological air treatment.

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Air Product line

  • Biocat-Filter - Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants

    Biological air treatment is for various companies and municipalities an economic and efficient solution to reduce odours, hazardous substances and solvents in the exhaust air. BIOCAT-Filters have successfully assembled been used in various application areas for many years.

    By Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants Product line

  • PCC - Dual Bio Phase Oxidation System

    Process Combustion Corporation’s (PCC) Dual-BioPhase™ system offers an innovative bio-filtration process that achieves an entirely new level of performance for biological air treatment systems.

    By Process Combustion Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • BIOCAT-Scrubber - Biological Catalytic Scrubber

    Biological air treatment with BIOCAT-Scrubber is for various companies and communes an economic and efficient solution to achieve clean air values of the TA Luft and 31.BImSchV.

    By Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants Product line

  • BioSal - Model WA / BA - Scrubber Columns and Air Humidifier

    Chemical scrubbers in single stage or double stage design. Use of high performance packings. Ammonia scrubbers for mechanical-biological waste treatment plants. Horizontal air humidifier of polyethylene or stainless steel.

    By BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH based in Bad Lausick, GERMANY. from BioSal-Exhaust Air Cleaning Plants Product line

  • Model EU 80 - Water Soluble Biological Product

    EU 80 is a water soluble biological product that removes contamination from Soil, Waste water and Biological air filters. Effective treatment for emergency spills and brown field sites. EU 80 contains group 1 non-pathogenic micro-organisms and a high proportion of nutrients that quickly breakdown the contaminants. The bacteria are facultative and ...

    By Bio Systems Europe based in Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatement Product line

  • Biotrickling Filters

    Biotrickling filters are used for applications in which is no space for a biofilter, where the efficiency of a biofilter is not sufficient, or in the presence of ph-relevant compounds. The process of biotrickling filtration is, as is also the case with biofilters and bioscrubbers, a biological way of air treatment whereas the pollutants are not ...

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

  • aero-sys - Compact Aeration System

    The new aero-sys compact aeration system (pat. pend.) produces the process air for the biological treatment right there where it will be utilized: with a submerged blower right in the basin. The system consists of three parts: submerged blower: A highly efficient and compact submerged blower. Control system: a well balanced control with ...

    By Roshard AG based in Brüttisellen, SWITZERLAND. from Sewage Treatment Product line

  • Dimtech - Vessel Scrubbers

    These are suitable for removing very high concentrations of air pollutants from large air volumes. They are used in all stages of biological treatment.

    By Dimtech S.A based in ASPROPYRGOS, GREECE. from Gaseous Pollutants Removal Systems Product line

  • LANPAC-XL - High Efficiency Tower Packing

    High efficiency mass-transfer media combines extremely low pressure drop with excellent plugging resistance!

    By Lantec Products, Inc. based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Exhaust-Air Treatment

    Exhaust-air treatment can be carried out using biological as well as physical/chemical purification processes. In the case of physical/chemical processes, the pollutants are removed by means of absorption, which takes place in a packed column scrubber. The biological treatment, on the other hand, takes place in a bio-reactor, where pollutants are ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH based in Oberhausen, GERMANY. from Plant Engineering Product line

  • Aqua Turbo - Model FB - Foam Breaker

    To assist bio-digestion FB aspirates and breaks high volumes of foam forming on the surface of some biological and thermophilic reactors. Foam is sucked into the volute where the degassing phase allows air to vent to atmosphere and liquid to re-entrain. Nothing is discharged from the basin.

    By Johnson Equipment Company based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Aquasystems International N.V. Product line

  • Scrubber

    The wet and biological purification systems allow to make treatment of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and volatile inorganic compounds  (CIV) using special and appropriate reagents to carry out chemical reactions to reduce pollutants. The type of reagents may vary depending on the type of pollutant to be treated. ...

    By Pramec srl based in Legnano (MI), ITALY. from Air Depuration Product line

  • MikroForme - Gas Contactor

    Micro-bubbles have a very high surface area and a very low rise velocity in water that prolong gas/liquid contact time, thus increasing gas transfer with MikroForme. This can be exploited to transfer gases such as air, oxygen, ozone, or carbon dioxide into water, or to strip dissolved gases such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide from wastewater.

    By Muddy River Technologies Inc based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • EcoPlate - Flat Sheet Membrane Module

    Using PVDF for the functional layer of the membrane and PET non-woven fabric as the base layer allows the membrane to exhibit superior physical strength and chemical stability. Uniform 0.08µm pore size results in consistently high water permeability with minimal pore clogging.

    By Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc. based in Tainan, TAIWAN. from MBR-Membrane Module Product line

  • BioSal - Test Center / Research and Development

    Our test center is equipped with multiple large-scale dynamic biological systems for waste treatment and with diverse exhaust air processing and water recycling systems. We carry out research and development in close cooperation with partner universities, institutes and the industry. For interested companies and organizations we also conduct tests ...

    By BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH based in Bad Lausick, GERMANY.

  • Zero Sludge Sewage Systems

    The biological treatment is air sucked from the atmosphere and introduces it under water. This way inexpensively and extensively raw water and sludge is aerated and mixed with the aeration system. The deoxygenating organic substances are intensively mixed and aerated with middle size air bubbles. Thus the wastewater is optimally supplied with ...

    By Hydro Systems International based in Nugegoda, SRI LANKA.

  • Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    Complex and not exactly defined waste air (e.g. from waste treatment or food processing) normally cannot be cleaned sufficiently through simple scrubbing. The reason for this is the different solubility of the waste air components. Some compounds easily dissolve in neutral water whilst others, e.g. sulphides, prefer alkaline pH. Amines, in turn, ...

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater Technology

    TIA generally provides all process steps employed in wastewater technology today. Selected steps will be combined to offer the ideal overall solution for any kind of wastewater problem or process water problem in industry or municipality. The modular way of construction proofs of value for treatment plants for complete treatment as well as for ...

  • Herhof - Exhaust Air Treatment Systems

    With implementation of the 30th BImSchV (German emission control ordinance) there are strict limits for the operation of mechanical-biological plants in Germany. The total carbon emissions in the exhaust air are not only limited in concentration, it is also limited in the loading of carbon emitted.

    By Herhof GmbH based in Solms, GERMANY.

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