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biological sewage treatment equipment

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    2H BIOdek - Cross-Fluted Fills

    The structure and the high specific surfaces from 70 to 320 m2/m3 of BIOdek cross-fluted fills are perfectly adjusted to all requirements in biological sewage treatment processes. Different shapes of the fills allow growing thin or thick biofilms depending on what the process requires.

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    BIOPAQ - Model UBOX - Anaerobic and Aerobic COD Removal

    The BIOPAQ UBOX, which was designed by Paques, combines high efficient biological sewage treatment with biogas purification. This leads to low operational costs, a small footprint and zero odour emission. The system provides a four step sewage treatment: anaerobic treatment, supplementary aerobic treatment, secondary clarification and biogas ...

    By Paques Technology B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS. from BIOPAQ Products Product line

  • Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    While providing equipment with long life expectancy, Detegasa is always on top of the sewage treatment regulations and strictest notations to deliver the most effective solution to the different markets. A complete sewage treatment system solution can be offered to meet current and future regulations, taking constant R&D initiatives that ...

    By DETEGASA based in Valdoviño, SPAIN. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Crapzapper - Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    Our Crapzapper marine sanitation devices use biological treatment to deliver reliable, proven performance that meets or exceeds industry standards. Manufactured for decades of dependable service, Crapzappers, designed by OWENS® Wastewater division, require little maintenance and are easily installed in any area. These marine ...

    By H2O Inc. based in Lafayette , LA, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wastewater Solutions Product line

  • Model FBBR Series - Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor

    Victor Marine’s FBBR Series (Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor) Biological Sewage Treatment Plant has been developed using the extremely well proven and compact fixed biofilm technology. The system has been approved to the latest IMO standard MEPC 159(55).

    By Victor Marine Ltd based in West Thurrock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • EKO-PLANT Reed Bed Treatment Systems

    EKO-PLANT reed bed treatment systems are high performance systems for waste water treatment in large-scale facilities. With our fully biological sewage treatment process, waste water undergoes reliable and efficient purification.

    By EKO-PLANT GmbH based in GERMANY.

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    Ovivo - Continuous Acid Recovery System

    Water is vital to the industrial treatment of metallic hardware. It is a solvent that transports substances and releases impurities, in addition to being used during the heating, cooling, lubricating and conditioning processing stages. In the surface treatment of industrial wastewater (e.g., the automotive industry), it is essential to remove ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Metal Product line

  • eco-line - Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

    The eco-line system is constructed as a modular biological sewage treatment plant, which has been developed  to meet the demands of the smaller to medium sized isolated sewage treatment applications. The eco-line® system is ideally suited for the treatment of sewage from villages, hotels, holiday villages - camping  sites etc. 

    By AEC ApS based in Copenhagen, DENMARK. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    The BIO is a plant treating activated sludges into which the polluting organic matters are degraded by an aerobic biological process.The sewage, after the filtration or imhoff tank, is sent to a zone called, oxidation, where the bacterial flakes presents absord the organic matters to be found in the sewage. The bacterial flakes arrive in the ...

    By ATD srl based in Fonte Nuova Rome, ITALY. from Sewage Water Plants Product line

  • Model DCB 4K, 5K - Sewage Treatment Plant

    Biological sewage treatment plants with rotary biokontaktorem packed, all-plastic. Equipment for cleaning waste water from objects that can not be for its location, or any other reason connected to the existing sewer system, or the system is not built.

    By Separa spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Sewage Treatment Plant Product line

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

    Enviroflow Water Technologies are the industry specialists in designing and manufacturing deployable and permanent sewage treatment plants. Using the latest technologies in biological sewage treatment, Enviroflow units provide an efficient wastewater treatment solution with minimal power, noise and footprint requirements. Robust in build and ...

  • Swaanpure - Sewage Treatment Systems

    SWAANPURE is non biological sewage treatment plant which uses the proven technology of electrolysis to provide treated water.SAAWNPURE systems are available in a wide range of models ranging from handing 20 to 2000 people and above. Every standard system includes transformer, and rectifier, safety devices, inlet/outlet-piping assemblies with flow ...

  • Mechanical Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    We supply mechanical-biological WWTPs in a wide range of capacities with their technical and technological solutions tailored to customer requirements.

    By HYDROTECH, Ltd. based in Limassol, CYPRUS. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Monoblock - Compact Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

    Biological compact sewage plant built in containers of 20' and 40' to facilitate the maritime transport and mounting. Suitable for export.

    By Aquatreat, S.L based in Ripollet, SPAIN.

  • EFLO - Model SAF - High Rate Biological Sewage Treatment

    EFLO SAF is a biological treatment process based on submerged aerated biofilter using a fixed film, attached biological growth process. It is designed to achieve a final effluent of 10/10/2 in terms of BOD5/TSS/N-NH3. The high rate biological oxidation process is performed using an extremely efficient Submerged Aerated Filter with a very high ...

    By Concorde – Corodex Group based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Delphin - Model Cube - Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants

    DELPHINcube is the new system solution for decentraliced wastewater treatment from DELPHIN Water Systems. The submerged and aerated fixed bed is a very stable and low-maintenance process for biological sewage treatment. This results in little effort for the operator and high operation reliability, even with severe load variations, e.g. at seasonal ...

    By Delphin Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG based in Buxtehude, GERMANY.

  • NALDI Ecoloiga - Model Series DVS-DOS - Activated Sludge Treatment Plants

    NALDI Ecoloiga series DVS -DOS biological sewage treatment plants are born for the purpose of treating urban waste water delivering in surface water courses or dispersing in the ground preserving the environment and public health. applications: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, offices, schools, cottages, colleges, retirement homes, hospitals, ...

    By Naldi Ecologia S.r.l. based in Imola (BO), ITALY. from Water Treatment - Fibreglass - Systems Product line

  • NALDI Ecology - Model Series DVS-DOS PC - Activated Sludge Treatment Plants

    The NALDI Ecology biological sewage treatment plants of the DVS_pc and DOS_pc series were created to treat urban waste water which then delivered to surface water courses or to dispersion in the ground, preserving the environment and public health in full respect of the current current regulations regarding the reduction of environmental impact. ...

    By Naldi Ecologia S.r.l. based in Imola (BO), ITALY. from Water Treatment - Fibreglass - Systems Product line

  • AZU - Household Domestic Treatment Domaplant

    The wastewater treatment plant DomaPlant is used for the treatment of wastewater resulting from household or similar utilities such as houses, cottages, B&B, guest houses, offices etc. The biological sewage treatment plant DomaPlant is designed to adapt to user’s daily life adjusting its functioning through both special valves than ...

    By AZU Water Gmbh based in Klagenfurt, GERMANY. from Secondary Treatment Product line

  • Model ETP - Effluent Treatment Plant

    Different technologies for Biological treatment of Effluent/ Sewage Treatment Plant : The effluent after primary treatment will be subjected to secondary treatment. The major goal of this treatment is to remove soluble Organic Pollutants by oxidation & settling. This involves bringing the active microbes in contact with waste water which ...

    By GRG Detox Engineers Pvt. Ltd based in Dombivli (E), INDIA.

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