biological wastewater equipment in Turkey

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Today, with our water consumption also increase our quality of life as well as the population increases and the amount of waste we generate, however also increased in parallel. In this context BAŞTÜRK ENGINEERING; is become a solution partner for small, medium or large (urban)  scale domestic wastewater treatment plants.

    By BAŞTÜRK MÜHENDİSLİK based in Serdivan, TURKEY.

  • Model Biopack - Biological Package Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Yeditepe Treatment manufactures highly efficient, standardized compact units designed for treatment of wastewater. The portable BIOPACK, is a package treatment plant having a varying capacity of 25 up to 10.000 people and it is designed for treating domestic wastewater originating from households, construction sites, residential areas. When used ...

    By Yeditepe Aritim based in İstanbul, TURKEY.

  • PlanetDISK - Model RBC - Rotating Biological Contactor

    PlanetDISK RBC Unit is a fixed film reactor system consisting of circular disks made of non-corrosive, virgin, High Density PolyPropylene (HDPP), mounted on a solid chrome-coated steel shaft rotating at a speed of less than 4 rpm (revolutions per minute, watch in presentation mode the above picture). During the rotation, 40% of the disks are ...

  • Biological Treatment Plant

    Making decision on installation of a biological treatment plant requires serious studies. During installation of biological treatment plants for a specific use, it is important to know resource and content of the produced wastewater, discharge requirements and the factors influencing quality and quantity of the wastewater.

    By ARI Arıtma based in Kullar-Başiskele, TURKEY.

  • Biopak - Model B Series - Biological Treatment Unit

    Biopak, a package type biological treatment unit, is a fixed bed, long aeration, active sludge system used for municipal wastewater treatment. Entirely a product of Sismat's know-how, it does not require any pre-equalization and is not affected by any hydraulic changes. It is an efficient, tested system that provides odorless and clear treated ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Biological Treatment Unit Product line

  • Odorient - Model EC6 - Biological Waste Water Treatment Bacteria

    This product contains bacteria that are able to degrade alcoloid and aromatic compounds especially seen in wastewaters of textile, and agricultural industries

    By Bioorient Biotechnology based in Başakşehir, TURKEY. from Biological Waste Water Treatment Bacteria Product line

  • Chlorination Unit For Wastewater Treatment Process

    After biological treatment, chlorination dosing plays a key role in the wastewater treatment process by removing pathogens and ending the biological activities. Chlorine is dosed to system continuously.

  • Miracell - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater treatment occurs in these modules. The operating principle of the Mıracell® wastewater treatment system is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology in which disks connected to a shaft are rotated at a very low speed by means of a motor which is equipped with a reduction gear. The system is designed such that ...

    By Miranda Water Treatment Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Wastewater Treatment Plant Product line

  • Model MBR-A - Wastewater Treatment System

    MBR-A is a ready-to-mount technological biological treatment system involving experience of Arı Arıtma and immersed membranes. The process includes second, third and advanced treatment technologies in a single container. Filtration process via membrane ensures removal of traditional settlement tank from the system and removing more ...

    By ARI Arıtma based in Kullar-Başiskele, TURKEY.

  • Packaged Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units

    Functioning in line with the principles of biological contact stabilization, Arpakcompact units consist of mainly aeration, clarification, (parallel plated) and aerobic sludge digestion sections. A root type blower is used to provide oxygen which in return is released through the tiny-sized pores of nozzles forming small bubbles for aeration.

    By Artas Group based in Beşiktaş, TURKEY.

  • SISMAT - Model VSP Series - Belt Filter Presses

    VSP series belt filter presses are the ideal and most economical solution especially for small or medium sized biological wastewater treatment plants. The initial investment costs and energy consumption are very low and operation is easy. VSP series belt filter presses are produced in two different capacities and the dewatering process takes ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • Mittem - Model BC Series - Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    MITTEM BC Series Biological Compact Wastewater Treatment Systems are manucatured in modular type with the capacities of 50-1000 persons. SBR systems operates with fill and decant principle. Aeration and settling take place in same volume.SBR systems are generally used in treatment of low capacity domestic wastewater. SBR systems are efficient ...

    By Mittem Environmental Technology based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY. from Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Product line

  • Mittem - Model MBR - Membrane Biorectors

    MBR systems are combination of biological treatment and membrane filtration technology. MBR systems can be designed in two types, internal and external. Membrane bioreactors that are designed by MITTEM are internal type systems. In MBR systems, biologically treated wastewater is filtered with membrane fibers located in reactor. Treatment ...

    By Mittem Environmental Technology based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY. from Membrane Biorectors Product line

  • Premium

    ENTA - Package Treatment Plant

    ENTA manufactures compact biological and chemical package treatment plants for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. These systems can be manufactured as buried, covered compact, concrete or stainless steel type package treatment plants. Importance of these systems are small space necessity, min. noise, odour ,maintenance necessity ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY.

  • Automatic Sludge Disposal Vane

    Suspended solids in wastewater are removed in biological treatment modules and sludge collected at the bottom of the modules should be removed periodically. Sludge disposal vane serves to remove this sludge to prevent the odor production and accumulation of the sludge. Only one vane is used for each sludge line. Usually, the sludge removal period ...

    By Miranda Water Treatment Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Automatic Sludge Disposal Vane Product line

  • Sludge Reuse

    How Sludge Shall Be Disposed Of? Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge from the waste before final disposal without treatment is required. Problem of sludge pre-treatment facilities is being designed and the resulting sludge is taken into account and choose the most appropriate treatment method, taking into account also carries ...

    By Kent Environment based in Malatya, TURKEY. from Sludge Reuse Product line

  • Premium

    SURCIS - Model BM-Advance Pro - Multi-Purpose Respirometer

    BM-Respirometer specially developed for practical and efficient biological wastewater treatment management, design and research.

    By SURCIS, S.L. Distributor in ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY. from Multi-Purpose Respirometer Product line

  • Mittem - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are tme most efficient solution for high quality treatment of high volume waters. Most of ions and molecules including salts can be removed form water with RO system. RO system can be used in conjuction with physical, chemical and biological treatment to recovery of domestic and industrial wastewater. Wastewaters ...

    By Mittem Environmental Technology based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY.

  • Aerators

    Main part of the biological treatment plants. Consisted of motor-reducer, main body, shaft and impeller. Aerators are designed as to ensure the highest oxygen transfer rate and continous operation conditions. To provide both aeration and complete mixing, aerators are designed in upflow basis that rely on violent agitation of the surface and air ...

    By Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri based in Çayırova, TURKEY. from Aerators Product line

  • Premium

    SURCIS - Model BM-EVO - Multi‐Purpose Respirometer

    BM-EV02 is a two reactors respirometer specially developed for practical and efficient biological wastewater treatment management, design and research. The two reactors system saves time, by allowing two tests to run simultaneously on identical or different conditions.

    By SURCIS, S.L. Distributor in ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY. from Multi‐Purpose Respirometer Product line

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