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bioreactor installation equipment

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    GE ReadyToProcess - Model WAVE 25 - Rocker

    The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 rocker features integrated temperature sensors and load cells, designed for convenient handling and control of cell cultures up to 25 L. A filter heater is delivered with the system.

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cell Culture and Fermentation Product line

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    DEVISE - Model exMBR - Packaged Plants for Industrial Wastewater & Leachate Treatment

    The 'exMBR' type Package Plant is used for extensive solids separation of biologically treated wastewater. The DEVISE exMBR plants incorporates an energy efficient 'cross-flow' type Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane module and associated equipment and instrumentation to achieve a reliable and effective filtration process. This Technology has been ...

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. based in Athens, GREECE.

  • Model EW IV - Bioreactor Systems

    With 485 vehicles, the Einheitswagen IV forms the backbone of the SBB-fleet. In the year 2002 the SBB began to upgrade these 15 year old vehicles to be able to reach a speed of 200 km/h. Additionally, a closed WC system was installed. For logistic reasons and because there were  economical advantages using bioreactors it was decided to ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

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    BioBarrier MarineMBR - Marine Membrane BioReactor System

    On marine applications, the BioBarrier MarineMBR helps to meet the increasingly stringent needs of water quality standards, Coast Guard and IMO, and ideal for water reuse applications. Designed for higher water quality to remove 99.9% of contaminants from blackwater/greywater sources.

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Marine Solutions - Marine Equipment Product line

  • Model DDZ - Bioreactor Systems

    The project deals with the refurbishment of 240 coaches of the intercity trains from the DDAR eet in the Netherlands. In the year 2009 the  modernization into DDZ (Dubbel Dekker Zones) trains has been started. 2 types of inside-mounted bioreactors were developed to treat the waste water:  ABv for standard toilets, Bv1 for handicapped ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • Model STB 22 - Bioreactor Systems

    To meet the requirements of the high passenger volume, the SBB acquired a total of 60 two floor multiple unit trains type DTZ of the company Siemens. Those were supposed to be used in the Greater Zurich area. SBB decided to equip these local passenger trains with bioreactors delivered by Protec. Each train is equipped with a sanitary facility ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • MemTriq - Model MBR - Cross-Flow Membrane Bioreactor

    The MemTriq is based on a cross-flow filtration process. The biomass is filtered in a filter installation next to the bioreactor. The membrane modules are placed in a pressurized circulation loop located outside the bioreactor. Membrane fouling is prevented by the use of the shear forces created by the cross-flow operation of the membranes.

    By Triqua International based in Ede, NETHERLANDS. from Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology Product line

  • Magellan BioTech Tandem - Gas Analyzer

    The Tandem gas analyser has been used by scientists and engineers for over a decade to understand the cells in their fermenters and bioreactors in more detail. Other gas analysis equipment, such as a mass spectrometer, may help you get the O2 and CO2 conentrations, however, the Tandem has been specifically designed for the fermentation industry ...

    By Magellan BioTech - HEL GROUP based in Borehamwood, SWEDEN.

  • Aquila - Model BioR - Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ)

    The CGQ BioR allows for non-invasive online monitoring of biomass in bioreactors. Backscatter measurements are used to monitor the biomass non-invasively through the glass wall of the bioreactor. Our technology is compatible with various types and sizes of bioreactors. This enables you to follow the growth of your culture in real time and generate ...

    By aquila biolabs GmbH based in Baesweiler, GERMANY.

  • BioGill - Model Plus - Tower Bioreactor

    This packaged solution comes complete with the BioGill Tower bioreactor, as well as pumps and a tank, for faster installation. The BioGill Tower is designed to fit tight spaces and is ideal for facilities producing low wastewater volumes or for adding capacity to existing wastewater treatment systems. BioGill Tower Plus units can be arranged in ...

    By BioGill Operations Pty Ltd based in Taren Point, AUSTRALIA.

  • bbi - Model xCUBIO - In-Situ Bioreactors and Fermenters

    Bioreactors and Fermenters need to be sterilized absolute secure and reliable for working on high sensitivity levels. They have to comply to recent GMP-guidelines and FDA-standards. The challenge for successful sterile tests is to supply steam and/or cleaning detergents to all parts in media contact for 100 % of their surfaces and over the ...

    By bbi-biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Bioreactors & Fermenters Product line

  • Modular Bioreactor Control System

    The new Modular BioNet system was designed to completely clear the bench-top of control components allowing all control equipment to be mounted underneath or above the bench-top on a shelf. This space saving design frees up the entire benchtop to be used for more vessels or analytical instruments and significantly reduces the traditional wiring ...

    By Broadley-James Corporation based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Bioreactor Product line

  • Evac - Black and Gray Water Treatment Plants

    The Evac range of advanced waste water treatment plants and membrane bioreactor systems includes standard units for smaller installations as well as tailor made units for bigger installations, such as cruise liners. All our systems meet the most stringent effluent regulations, both today and in the future.  We also supply physicochemical ...

    By Qua-Vac BV based in Almere, NETHERLANDS. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • BioKube BioReactor - Model 50 to XL - Decentral Wastewater Treatment Plants

    The BioKube BioReactor is most commonly used for treating wastewater from smaller villages and factories and retro fit with daily wastewater outlet of more than 100 m³. The system is designed for placement in in-situ casted concrete tanks.

    By BioKube A/S based in Tappernøje, DENMARK. from Large Package Sewage Treatment Systems Product line

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

    BioSystems Groups Waste Water treatment Plants have evolved out of 3 decades of research and development of new innovative technologies including the latest advances in Bioreactors and cross flow Biomedia design. Our Waste Water Treatment Plants are designed and manufactured to meet the site-specific requirements of our customers. We offer a range ...

    By Biosystems Limited based in Sanur Denpasar, INDONESIA.

  • MbRable - Membrane Cassettes Modules

    MBRable membrane modules are specially designed for use in aerobic membrane bioreactors for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. They can be easily installed on existing bioreactors, rising to four times its purification capacity and providing high quality treated water, being in many cases suitable for reuse. MBRable modules ...

    By Europe Membrane based in PATERNA (VALENCIA), SPAIN.

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