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bioreactor operation equipment

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    Ovivo microBLOX™ - Ready-to-Operate (RTO) - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

    The Ovivo microBLOX™ membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a fully functional, compact and ready-to-operate system to treat wastewater across a wide range of applications. Designed and engineered to be simple to operate, units are factory assembled from fine screening up to and including UV disinfection (if desired). When compared against other MBR ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Mobile Systems Product line

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    GE ReadyToProcess - Model WAVE 25 - Rocker

    The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 rocker features integrated temperature sensors and load cells, designed for convenient handling and control of cell cultures up to 25 L. A filter heater is delivered with the system.

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cell Culture and Fermentation Product line

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    GE Xuri - Model W25 - Cell Expansion System

    The Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 delivers an automated, controlled expansion environment for the growth of cell therapies in volumes up to 25 L across research, process development, and manufacturing operations.

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cell Culture and Fermentation Product line

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    THIOTEQ - Sulphate Recovery

    Why let valuable dissolved metals go to waste? Why mix toxic metal with a pile of gypsym? THIOTEQ™ technology recovers dissolved metals from liquids by the formation of high purity metal sulphides. These can either be marketed or else disposed off in a very compact form.

    By Paques Technology B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS.

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    GE - Model WAVE 500/1000 - Bioreactor System

    The WAVE Bioreactor instrument is an effective, cost-efficient device for cell culture. Culture medium and cells contact only a presterile, disposable chamber that is positioned on a special rocking platform. The rocking motion of the platform induces waves in the culture fluid and thereby provides continual mixing and oxygen transfer, resulting ...

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cell Culture and Fermentation Product line

  • bbi - Model bioPROBE quad - Automated Sampling Bioreactors | Fermenters

    The perfect split of all transfer hoses of the bioPROBE quad allows simultaneous automatic sampling from up to four bioreactors in parallel operation – all around the clock. This protects from fallible manual diligence work during bioreactor and fermenter operations, which often occurs when tiny sampling intervals are crucial.

    By bbi-biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Sampling & Handling - Sampling System bioPROBE Product line

  • Model DDZ - Bioreactor Systems

    The project deals with the refurbishment of 240 coaches of the intercity trains from the DDAR eet in the Netherlands. In the year 2009 the  modernization into DDZ (Dubbel Dekker Zones) trains has been started. 2 types of inside-mounted bioreactors were developed to treat the waste water:  ABv for standard toilets, Bv1 for handicapped ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • PACT - Model MBR - Package Membrane Bioreactor System

    COMPACT Advantages COMPACT membrane modules are submerged directly within the bioreactor. It is typically operated in a considerably different range of parameters for the mean cell residence time (c) ans substrate utilization rate (U) than the conventional activated sludge processes. Due to this difference, COMPACT offers several benefits over the ...

    By PACT Engineering Company based in DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • bbi - Model xCUBIO - Multi Bioreactor with Parallel Vessels

    The xCUBIO multi controls up to 12 bioreactors and fermentors at the same time! Operation and detection of the process values are concentrated on the central 19” touchscreen control terminal. Controllers, media pumps and amplifiers of xCUBIO multi are installed in separate twin supply towers next to the cultivation vessels, remotely ...

    By bbi-biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Bioreactors & Fermenters Product line

  • Bioreactors Media

    Super Biomedia was developed to improve the performance of currently operating bioreactors. In activated sludge systems, it offers all the benefits of fixed-biofilm systems, without any of the disadvantages of fixed media. The use of biomedia in bioreactors and activated sludge treatment of wastewater has been documented to result in a stable ...

    By Water Warriors LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • flexMBR - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    The flexMBR is the first membrane bioreactor open-source design that can operate MBR modules from different suppliers. It provides flexibility to switch from one membrane to another without having to redesign the entire plant. By choosing the versatile flexMBR platform over a specific module design. system owners have the flexibility to choose and ...

    By H2O Innovation based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model STB 21 - Bioreactor Systems

    The (bio)logical answer to conventional collection tank systems.Less efforts, lower operational costs - and higher availability of the rail cars. The mobile small waste water treatment plant impresses through higher economic efficiency in rail traffic. Protec Rail has developed the »Bioreactor« - an unprecedented biological toilet ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • bbi - Model xCUBIO - Twin Bioreactor and Fermentor with Two Cultivation Vessels

    The xCUBIO twin provides space- and resource-saving parallel operation in two vessels with just one single automation. Experiments can be done in steps while both vessels are perfectly split for aseptic conditions. Vessel geometry or equipment variations do allow comparative tests of two different approaches in the meantime. Scale-in-One-Design ...

    By bbi-biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Bioreactors & Fermenters Product line

  • bbi - Model xCUBIO - In-Situ Bioreactors and Fermenters

    Bioreactors and Fermenters need to be sterilized absolute secure and reliable for working on high sensitivity levels. They have to comply to recent GMP-guidelines and FDA-standards. The challenge for successful sterile tests is to supply steam and/or cleaning detergents to all parts in media contact for 100 % of their surfaces and over the ...

    By bbi-biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Bioreactors & Fermenters Product line

  • AXG - MBR System

    AXG MBR   System is a highly efficient membrane separation process to combine with   biological reactor to achieve greater quality results and to reduce food   print. The AXG   MBR system is composed by membrane tank and operational peripheral equipment   that are totally mounted on a platform. Operation of the system is ...

    By AXGmembrane based in Torroella de Montgrí, SPAIN. from System Product line

  • Tami - Valisette Laboratory Test Kit

    This equipment allows the operations of separation in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Fine Ultrafiltration ranges. With its low hold up volume, this unit allows to treat solutions containing micro-particles or suspensions with a view to do operations of concentration, purification, coupling to a membrane bioreactor, etc.

    By Tami Industries based in Nyons Cedex, FRANCE. from Laboratory Products Product line

  • DAS - MBBR Process System

    Microorganisms, which are attached to the AMB Bio Media� reduce the organic load. This is a fixed-film process where the AMB Bio Media become carriers that build a floating bed in the water (The Bio Film) and stabilize the WWTP. The Bio-Film grows on the bio media surface that moves along with the water inside the reactor ...

    By Dynamic Aqua Science, Inc. based in Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • QuickSmart - Controls for TITAN MBR

    Delivering simplified operation yet powerful treatment system control, QUICKSMART™ Controls provide unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your TITAN MBR™ functions. The easy to use, intuitive layout makes control modifications, screen navigation and viewing easier than ever, with screen function buttons and a status bar ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Treatment Systems - Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) Product line

  • Oil & Gas Plant

    The Citation THIOPAQO&G plant in Salem, Illinois [USA] was commissioned in 2006. At this plant, gas is biologically treated at an average rate of 700,000 SCFD. Feed gas contains 4% H S by volume and treated gas contains 0-2 ppmv H2S. The Citation THIOPAQ O&G plant requires minimal human intervention - the site is unmanned 66% of the time. ...

    By Paqell BV based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Solida-Biotech - Advanced Modular Bioreactors

    Our advanced modular bioreactor series represents the latest advancements in automation, software and mechanical engineering applied to the bioprocess industry. Industrial standard technologies, high-flexibility, modularity, easy upgrades and replacements, guaranteed long-term spare part availability and after-sales service distinguish our modular ...

    By Solida Biotech GmBH based in München, GERMANY. from Laboratory Bioreactors Product line

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