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bioreactor plant equipment

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    Wedotanks - Package Membrane Bioreactor MBR Plant

    Membrane bioreactors, also know as MBR plants are now available in our precast concrete or mild steel WWTP's. Our hollow fiber MBR systems or flat sheet MBR systems can be installed in any of our modular precast or steel WWTP's. Coupled with our unique TOD (Trouble shooting, Optimization and Design software), design is quick and easy.

    By LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA).

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    H2FLOW HILT - Model MBBR - Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant from HILT™ MBBR system (Moving Bed Bioreactor) is a horizontal wastewater treatment reactor based on moving bed bioreactor technology, where moving plastic carriers with fixed biofilm remove organic substances in the water. The biofilm carrier elements are free to move around within the ...

    By H2Flow Equipment Inc. based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model SP4-100 - External Membrane Bioreactor Plant

    ORELIS has developed and built a highly mobile membrane wastewater treatment plant, SP4-100, that is engineered specifically to for portable wastewater rental fleets in the remote camp industry.

    By Orelis Environnement SAS based in Salindres, FRANCE. from Others Product line

  • Linklcon - Marine Bioreactors

     Microbac design and build Marine Bioreactors for use in all types of shipping and off-shore platforms to treat both black and grey waters and, in some cases, oily wastewaters and produced water. The Marine Bioreactors are based on Microbac’s submerged, aerated fixed-film Bioreactor plant with additional features to enable its ...

    By Microbac Ltd based in Leadgate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Biofermentors

    Fermenters. Anaerobic digester. Fermenters with integrated downstreaming. Bioreactors for growing plant cells. Fermenters High-Temperature-High-Pressure. Fhotoreactors.

    By SOLME s.r.l. based in San Biagio di Callalta, ITALY.

  • Rielli - Membrane Bioreactor Plants (MBR)

    Membrane bioreactor type (MBR) waste water treatment plants consist of the combination of submerged type membrane ultrafilter and aerobic biological treatment reactor. These systems are used for advanced treatment of domestic and industrial waste waters. All solid substances larger than 0.02 microns are kept by the membrane and the treated water ...

    By Kazanci Environmental Technics based in Kadıköy, TURKEY. from Rielli - Membrane Bioreactor Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactor Plants (MBR)

    Sewage treatment plants that employ the Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) process are the systems of choice where the production of high quality water effluent is an advantage. MBR processes are therefore ideal for re-use applications, whereby the treated effluent is used for irrigation, watering or wash-down uses.MBR Technologies use a bank of membranes ...

    By Septech Holdings Limited based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Wastewater Treatment Products Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactor Plant (MBR)

    A membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a wastewater treatment process combining membrane filtration with biological treatment. This innovative technology offers several advantages over the conventionally activated sludge process. Among these advantages are higher biomass concentration, eliminating the needs of secondary clarifiers and improved effluent ...

    By MARTIN Membrane Systems AG based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Moving Bed Bioreactor Plants (MBBR)

    With extremely short retention time meets client’s objectives and consistently, meets strict effluent requirements once in operation. This innovative fixed-film moving bed process uses thousands of special suspended biomass carriers designed to create a large total surface area for bio film growth –enhancing the biological ...

    By Pure Water Technology based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Moving Bed Bioreactor Plants (MBBR)

    MBBR is an activated sludge process that produces a fixed film of biomass on a large population of small, inert carriers or Bio-media. The Bio-media provides a large protected surface area and optimised conditions for the bacteria culture to grow and thrive. The rapid biofilm growth delivers high efficiencies in the biological oxidation of organic ...

    By Septech Holdings Limited based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Wastewater Treatment Products Product line

  • Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor MBR Plant

    The employment of membrane plants allows to reduce the necessary volumes for the aerobic biological treatment. The treated water, deprives of suspended solid and bacterial loads, turns out adapted to the implementation of possible recycling in production, also thanks to the implementation of successive membranes treatments (nano filtration/reverse ...

    By Tecam srl based in PORDENONE, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants - Biological Plants Product line

  • S.K Euromarket - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plants

    Our membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants are packaged, prefabricated units in mono-block structures that have external dimensions equivalent to ISO containers (same height and width). Our MBR plants are easy to transport, install and relocate.  MBR plants are designed only for above ground installation and are suitable capable to serve ...

  • SIMPEC - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plant

    MBR plants use flat sheet membranes. This kind of membranes work submerged in the bioreactor and they efficiently remove suspended solids and pollutants. MBR membranes replaces sedimentation sections. MBR technology combined with reverse osmosis plants produce an high quality water. MBR membranes can work submerged in bioreactor containing a lot ...

    By SIMPEC S.r.l. based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY. from Membrane Technology Product line

  • Drumtec - Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screen

    Drumtec is an internally fed rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial wastewater treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants. Drumtec is an internally fed rotary drum screen with a pinion-and-rack driving system. It ...

    By Aqualitec Corp. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Screening Equipment Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactor Package Plant (MBR)

    Dynatec offers a high quality MBR package plant capable of BOD and nutrient removal for small decentralized wastewater facilities.

    By Dynatec Systems Inc. based in Burlington, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Membrane Bioreactor Systems (MBR) Product line

  • Evac - Black and Gray Water Treatment Plants

    The Evac range of advanced waste water treatment plants and membrane bioreactor systems includes standard units for smaller installations as well as tailor made units for bigger installations, such as cruise liners. All our systems meet the most stringent effluent regulations, both today and in the future.  We also supply physicochemical ...

    By Qua-Vac BV based in Almere, NETHERLANDS. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Belt Conveyor

    Sliding conveyor GGF Usage examples: used as the carrying, sorting, bunker and channel conveyors, for the transport of the light materials and light waste of the small own weight (e.g. paper, plastics). Sliding - roller conveyor GRF Usage examples: used as the carrying, sorting, bunker and channel conveyors for the transport of the big weight ...

    By Sutco Polska Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice, POLAND.

  • Model EW IV - Bioreactor Systems

    With 485 vehicles, the Einheitswagen IV forms the backbone of the SBB-fleet. In the year 2002 the SBB began to upgrade these 15 year old vehicles to be able to reach a speed of 200 km/h. Additionally, a closed WC system was installed. For logistic reasons and because there were  economical advantages using bioreactors it was decided to ...

    By AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • MBR Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant

    It is a combined technology of membrane separation and moving bed bio media technology. Effluent quality is guaranteed as BOD

    By Arges Treatment Machinery Company based in IVOGSAN, TURKEY. from Package Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Wasterwater Treatment Plant

    In conventional activated sludge processes, separation of treated water from the sludge is mainly achieved by sedimentation in secondary clarification tank. This requires a considerable amount of space and capital cost, and separation efficiency is low. Using membrane to replace the secondary clarification tank, suspended solids can be completely ...

    By Dunwell Industrial (Holdings) Limited based in N.T., CHINA.

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