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bioreactor sludge equipment

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    DEVISE - Model MBBR - IFAS - Moving Bed Bioreactor & Integrated Fixed Activated Sludge

    DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. effectively utilizes the so-called MBBR-IFAS process in its packaged “High-Speed Bio-Plants” which are designated for small- and medium-scale biological wastewater treatment applications, both municipal and industrial. The MBBR-IFAS process has been established in the past 20 years as a simple yet robust, ...

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. based in Athens, GREECE. from Technologies Product line

  • Bioreactors Media

    Super Biomedia was developed to improve the performance of currently operating bioreactors. In activated sludge systems, it offers all the benefits of fixed-biofilm systems, without any of the disadvantages of fixed media. The use of biomedia in bioreactors and activated sludge treatment of wastewater has been documented to result in a stable ...

    By Water Warriors LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • MAK - Activated Sludge Bioreactor

    MAK Water’s Activated Sludge Bioreactor (ASBR) type packaged sewage treatment plants are designed to treat domestic strength sewage, to achieve “Class C” treated effluent, suitable for reuse in “risk category low” applications or for discharge to environment. With the optional “Class A” upgrade, treated ...

    By MAK Water based in Malaga, AUSTRALIA. from Wastewater / Sewage Treatment Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

    Membrane bioreactors (MBR) combine activated sludge treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process. The membrane component uses low pressure microfiltration or ultra filtration membranes and eliminates the need for clarification and tertiary filtration. The membranes are typically immersed in the aeration tank; however, some ...

    By AWT Watertreatment BV based in Andelst, NETHERLANDS.

  • Novotec - Submerged Aerated Fixed Bed Reactor (SAF)

    The Biofix system engineered by Novotec  features aerated fixed bed technology. A carrier material is fitted into a bioreactor. The unit includes an aeration grid with external blower. Biomass accumulates on the carrier and treats the waste water which passes by. By dividing the reactor into different compartments, specific biology develops ...

    By Novotec N.V based in Merelbeke, BELGIUM. from Biological Treatment Product line

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

    The biggest energy consumers in many communities and companies are the wastewater treatment facilities. The savings potential of sewage treatment plants is correspondingly substantial. That explains why these facilities are being used more than ever before to produce energy. This can be easily achieved by means of sewage sludge stabilisation in ...

    By Weltec Biopower GmbH based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Plants Product line

  • SIMPEC - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plant

    MBR plants use flat sheet membranes. This kind of membranes work submerged in the bioreactor and they efficiently remove suspended solids and pollutants. MBR membranes replaces sedimentation sections. MBR technology combined with reverse osmosis plants produce an high quality water. MBR membranes can work submerged in bioreactor containing a lot ...

    By SIMPEC S.r.l. based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY. from Membrane Technology Product line

  • Enviropax - High Efficiency Axial Impeller

    This design includes three or four blade units with varying angles, blade width, and blade contours. The high efficiency designs optimize pumping capabilities while minimizing power consumption. This design is being applied to more and more applications due to power saving characteristics; such as, anoxic zone or bioreactor mixers, chemical ...

    By Enviropax based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Impellers Product line

  • Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

    Anaerobic treatment is a process in which microorganisms convert organic matter into biogas in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic treatment is typically utilized to treat warm, high-strength industrial wastewaters that contain high concentrations of BOD and/or COD and TSS. An anaerobic system can be used for pretreatment prior to discharging to a ...

    By ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA).

  • Submerged Membrane Bioreactor

    With the INDION Submerged Membrane Bioreactor, the higher biomass concentrations can be kept in a reactor causing a decrease of the bioreactor volume with a factor 3-4 compared to a conventional sludge system. Furthermore, the energy consumption is kept to minimum by placing the hollow fibre membranes inside the reactor.

    By Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd. based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA. from Liquid Waste Treatment & Recycle Product line

  • Membrane Bioreactors

    The T&D biological membrane systems can be used in a wide range of applications, ensuring the possibility of re-use of the purified water while maintaining compact dimensions of the structures. Purification output of the MBR process is very high and the other big advantage is the low production of excess sludge.

    By T&D WATER TECHNOLOGIES based in Polverara (PD), ITALY.

  • X-TRACTOR - Cross-Flow Membrane Bioreactor

    In the X-TRACTOR Crossflow Membrane Bioreactor, tubular membranes are placed outside in an external loop of the bioreactor. Due to the high-energy consumption, caused by the high-speed circulation, this crossflow concept is  used to treat smaller but more difficult waste water flows.

    By Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd. based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

  • BioHAR - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    BioHAR Membrane Bioreactor is a combination of an activated sludge biological system and an ultrafiltration system, for an optimal removal of organic contaminants in waste streams.

    By Hydro Air Research Italia (HARI) based in Merlino (LO), ITALY. from Membrane Bioreactor Systems Product line

  • The Biological Degradation

    Due to their high elimination performance and cost-efficiency, the biological treatment of ”substrates“ (effluent, waste gas and sludges), is among the most widely-applied processes.

  • Model MBR-A - Wastewater Treatment System

    MBR-A is a ready-to-mount technological biological treatment system involving experience of Arı Arıtma and immersed membranes. The process includes second, third and advanced treatment technologies in a single container. Filtration process via membrane ensures removal of traditional settlement tank from the system and removing more ...

    By ARI Arıtma based in Kullar-Başiskele, TURKEY.

  • Tornado - Sewage Treatment Plant

    TORNADO is the modern moving bed technology from BLUEVITA. It works with lots of free-floating biofilm carriers, so called EvU-Pearls®, on which microorganisms are growing. TORNADO complies with the purification class C (carbon degradation) as well as with the high purification class D (denitrification). Due to the particularly efficient ...

    By Bluevita GmbH & Co. KG based in Boizenburg, GERMANY.

  • Atlantis - Submerged Membrane Bioretor SMBR

    The ATLANTIS MBR is our Membrane Bio Reactor technology designed for the treatment of larger wastewater flows or wastewater not requiring harsh and frequent cleanings of the membranes. It produces an effluent that is extremely pure and appropriate for immediate reuse.At Waterleau, we have several wastewater treatment plants using ATLANTIS MBR ...

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Water Product line

  • Package Membrane Bioreactor Systems

    The limited supply of fresh water to support communities and industries, the increased cost of centralized water and wastewater treatment plants and stricter environmental regulations make ARTAS Packaged Membrane Bioreactor Systems (armbr) a viable and ultimate solution for current and future wastewater treatment and reuse needs.

    By Artas Group based in Beşiktaş, TURKEY.

  • LEVAPOR-C Adsorbing, Porous Carrier Material for Special Microorganisms

    LEVAPOR-C is an innovative carrier material for the immobilization of microorganisms, consisting of a porous polymeric matrix with a specially activated surface.

    By LEVAPOR GmbH, Biofilm Technologies based in Leverkusen, GERMANY.

  • Aqua - Model CB-24 - Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    24 inch (61 cm) length, 304 L or 316 L stainless steel, open or closed bottom.  Airflow Range: From 5.0 to 50 SCFM (8.5 to 85 m3/hr) per diffuser.  Performance: Standard oxygen transfer efficiency of approximately 1.0% per foot of submergence.   Diffuser performance is calculated for each specific application based on flux, ...

    By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. (a subsidiary of the METAWATER Group) based in Loves Park, ILLINOIS (USA). from Aeration & Mixing Product line

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