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biotrickling filter equipment

  • Premium

    Duall BIO-PRO - Bio-Trickling Filters & Biofilters

    The BIO-PRO Bio-Trickling Filter System employs state-of-the-art biotrickling filter technology, together with a unique blend of micro-organisms, to effectively remove odors and gaseous contaminants such as Hydrogen Sulfide, and other reduced sulfur compounds without the use of expensive chemicals or costly incineration methods. BIO-PRO® ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model Series EG-12 - Bioscrubber for Heavy-Duty Control

    Heavy-duty odor issues require a heavy-duty solution, and that’s precisely what you get with the EG-12 series bioscrubber. Like the EG-6 and EG-8 series, the EG-12 series bioscrubber has a multistage capacity and a modular design to ensure total flexibility while remaining cost effective. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Daniel - Biotrickling Filter (BTF) Odor Control Systems

    Daniel Company is in the business of supporting owners and engineers throughout the U.S. by providing technologically developed and improved biotrickling filter systems. Designed and manufactured odor control systems nationwide, Daniel Company is uniquely equipped to provide a complete system.

    By Daniel Company based in Upland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sulphus - Compact Biotrickling Filter

    The Sulphus is a compact biotrickling filter for reliable and highly effective removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other primary sources of wastewater odours, including ammonia, mercaptans and amines.

    By Pure air solutions bv based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Biotrickling Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-8 - Bioscrubber

    Designed to quickly resolve odor control issues with mid-size sites. The EG-8’s multistage capacity and its modular design ensure not only total flexibility, but scalability as well. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular adaptability ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Model Bio-T - High Efficiency Biotrickling Filters

    ETS carries out design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of it's Polyurethane Foam Media BIO-T biotrickling filter systems. Suitable for medium to high air flows (1,500 - 18,000m3/hr) and high H2S concentrations (10-100ppm average/50-1000ppm peak concentrations), the BIO-T biotrickling filter is well suited to pump station and larger ...

    By Emission Treatment Solutions Pty Ltd based in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA.

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    Etaniv - Odor Control Systems

    Odor control systems are used to prevent bad odors and corrosive environment. The main odor source constituent in wastewater is hydrogen sulfide that produces rotten egg odor and together with humid atmosphere produces sulfuric acid that attacks concrete, electric panels, and metals and corrode it.

    By Etaniv B.Y ltd based in Bazra, ISRAEL.

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-6/EG-6T Series - Bioscrubber

    A cost-effective solution for lift stations, wet wells and small to medium plant processes. The modular design of the EG-6 series bioscrubber ensures total flexibility for your unique application. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Bioscrubber Biofilter Systems

    Biological oxidation is the process of metabolic conversion of odorous compounds broken down into two broad categories: The use of inorganic media typically referred to as bioscrubbers or biotrickling filters. The use of organic media typically referred to as biofilters.

    By GLOBAL environmental solutions, inc. based in Yucaipa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Biorem - Biotrickling Filters and Biofilter - Multistage Systems

    Complex odors associated with various municipal wastewater treatment processes can be difficult to treat.  That is why Biorem offers a robust and cost effective approach by combining our biotrickling filters and biofilter technologies.  The first stage consists of a customizable biotrickling filter that is used as a roughing scrubber to ...

    By Biorem Technologies Inc. based in Puslinch, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • HD Q-PAC - High Surface Area Structured Media

    HD Q-PAC is lightweight structured media which has very high surface area, up to 300 ft2/ft3. HD Q-PAC is suitable for use in biotricking filters, oil-water separators, and biotowers. The unique rod geometry of HD Q-PAC allows it to be an excellent substrate for active biofilm growth for excellent air or water treatment in a smaller system ...

    By Lantec Products, Inc. based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Biotrickling Filter Systems

    Also known as Biotowers, Biotricklers, Bioscrubbing Systems, Bioscrubbers, and Biological Oxidation Systems. KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other odors from municipal and industrial processes. Our Biotrickling Filter Systems will effectively remove 99% of H2S ...

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Biological Oxidation Systems Product line

  • EcoPure - Mini Odor Control Systems

    Say goodbye to odor and to enormous odor control systems with the EcoPure Mini, a miniaturized unit with all the power of our EcoPure dual-technology odor solution. This revolutionary product combines BioAir’s breakthrough biological EcoFilter technology (using our EcoBase structured synthetic biotrickling filter media) with an EcoSorb ...

    By BioAir Solutions, LLC based in Voorhees, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-mini - Bioscrubber

    Don’t let the size of the EG-mini fool you. It may be small, but it’s quite capable of tackling large odor problems. It’s a highly convenient, cost-effective, “plug and play” system that’s ideal for small pump stations and wet wells. The EG-mini also comes skid mounted as the most convenient alternative. Each ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Biotrickling Filters

    Biotrickling filters are used for applications in which is no space for a biofilter, where the efficiency of a biofilter is not sufficient, or in the presence of ph-relevant compounds. The process of biotrickling filtration is, as is also the case with biofilters and bioscrubbers, a biological way of air treatment whereas the pollutants are not ...

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

  • EcoFilter - Biotrickling Filter

    Exceptional, cost-effective, proven performance that expands with your needs. EcoFilter delivers unmatched odor control performance using a new generation of filtering and media technology for reliable and long-term removal of both inorganic and organic odors.

    By BioAir Solutions, LLC based in Voorhees, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Biorem - Biotrickling Filters

    Biorem’s Biotrickling Filters are designed for demanding applications of high concentrations of H2S or other water soluble compounds. We offer a range of structures and random packed medias to suit the specifics of your particular application.

    By Biorem Technologies Inc. based in Puslinch, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • EcoPure - Dual-Tech Filter

    The two-stage solution for the lowest possible emissions. With EcoPure from BioAir, odor complaints are a thing of the past - even for facilities in sensitive locations near housing developments or public facilities. EcoPure delivers a double-barreled odor control solution: the unmatched performance of our proprietary biotrickling filtering system ...

    By BioAir Solutions, LLC based in Voorhees, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Honeychem - Biofilm Technology

    Honeychem's versatile biofilm technology is the key enabling technology for wastewater and waste gas treatment. By employing a proprietary biofilm media coated with nanoparticles, the biofilm technology can be configured as fixed bed biofilm reactor (FBBR)/moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) systems for wastewater treatment or biotrickling filters ...

    By Honeychem (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. based in Nanjing, CHINA.

  • TAPC - Biological Scrubbers

    Also known as trickling filters and biotrickling filters, biological scrubbers or bioscrubbers use a modified form of packed tower technology. A special packing is used that encourages and allows the growth of a highly active biological medium on the packing surface. The packing and biological medium are irrigated with water. The pollutants in the ...

    By Total Air Pollution Control Pty Ltd. (TAPC) based in Wollongong, AUSTRALIA. from Gas Scrubbing - Biological Scrubbers Product line

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