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Blue Green Algae equipment

  • Felix - Water Quality - Blue-Green Algae Sensor

    Blue-Green Algae sensor accurately measures in 3 ranges from 0 - 2,000,000 cells/mL Cyanobacteria (phycocyanin or phycoerythrin).

    By Felix Technology Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hydrological Instruments Product line

  • Premium

    Algaecides for Water Treatment Chemicals

    Algaecides are chemicals that kill algae and blue or green algae, when they are added to water. Examples are copper sulphate, iron salts, rosin amine salts and benzalkonium chloride. Algaecides are effective against algae, but are not very usable for algal blooms for environmental reasons. The problem with most algaecides is that they kill all ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Water Treatment Chemicals Product line

  • Global Green - GGNP

    Application: Global Green is a wash down detergent for vehicle and workshop floors.  Global Green is a mildly alkaline general purpose cleaner/degreaser designed to remove a wide range of soils, oil, grease, dust and carbon from fixed or mobile equipment and workshop floors.  It is a fast working, non-flammable cleaner that is safe to ...

    By Global Spill Control based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Chemical Alternatives - Quick Break Detergents Product line

  • Fluoro - Probe

    The instrument for algae class differentiation and total chlorophyll measurement. The bbe FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive measuring instrument for the analysis of chlorophyll-a with algae class distinction. Individual profiles during the measurements are taken for green algae, blue-green algae/cyanobacteria, diatoms/dinoflagellates and ...

    By bbe Moldaenke GmbH based in Schwentinental, GERMANY. from Chlorophyll Monitoring Product line

  • Direct To Ethanol Technology

    DIRECT TO ETHANOL technology uses sunlight, algae, non-arable land and carbon dioxide to economically produce ethanol, a valuable commodity, and spent algae that can be converted into other biofuels. Our proprietary technology employs enhanced blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria) and Mother Nature’s photosynthesis to convert CO2 and seawater ...

    By Algenol Biofuels based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA).

  • YSI - Model 6-Series - Multiparameter Sondes

    The 6 series instruments measures up to 15 parameters including: pH, ORP, temeprature, conductivity, salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae; Additional calculated parameters include total dissolved solids, resistivity, and specific conductance.

    By YSI Hydrodata - a Xylem brand based in Letchworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Algal monitoring Submersible Probe

    Algae can be represented under various shapes, like the green, brown, red algae and micro-algae. They grow in water and more specifically in sunny environments, because they produce their energy from light thanks to photosynthesis. Algae can then proliferate suddenly and induce either health risks if they release toxins and risks for the local ...

    By AquaMS based in Maxéville, FRANCE. from Submersible Probes Product line

  • Cyanobacteria Monitoring Systems

    Lakes regularly suffer from cyanobacteria blooms (blue-green algae). Some of these species are toxic and therefore swimming waters are closed for the remainder of the season when blooms occur. In the project CyMonS an efficient monitoring system will be set up, so waters only need to be closed when the blooms occur.

    By Water Insight BV based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • YSI - Model EXO 2 - Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Platform

    YSI has used its long experience in water quality monitoring to develop the ultimate multiparameter sondes for challenging marine and freshwater conditions. Users can choose the new EXO1 sonde, with ports for 4 sensors, or the new EXO2 sonde, with 6 ports and a central anti-fouling wiper. Parameters include: Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, ...

    By YSI Hydrodata - a Xylem brand based in Letchworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • OxyCure

    OxyCure-applied to Dams, effluent, WTTP's, WetlandsThis product has the following benefits:Eliminate Odours,Reduce COD, FOG, BOD, TSSIncrease DOClear murky waterReduce Accumulated SludgeReduce E-coli & faecal coli-formsReduce Algae blooms (incl blue green algae)Activates positive digestive organisms & enzymes.

    By Makro Organics based in Langebaan, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Model 6600 V2 - Multipara Meter

    6600 V2 sonde features the largest sensor payload capability and longest battery life. Choose between 2 and 4 optical ports. The 6600 V2 and 6600EDS V2 are also available with a pH wiping system. 6600 V2-4 with four portsfor any combination of these optical sensors: ROX dissolved oxygen, blue-green algae, turbidity, chlorophyll, orrhodamine

    By ecoTech Umwelt- Meßsysteme GmbH based in Bonn, GERMANY. from Hydrology / Water monitoring Product line

  • ResMix - Water Management System

    The WEARS ResMix System from Australia offers a unique approach to raw water supply management. The water in reservoirs and deep lakes naturally forms thermal layers. The result can be increased metals and nutrients concentrations, blooms of blue green algae and aged water. As a result, the water has to be subjected to expensive chemical treatment ...

    By Gurney Environmental Ltd. based in King’s Lynn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Alken CLEAR-FLO - Model 1015 - Concentrated Dry Blend

    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 1015 is a concentrated dry blend of specially adapted bacteria (9 Bacillus & 6 vegetative gram-negative strains) ,which degrade oils , greases and biosurfactants created by Nocardia and Cyanobacteria (aka 'Blue-green algae'), thereby providing superior control of foaming in lakes and ponds. A touch of Yucca schidigera helps to ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Model 7015 - ALKEN CLEAR-FLO

    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 7015 is a concentrated dry blend of specially adapted bacteria (9 Bacillus, 6 vegetative gram-negative strains) which degrade oils, greases and biosurfactants created by Nocardia and Cyanobacteria (formerly called'Blue-green algae'), thereby providing superior control of foaming in municipal wastewater. A touch of Yucca schidigera ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • RezOX gPRO Oxygenation System

    The RezOX gPRO Oxygenation System is unique in its ability to maintain high levelsof dissolved oxygen in ponds and other water bodies while removing nitrogen and other dissolved gases. This results in the elimination of blue green algae blooms and the anoxicconditions that allow for various chemical activities to take place that are injurious to ...

    By True Blue Technologies, Inc. based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Thunip Rotary Fibre Disk Filtration System (Thunip-RFDFS)

    Thunip Rotary Fibre Disk Filtration System (Thunip-RFDFS), the proprietary technology of Thunip Holdings, is a cost-effective, proven, and advanced filter for wastewater treatment and reuse in the steel plants, power plants, paper industry, and wastewater treatment plants, especially in the existed plants’ retrofitting and improvement. In ...

    By Thunip Holdings Co. Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • HydroTech - Model OEM DS5 & DS5X - Multiprobes

    HydroTech's ultra-rugged 8 C cell housing is machined from one solid piece, no gluing. Reduce the unit's buoyancy, reduce the risk of leaks and damage, and extend your depth deployment capabilities. Available with Hach LDO. Memory is included on every sonde. Integrate one additional parameter. RS-485 communications available. Improved power ...

    By Hydrotech ZS Consulting based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA). from OEM HydroTech Multiprobes Product line

  • Micro-Blaze - Model APT - Aquatic Pond Treatment System

    Micro-Blaze APT is a synergistic blend of spore-forming microbes in liquid form that displaces pathogenic bacteria by competitive processes. Used by aquatic farming operations, Micro-Blaze APT can virtually eliminate organic sludge, ensures good algal balance and color, and improves pond quality, resulting in improved fish health.

    By Verde Environmental, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Micro-Blaze - Model FOG - Fats, Oils, & Grease

    Micro-Blaze FOG is a safe, microbial formulation for treatment of Fats, Oils, & Grease in the restaurant and wastewater industries. It is a non-toxic formulation of biological activators and specifically selected, non-pathogenic microbes that solves problems caused by a buildup of fats, oils, and grease. Micro-Blaze FOG eliminates odors, keeps ...

    By Verde Environmental, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Enduramaxx - Model 8500 Litre (1722181) - Vertical Industrial Water Tanks

    The Enduramaxx 8500 litre industrial water tank is designed for industrial storage and dosing applications. This industrial water tank is made from rotationally molded UV stabilized polyethylene for durability. Increased wall thickness for Specific Gravities of contents between 1SG – 2SG are available.

    By ENDURAMAXX based in BASTON, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Tanks Product line

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