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boiler feed water reverse osmosis equipment

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    Ovivo - Ultra Filtration Unit

    Ultrafiltration is a process where fine particles can be separated from a liquid stream using a semi-permeable membrane. UF can be used as a stand-alone filtration technology for several applications but is most commonly used by Ovivo as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis or Ion Exchange in a boiler feed water and/or potable water production plant

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Petrochemical - Boiler Feed Water Treatment Product line

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    Ovivo - Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis is a process where dissolved ions can be separated from a liquid stream using a semi-permeable membrane. Within the Energy market it is commonly used to desalinate seawater and brackish water for use as boiler feed water and/or potable water production. It can be used as an alternative to Ion exchange on low TDS feed waters to ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Petrochemical - Boiler Feed Water Treatment Product line

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    GWT - Reverse Osmosis Desalination - Process Water

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a widely utilized technology for dissolved solids (TDS) removal. In these applications based on the pretreatment used, RO water recoveries can be between 75-80% with salt rejection rates between 97-99%.

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AWT Duplex - Model 9000 - Water Softener

    Duplex softeners are ideal for sites with varying water demand or for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. The twin vessel configuration allows for one resin vessel to always be in service whilst the other is in regeneration or standby thus guaranteeing 24/7 soft water production.

    By AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT) based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Softeners Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse Osmosis is the finest available method of filtration. In order to overcome the osmotic pressure of an aqueous solution, a pressure is applied to a semi-permeable membrane. More and more users of EUWA equipment in the brewing and beverage industry are opting for reverse osmosis, on request in hygiene-optimised stainless steel construction. ...

    By EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH based in Gärtringen, GERMANY. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Aquadition - Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse Osmosis systems can be used for Boiler Feed Water, Final Rinse for PCB, Laboratory Usage and more…Aquadition can design a reverse osmosis systems to your requirements. Anything from an under sink unit for domestic use up to a high output unit for large commercial applications.

    By Aquadition Ltd based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Commercial Services Product line

  • CY-Water - Model CY-RO - Boiler Feed Water Treatment System

    Product Name: Water Treatment Equipment for Cooling water make-up water treatment .Product Profile:Boiler water treatment may adopt the desalination process of ultrafiltration of traditional filtration equipment +reverse osmosis treatment+ion-exchange or EDI system.When used as the pretreatment system ,reverse osmosis can remove ions in more than ...

  • Model RBH45 - Triplex Plunger Pump

    Easy service designed pump head which be made by forged steel. High efficiecny & easy maintance designed valve parts. Maintance free plunger seal with lamellar packing. Forged & heaten treament alloy steel for Crankshaft, Driven shaft & Internal gears. Famous SKF or NSK bearing. Big design the pump for long time heavy-duty working.

    By Jetstar Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Tianjin, CHINA. from RHB series HP Pump Product line

  • EBARA - Model EVMU, EVMUL, EVMUG - Vertical Multistage Pumps

    With initial hydraulic coverage to 100 GPM and 800 feet TDH, the EBARA Model EVMU is designed for booster, water purification, and hot water applications. State-of-the-art formed stainless steel and several proprietary internal components make the EBARA Model EVMU superior to existing designs. The EVMU material is between 50 to 100% thicker than ...

    By EBARA International Corporation based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Surface Product line

  • Model RBH100 - Triplex Plunger Pump

    Pump taken Germany design which be character more small, more light, more effiecency and more low noise. Pump power end adopted internal gear to reducing speed. All under force parts be heaten treament which for more stronger & more durable for long time heavy-duty work. One whole piece block designed pumphead which be made by forged steel, ...

    By Jetstar Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Tianjin, CHINA. from RHB series HP Pump Product line

  • Stainless Steel Gear Pump

    Stainless steel gear pumps of the 2030 – 5030 series are particularly suitable for pumping corrosive media. All gear pumps of this series meet your highest demands for safety and reliability, since all pumps are magnetically coupled and, in this way, hermetically sealed. All gear pumps are supplied with detailed product documentation.

    By Scherzinger Pumpen GmbH & Co.KG based in Furtwangen, GERMANY. from Gear Pumps for Plant and Process Engineering Product line

  • Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP )

    Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP is a wastewater treatment method which purifies industrial wastewater for its reuse. The Primary Aim for an ETP Plant is to release safe water to environment. Industrial effluents contain various materials, depending on the industry. Some effluents contain oils industrial by-products, metals, radioactive wastes and ...

    By Austro Chemicals & Bio Technologies Pvt Ltd based in Iduvampalayam (PO), INDIA.

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant Quality boiler feed water

    R.O. Tack Water TechnologyQuality boiler feed water requires more than chemical treatments. We offer complete, customized programs that ensure reliable, cost-effective steam supplies for your critical processes. Rotack boiler water solutions bundle chemicals, consumables, equipment and value-added services in a single, affordable package. The ...

    By R.O.Tack water technology based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • RO-Recycle & Memphos - Water purification & Nutrient recovery

    By means of the newly developed RO-Recycle® process it is possible to improve the quality of the effluent of biological water purification systems to fresh water for boiler feed or cooling towers or to process water. This RO (reversed osmosis) technology is capable of processing up to 70 % of the total effluent and generate these water qualities. ...

    By Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl based in Medicina, ITALY.

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