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boiler water softener equipment

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    Alert-Labs - Model Floodie - Flood Sensor

    The portable water leak detector that also minimizes damage from temperature changes. Floodie sends alerts to your phone when issues occur. Floodie helps guard against water damage - the number 1 property insurance claim. Floodie needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie, or Sentree.

    By Alert Labs Inc. based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Products Product line

  • Keensen - Model NF1-8040 - Keensen Industrial Nanofiltration Membrane Elements 9000GPD

    NF1-8040 Industrial Nanofiltration Membrane Elements 9000GPD(Suit for :direct drinking water,Mountain spring water,low pressure boiler softened water system ). Advantage: With Low pressure get high salt rejection. SpecificationsNanofiltration Membrane Element1-Membrane sheet's technology import from USA2-Membrane sheet and element are produce at ...

    By Hunan KeenSen Technology Co., Ltd. based in Changsha Hunan, CHINA.

  • PuriTech - ION-IX Softener

    The presence of certain metal ions in water causes a variety of problems. These ions interfere with the action of soaps, lead to build up of limescale, which can foul plumbing, boilers, heating equipment. Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water extends the ...

    By PuriTech Ltd based in Herentals, BELGIUM. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Demineralisation

    C&G Depurazoine Industries, through their agent K2 Corporation, supply Demineralised and Water-Softeners for any requirement and for communities like Hotels, Restaurants, supply of softened water to boiler-houses in condominiums and alike situations. Please click here to visit C&G's website for more informatin on demineralisation and ...

    By K2 Corporation Pty Ltd. based in Seaford, AUSTRALIA.

  • Garioni Naval - Model GN/SV - Water Purifiers

    A wide range of water treatment equipments and plants. The over-15-years experience warrants any amount of wear and dependability to the smallest equipment as well as to the biggest plant. No compromise is made on the quality of components of each system. To treat the feed water correctly is compulsory for the good working of steam boilers. We can ...

    By Garioni Naval - a brand of SVECOM PE Srl based in Montecchio, ITALY. from Accessories Product line

  • Feedwater - Boiler Water Treatment System

    As our company name Feedwater suggests, we are specialists in steam boiler water treatment. We make and supply a comprehensive range of boiler water treatment chemicals, dosing systems, water softeners and provide high quality on-site service consultancy. We have saved our customers millions of pounds in operating costs per year and also ...

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Steam Boiler Systems Product line

  • High Pressure Solenoid Valve

    SpecificationHigh: Pressure : Standard Specifications, Usage Liquid : Purified Water, Operating Pressure : 2-140psi(0.2-10 bar), Hydraulic Pressure : 277psi(19.5 bar), Rated Voltage : DC 12V, DC 24V, AC 110V 50/60Hz, AC 220V 50/60Hz, Rated Voltage Range : -15% +10%, Duty Time : Continous, Working Temperature : 1-40℃, Wire Insulation Type : E ...

    By STORMTEC CO. LTD. based in Kangseo-gu, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Automatic soften valve

    More reliable way of opening and closing.Manual function.Keyboard locked function.Regeneration by volume.Partial by-pass function.Down-flow,up-flow and filtration could be achieved in one valve.Set up interval backwash times.(Only for up-flow work mode).Set up repeat-washing times.(Only for filtration work mode).Output signal connector(Signal ...

  • Water Softening

    Wincross designs, engineers, and supplies a wide variety of water softeners for a myriad of uses -- from boiler water pretreatment, to car washes, laundromats, and almost any other application. Wincross' trained technical staff will analyze the on-site water quality to develop a course of action which will meet the goal of achieving water with ...

    By Wincross Water Services, Inc. based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • AWT Simplex - Model 5600 - Water Softener

    Simplex Water Softeners are best suited to applications where there is a steady demand for moderate capacities of softened water over the course of a normal working day. Regeneration, during which time no supply to service is available, is then programmed to occur at a time when there is no demand (typically during the night). For this reason, ...

    By AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT) based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Softeners Product line

  • Model 93604(F83A3) - Characterristics Water Control Valve

    More reliable way of opening and closing. Manual function. Keyboard locked function. Indication of power cut secularly. No water flows out while single tank type control valve for floating bed regeneration. It adopts LED dynamic colourful screen. Output signal connector(Signal output installation should be performed by a professional). Remote ...

  • Automatic Softening System

    An automatic softening system is based on three main components: the tank containing the resins, the salt container and the valve system to regenerate the resins at the end of their operating cycle. The valve system can be of two types: single block, typical of small and medium size softeners for civil and industrial use, and single valve, a more ...

    By Tecnocom SRL based in Prato (PO), ITALY. from Softeners Product line

  • Weakly - Model Type DCM/DCMH - Acidic Cation Exchanger

    Flow rate: 1.5-14 m³/h per module.One-tank and two-tank plants, frame-mounted.

    By Silhorko-Eurowater A/S based in Stilling, DENMARK. from Standard Products - Dealkalizers Product line

  • AWT Duplex - Model 9000 - Water Softener

    Duplex softeners are ideal for sites with varying water demand or for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. The twin vessel configuration allows for one resin vessel to always be in service whilst the other is in regeneration or standby thus guaranteeing 24/7 soft water production.

    By AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT) based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Softeners Product line

  • Model 61240(F78AS) - Manual soften valve

    Adopt the high degree pottery,seal slice with scuff resistance,corrosion proof,. perfect sealing,and long time for using. Manual operate directly realize regeneration immediately. Cleaning the injection nozzle automatically when adding water,to prevent block. No coming water while single tank type control valve regeneration. When do not need ...

  • Hankscraft - Model RevV21 - Commercial Rotary Valves

    Hankscraft Runxin's RevV21 Commercial Rotary Valves are made for long-term reliability. They use few moving parts, provide a hermetic seal for airtight operation, and have corrosion resistant parts that prolong the valve's service life expectancy. The valves are designed so that no water flows to the outlet during regenerations, and the brine ...

    By Hankscraft Runxin, LLC based in Reedsburg, WISCONSIN (USA). from Valves - Commercial Valves Product line

  • Filtration Techniques

    Membrane Filtration; Membrane technology has become a widely used separation technology in the recent years. The main advantage of this is that it works without the addition of any additional chemicals and with a relatively low energy use. Membrane technology is a generic term used for very specific separation processes. The type of filtration ...

    By ELM WATANIYA General Trading & Contracting Company based in Kuwait City, KUWAIT.

  • Aqua-Euro - Model AQ6 - Compact Meter Controlled Softener

    Once installed and set up our water softener automatically performs a regeneration and supplies the entire property with softened water. It has the added benefit of being able to use either Block, Tablet or Granular water softener salt however we do recommend the use of tablet salt with this unit.

    By Aqua Euro based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Meter Controlled Softeners Product line

  • Treat Ment - Dealkalization Weakly Acidic Cation Exchanger

    Weakly acidic cation exchanger. Through dealkalization the hardness and the bicarbonate content of the water are reduced, thus typically reducing the salt content in the water by approximately 75%. Used for production of boiler water and district heating water as well as process water in breweries and Greenhouses . Flow rates for standard modules: ...

    By Treat Ment CFS based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Water Treatment Technology Product line

  • QualiChem - Boiler Products

    QualiChem manufactures private label products specifically designed for the treatment of low, medium, and high-pressure boilers. When you work with us, you can expect world class manufacturing, expert support, and the resources required to help your business grow. Below is an overview of products available to private label sales and service ...

    By Qualichem, Inc. based in Salem, VIRGINIA (USA). from QualiChem Water Treatment Products Product line

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