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borehole monitoring equipment

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    iCenta - Model S12S SDI-12 - Submersible Level Transmitter

    A hydrostatic level transmitter with SDI-12 protocol output via the SDI-12 RS232 interface, fully submersible with measurement ranges from 0.5mWG up to 200mWG. Temperature measurement is made in addition to the level measurement via the SDI-12 interface using standard SDI-12 commands, less than ±0.1% FS accuracy. Options on the IC-S12S ...

    By iCenta Controls Ltd based in Salisbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydrostatic Level Sensors - Level Sensors Product line

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    iCenta - Model IC IMSL - Submersible Level Transmitter

    The IMSL Submersible Level Transmitter is ideal for submersion in liquids such as water, oil and other non aggressive chemicals for extended periods of time.

    By iCenta Controls Ltd based in Salisbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydrostatic Level Sensors - Level Sensors Product line

  • Geonics - Model EM39S - Borehole Conductivity Meter

    The EM39S probe provides measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of the formation in the vicinity of a borehole or monitoring well. The EM39S, with intercoil spacing of 50 cm, provides good vertical resolution while still achieving a reasonable range of investigation into the surrounding medium. High sensitivity and low noise performance ...

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • RIPE - Multi-Port Straddle Packer System

    Environmental monitoring packers are manufactured to suit many different application such as water well and borehole monitoring from illegal and accidental liquid waste disposal.

  • Nautilus - Model RBR - Sensors

    Whether for borehole monitoring or ROV, stream gauging or harbour water levels – these instruments are trivial to install and operate. The units are completely sealed and are available rated up to 10,000dbar. Attach a 6 pin MCIL-6-FS connector with serial and power connectors and the data will stream. Serial baud and sampling rates are ...

    By Nautilus Marine Service GmbH based in Buxtehude, GERMANY. from Marine Technology - Data Loggers & Sensors Product line

  • PuxSIREN - Little Data Logger

    The PuxSIREN™ is a portable, rugged, compact, 3G wireless data logger capable of receiving signals from industry standard sensors. Sensor signals such as 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-12V, 4-20mA, Digital, Pulse and serial TTL/UART can be configured to work with the PuxSIREN™. An optional rechargeable battery pack can be bolted to the back allowing ...

    By Blue Siren Inc. based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • ION - Model GasClam 2 - Ground Gas Monitor

    GasClam is a unique in-borehole gas monitoring system developed for the unattended collection of long-term, real-trend ground-gas data.

    By Ion Science Ltd. based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Instruments Product line

  • GasClam - Landfill Gas Analyser

    GasClam is the first unmanned in-borehole gas monitoring technology that can collect data continuously.GasClam® allows the variability of gas concentration to be observed and measured helping the optimisation and operational control of coal seam and shale gas, landfill and development sites.

    By Ribble Enviro Ltd based in Gisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Landfill Gas Analysers Product line

  • Geonics - Model EM39 - Conductivity Borehole Probes

    The EM39 provides measurement of the electrical conductivity of the soil water matrix surrounding a borehole or monitoring well using the inductive electromagnetic technique. The unit employs coaxial coil geometry with an intercoil spacing of 50 cm to provide a substantial radius of exploration into the formation while maintaining excellent ...

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Borehole Probes Product line

  • DMT - Slim Borehole Scanner

    Monitoring of the borehole wall for structural & geotechnical analyses. Optical documentation of small-diameter drill holes, e.g. of anchor boreholes.

    By DMT GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Geotechnical Measuring Systems Product line

  • Piezopress System (PZP)

    The Piezopress System (PZP) consists of individual PVC piezometer pipes with removable pressure sensors. A special sensor seat over the tip of the filter provides a closed measuring cell at the depth of the test interval. This permits the monitoring of the hydraulic pressure in low-permeability rocks and soils. The Piezopress is an inexpensive ...

    By Solexperts AG based in Mönchaltorf, SWITZERLAND. from Hydrogeology Product line

  • Borehole Pressure Cells

    Borehole Pressure Cells have a long term track record of stress monitoring in both elastic and vis-coelastic rock. While typically classified as a soft inclusion, the cell may be filled with mercury to gain stiffness for use as a rigid inclusion in low modulus rock. Product development is largely the result of research done by the U.S. Bureau of ...

    By RST Instruments Ltd. based in Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Load/ Stress/ Pressure Sensors Product line

  • HMA - Model 3000 - Hydraulic Borehole Stress Cell

    The Model 3000 Hydraulic Borehole Stress Cell is a soft inclusion type cell consisting of an inflatable flat jack with or without platens. The cell is placed in a 50mm diameter borehole and then pressurised. Stress change is monitored with either a Bourdon tube gauge or any suitable diaphragm type pressure transducer (see Model 1200 for details) ...

    By HMA Geotechnical a division of the HMA Group based in Berkeley Vale, AUSTRALIA. from Rock Stress Monitoring Product line

  • 280-MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter

    The 280-MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter is only 0.63' in diameter making it ideal for level monitoring in well and borehole applications. Constructed for years of trouble free service, the MBLT has a welded 316 SS body and 316 SS nose cap.

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Level and Flow Monitoring Product line

  • Geonor - Model M-610 Series - Embedment type Vibrating Wire Sensors

    The Geonor M-610 scries arc vibrating wire piezometers used for direct burial in embankments and earth/rockfill dams, for placement in boreholes, and for water level monitoring in open wells, tanks, and open bodies of water.

    By Geonor AS based in Østerås, NORWAY. from Geotechnical Field Instrumentation- Piezometers Product line

  • Multi Electrode Switch Box for Seepage Monitoring

    AGI’s Multi-Electrode Switch Box is an accessory to the SuperSting Wi-Fi. It allows the SuperSting Wi-Fi to automatically control and switch passive electrodes connected by a passive multi-electrode cable for automatic data acquisition in 2D, 3D, and 4D surveys. The rugged and sealed design makes it ideal for harsh environments like ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Passive Electrode Cables

    AGI’s passive electrode cables are waterproof, multi-conductor cables used for resistivity measurements, self potential and induced polarization (IP) measurements. They require use of the Multi-Electrode SwitchBox, which houses all switching circuitry. The passive electrode cables are designed to be hard-wearing, and are designed with molded ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • AGI FlexLite - Passive Electrode Cable

    FlexLite Passive Electrode Cables; AGI FlexLite Cables are 35% lighter and utilize half of the previous volume while maintaining the same low noise and rugged design. AGI has eliminated extra space not needed in the previous design and utilized more advanced materials and construction technologies.

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Trolex - Model BICSR30C - Portable Borehole Camera

    The Portable Borehole Camera System combines state-of-the-art camera technology, cordless operation, compact portability, rugged durability and recording facility to provide the ultimate package for borehole inspection and logging. The BICSR30C delivers crystal clear colour imagery and is waterproof to a depth of 30m, and comes with a 30m ...

    By Trolex Ltd based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Strata Monitoring Product line

  • Sisgeo - Model S141 - Flush Coupled Inclinometer Casing

    Inclinometers are special grooved tubes, generally installed in a borehole, used in conjunction with inclinometer system to monitor horizontal soil movements. Flush-coupled inclinometer casing is a special ABS grooved tube, machined at the end to have a self-aligning junction. It is produced from high-quality virgin ABS plastic. During ...

    By Sisgeo S.r.l. based in Masate (MI), ITALY. from Inclinometers and Tiltmeters Product line

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