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borehole surveying equipment

  • Model BA-Series - Borehole Antenna

    Geoscanners is one of the rare GPR manufacturers who provide solutions for borehole surveying. All of the borehole antennas in our product line are extremely slim (38mm in diameter), making the BA-antennas ideal for vertical and horizontal boreholes of relatively small diameters. The antenna connectors are devised specifically for the BA antennas ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from GPR Antennas Product line

  • Inclis - Model DH - Inclinometer Probe

    The new inclinometer probe INCUS DH, designed by Solgeo, allows to perform a 3D borehole deviation survey; it is equipped with n. 3 magnetometrk and an n.3 accelerometric sensors. In case of iron casing which makes impossible the right working of the magnetometric sensors, the system is provided with a set of aluminium rod that allows to drive the ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • Model ECU902 - Survey Wheel Counter Display

    The ECU902 is a display unit for quadrature survey wheel encoders with no index output. This unit in particular is very useful for assessing the cable length in applications such as borehole antennas surveys. Connected to the encoder of the tripod prove to be extremely useful in tomography surveys. The unit is absolutely transparent to the ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Triggering Devices Product line

  • FlashRES - Model 320 - Resistivity/IP System

    FlashRES-320 is fast and has 317 channels. It has the ability to acquire multiple data arrays in a single run and the capacity to collect over 310k data points within an hour. FlashRES-320 is versatile. Beside surface survey, it also specialises in cross-hole, surface-points-points, surface-borehole, and 3D surveys. FlashRES-320 yields quality ...

    By ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd. based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model CU-II - Radar Control Systems

    Control system is a radar system manufactured by one of the world's leading companies - Malå Geoscience AB of Sweden, which includes the CU-II control unit, a modern and upgraded unit known for its high versatility. The system enables to carry out ground penetrating radar surveys, as well as surveys in boreholes and cross boreholes ...

    By Geotec Engineering & Environmental Geophysics Ltd based in rishon letzion, ISRAEL.

  • Solgeo - Model SOL-CH - Cross-Hole Survey Device

    Cross-Hole survey consists in the direct measurements of horizontally travelling compression (P) and shear (S) seismic waves at test sites consisting primarily of soil materials. A borehole seismic source is used to generate a seismic wave train. One or more  receivers are used to detect the arrival of the seismic wave train in offset ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • Model GTP-901 - Survey Tripod

    This survey tripod for borehole antenna applications was designed at a special request from one of our customers in Germany. It was specifically designed to allow a large distance between the ground and the pulley for the cable. It is completely built using fibre glass pipes, plastic junctions and custom made POM parts resulting in a rugged and ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Survey Carts Product line

  • Borehole Drilling

    The following are among our listed services; -Borehole Drilling -Borehole Rehabilitation -Test Pumping -Hydro Geological Survey -Casting -Pump Supply & Installation -Water Supply Systems

    By Water Brick Borehole Drilling Co. Ug based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Geomative - Model GD-10 - Advanced Distributed Centralized System

    GD-10 is developed based on the latest digital and analog circuitry technique, making it the world leading multi-functional direct current (DC) method instrument. This equipment can be adopted in self-potential (SP), apparent resistivity and induced polarization (IP) surveys. Not only GD-10 supports regular ERT survey configurations, subsurface ...

    By ST Geomative Co., Ltd. based in Nanshan, CHINA. from Geomative Electric Products Product line

  • Model LLD702 - Smart Adapters

    When thirty meters cable is not enough. The need for longer cables to drive the ground penetrating radar antennas can arise at any moment, usually when least expected. In the case of newer GSSI radar systems buying a new longer cable might help or might not, everything depends on the length of the new cable. GSSI states a maximum of 30 meters ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Smart Adapters Product line

  • DeviShot - Single & MultiShot Instruments

    This NEW versatile rugged instrument features a low voltage wireless communication system with Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT), a robust integrated running gear, limited maintenance, quality control of survey data, LED indicator for communication, battery control.

    By Devico AS based in Melhus, NORWAY.

  • FlashRES - Model 64 - Resistivity/IP System

    FlashRES-64 is fast and has 61 channels. It has the ability to acquire multiple data arrays in a single run, and the capacity to collect over 62k data points within an hour.

    By ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd. based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model QFA-150 Series - Standard Quartz Flexure Accelerometer

    The Jewell Instruments QFA-150 Series Accelerometers are state of the art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments.

    By Jewell Instruments LLC based in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Geonics - Model BH43-3 - Borehole TDEM Probe

    The BH43-3 provides three dimensional time domain EM exploration from boreholes, in conjunction with a PROTEM system. Boreholes as deep as 2 km can be surveyed using a PROTEM system with a 500 x 500 m transmitter loop. (At developed mines, the transmitter loop can be laid out in underground workings.)

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Borehole Probes Product line

  • Electromagnetics (TDEM)

    Particularly in areas with magnetic but non-metallic interferences, like areas with recycling layers and brick debris we use electromagnetics. With this method, we can also detect non-magnetic metal-objects (e.b. brass).

    By Tauber Rohrbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • Solgeo - Model DDH - Geo - Double Downhole Geophone

    DDH-Geo: the new triaxial borehole geophone, designed to seismic applications as Down-Hole survey. Provided with a fast-locking system with oriented aluminum poles, it allows to perform double setting configuration aimed to differential travel time processing. It also guarantees an high accuracy and fulfilling of international standard, ASTM ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • Ground Conductivity

    Ground Conductivity Mapping is an electromagnetic technique used to investigate lateral variations in overburden material and variations in depth to bedrock. This EM31 survey technique (shown below) determines the apparent conductivity of the ground material from 0-6 m bgl.

    By Apex Geoservices Ltd based in Wexford, IRELAND.

  • TAUBER - Georadar / Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    TAUBER uses georadar to locate disturbance bodies even in situations where other processes reach their limits, e.g. in the track area. A further advantage is that GPR can also detect non-metallic interfering substances and is thus particularly suitable for cable and pipe detection. 

    By Tauber Rohrbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • Model MKS-08 «DKS-96» of alpha, beta, X-ray,gamma - Dosimeter Radiometer

    Portable multifunctional professional device designed to measure: power of the ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent of X-ray, gamma (including pulse), and neutron radiation; flux density of alpha and beta particles from the surface;

    By LLC Precision Systems Ltd. based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Dosimeters Radiometers Product line

  • Impress - Model LMK 306 17mm - Submersible Level Transmitter for Hydrostatic Level Measurement

    The LMK 306 uses a ceramic pressure sensor of 15mm diameter to achieve the 17mm diameter body in 316Ti stainless steel.  Level ranges are from 6mWG up to 200mWG and cable options of PVC, PUR and FEP.  Standard output is 4 - 20mA / 2-wire and powered from 12 to 36V dc.

    By Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd based in Kingsclere, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydrostatic `Submersible` Level Transmitters Product line

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