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borehole testing equipment

  • Test Pumping System

    G STOW PLC is fully equipped to perform test pumping for any purpose in all conditions, with many year’s experience in: Step tests, Constant rate tests, Multi Borehole Combined, Recharge testing, Constant rate tests, Packer testing, Sand testing equipment.

    By G STOW PLC based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Borehole Drilling

    The following are among our listed services; -Borehole Drilling -Borehole Rehabilitation -Test Pumping -Hydro Geological Survey -Casting -Pump Supply & Installation -Water Supply Systems

    By Water Brick Borehole Drilling Co. Ug based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Geomative - Model GD-10 - Advanced Distributed Centralized System

    GD-10 is developed based on the latest digital and analog circuitry technique, making it the world leading multi-functional direct current (DC) method instrument. This equipment can be adopted in self-potential (SP), apparent resistivity and induced polarization (IP) surveys. Not only GD-10 supports regular ERT survey configurations, subsurface ...

    By ST Geomative Co., Ltd. based in Nanshan, CHINA. from Geomative Electric Products Product line

  • Jeostok - Pressuremeter Control Unit

    The Ménard pressuremeter (Control Unit), plastic tubing and 3-cell probe allows to perform in situ Pressuremeter test in soils according to the ISO 22476-4 and ASTM D4719-07 standards. From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled pressure), a stress-strain curve can be obtained, in the case of plane deformation, which ...

    By Jeostok based in Çankaya, TURKEY. from Other Products Product line

  • Solgeo - Model SOL-CH - Cross-Hole Survey Device

    Cross-Hole survey consists in the direct measurements of horizontally travelling compression (P) and shear (S) seismic waves at test sites consisting primarily of soil materials. A borehole seismic source is used to generate a seismic wave train. One or more  receivers are used to detect the arrival of the seismic wave train in offset ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • RIPE - Casing Integrity Testing

    Casing integrity testing involves the testing of an entire borehole via a single packer or via a straddle packer system allowing the testing of specially selected zones. Both methods provide reliable results with the use of each system dependant on the situation. The reliability of casing is extremely important for many reasons including support ...

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Water Well Equipment Product line

  • HF Jensen - Model PSLM (ø16 mm) - Level Transducers

    Applications in boreholes with small diameter. 100 % helium leak tested at 6 bar. 100 % temperature tested.

    By HF Jensen A/S based in DENMARK. from Level Transducers Product line

  • Model LLT-M - Borehole Lateral Load Tester

    The LLT-M is a borehole lateral load tester that functions to determine the deformation characteristics of the ground from the relation between pressure inside its sonde and the inflated amount of its rubber tube. The instrumentation on the surface consists of a tank for producing pressurized water, pressure gauges, valves, etc. It is mainly ...

    By OYO Corporation based in JAPAN. from In-situ Test Product line

  • Frac-Packer™ - Well Rehabilitation System

    The FRAC-PACKER is a multi-purpose down-hole tool designed for use in hydro-fracturing, pressure grouting, acid injection, zone test-pumping, and environmental applications. When activated by a 10,000 psi pump on the surface, a unique hydraulic cylinder compresses 4 rubber seals that lock on borehole walls or casing. Average 'setting' time is 1 ...

    By Flatwater Fleet, Inc based in Saginaw (Duluth), MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Geonics - Model BH43-3 - Borehole TDEM Probe

    The BH43-3 provides three dimensional time domain EM exploration from boreholes, in conjunction with a PROTEM system. Boreholes as deep as 2 km can be surveyed using a PROTEM system with a 500 x 500 m transmitter loop. (At developed mines, the transmitter loop can be laid out in underground workings.)

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Borehole Probes Product line

  • Geobit - Model S-20 - Near Broad Band Seismic Sensor

    The S-20 seismometer is a three-component velocity output near broad band seismic sensor. The design is based on the electronic velocity feedback which is applied to single coil low period geophone. The frequency bandwidth is extended from 50Hz, down to 20sec.

    By Geobit Instruments based in Patras, GREECE. from Seismometers / Seismic Sensors Product line

  • Wasp - Down Hole CPT System

    The Geomil Equipment Wasp is the next step to gather data from conventional boreholes. The Wasp forms a basic and robust yet easy to use versatile Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu) system for downhole use. It is designed to gather more information and accurate data from one and the same borehole. Easy to be combined with several existing drilling ...

    By Geomil Equipment B.V. based in MC Moordrecht, NETHERLANDS. from Onshore Product line

  • Slope - Model GT100 - Soil Sampling Drilling Rig

    The GT100 soil-sampling rig is a tracked based mobile platform designed for undertaking windowless sampling and SPTs on extreme slopes such as dams or motorway and railway embankments. The working platform and drilling mast are automatically levelled in both planes to allow safe working on side slopes and steep inclines. The steel tracks, fitted ...

    By Loglogic based in Cullompton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Site Investigation Product line

  • Kale Grup - Inflatable Borehole Packer

    Inflatable borehole packer is an auxiliary equipment used in; washing the borehole during the drilling and grouting works, in the pressure water tests and hydraulic tests, in hatch and curtain injections during dam and pond constructions, in contact and consolidation injections during tunnel constructions and in similiar works. Injection packer is ...

    By Kale Group based in Ostim, TURKEY. from Injection Equipment Product line

  • Model DI-AC7 - Air Compressor

    DOVE Air Compressors are widely used in all kinds of heavy duty industries, such as mining, hydropower, oil and gas exploitation, borehole, shipyard, construction, chemical, industry, quarry, sandblasting, pipeline pressure test, public works, etc.

    By Dove Instruments based in Bangkok, THAILAND. from Air Compressors and Jack Hammers - Air Compressors Product line

  • Borehole Pumps

    Since a submersible pump is a high capacity pump it follows that the Borehole in which it is installed should have sufficient capacity so that it will not be pumped dry. The bore should be screened, straight and of sufficient capacity. Before installation the borehole should be pumped clean of sand or other foreign matter with a test pump.

    By Aquawetts Enterprises based in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • Jeostok - Conic Penetration Test Instrument (CPT)

    The cone penetration test (CPT) is a common in situ testing method used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and assessing subsurface stratigraphy. The test is also called, Dutch Cone test. Due to its simplicity and efficiency, the cone penetration test is one of the most commonly accepted and used in-situ testing methods ...

    By Jeostok based in Çankaya, TURKEY. from Other Products Product line

  • V-3 Submersible Pump Sets

    Single or multistage centrifugal pumps in pump shroud or in ring section design. Radial hydraulic systems; Suction casing fitted between motor and pump. A suction casing is fitted between the pump & motor. Suction casing is fitted with strainer to protect the pump from coarse particles / sand in the fluid. Pumps with check valve (non-return ...

    By Windsor Exports based in Gurgaon, INDIA.

  • Boreline

    As water begins to play a more significant role in all of our lives, understanding the implications is of the utmost importance to each and every one of us. Few aspects of our common life can be more important than water. Water is critical to the growth and prosperity of a nation.Boreline is at the forefront of the advances leading towards the ...

    By Hose Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd based in Sanlamhof, SOUTH AFRICA. from Flexible Riser Product line

  • imaGeau - Operational Support Systems Software

    For too long aquifers have been considered as an inhexaustible supply of freshwaters. Repeated droughts and the increasing number of diffuse pollution issues such as nitrates and pesticides prove otherwise. So as to implement a real time protection scheme and a sustainable operations plan of groundwaters Imageau provides community managers with ...

    By imaGeau based in Clapiers, FRANCE.

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