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Bottle Recycling Plant equipment

  • Bottle-to-Bottle PET Recycling Plant

    Nowadays, PET bottles are the global number one in beverage packaging. More than 400 billion plastic bottles come on the market every year and PET is becoming increasingly valuable as a recyclable raw material used in the production of beverage bottles. Thus, it is important that all of the production steps applied for the manufacture of your PET ...

    By Krones AG based in Neutraubling, GERMANY. from Filling Technology - PET Recycling Product line

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    REDWAVE - Plastic Recycling Plant Solutions

    Plastic recycling competences: feeding system, shredding technology, screening technology, conveying technology, redwave sensor-based sorting technology, pressing technology. REDWAVE guarantees high throughput of materials with maximum recovery of materials achieving maximum return on the separated commodities. Different sensor systems can be ...

    By REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA. from Plant Solutions Product line

  • 3E - PET Bottle Washing Plant

    Mainly for crushing, cleaning, bottle cap and label separating, drying, packing of waste and scrap PET bottles, which enable the waste and scrap PET material to become recyclable. According to the different output, the following standard specifications are available. (Special requirements could be on customers’ requirement)

    By Guangzhou 3E Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Guangzhou, CHINA. from PP/PE Recycling Line Product line

  • Plastic Recycling Plants

    The Universal Plastic Washing Plants are entry level recycling systems for rigid or flexible plastics with medium levels of contamination. These modular systems are capable of processing general plastics such as HDPE bottles, creates, PE films (post-consumer or agricultural), and PP woven bags.

    By Europe Recycling Equipment B.V. based in Stegeren, NETHERLANDS. from Recycling Plants Product line

  • AMUT - Thermoplastic Scrap Recycling Plants

    In the field of the recycling plants for thermoplastic materials coming from urban and industrial collection sites, AMUT has developed recycling plants consisting of a series of modular components which can be combined matching the features of the product to be recycled and are tailored according to the Customers’ specific requirements.

    By AMUT SpA based in Novara, ITALY. from Recycling Product line

  • De-Labeller - Dry Pre Cleaning System

    The De-Labeller, patented technology, is a dry pre-cleaning system removing full-body shrink sleeve labels from PET bottles.  After the removal phase, the bottles still have a good integrity without damage or losing necks. The De-Labeller has a continuous working process and it is the best solution to value bottles otherwise eliminated by ...

    By AMUT SpA based in Novara, ITALY. from Recycling Product line

  • 3E - Waste plastic recycling plant

    Made by the company researching over 10 years, have very good estimation of the clients of domestic and foreign country, the washing line is our main product. This washing line including conveyor, crusher, screw loader, float tank, extra layer, centrifugal screen, fibre separator, and so on. It can produce the raw materials directly after ...

    By Guangzhou 3E Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Guangzhou, CHINA. from WEEE Recycling Plant Product line

  • AWC Engineering - Plastic Recycling Plants

    AWC provide both standard and bespoke recycling systems for almost every type of waste plastic, including heavily contaminated & soiled material such as used agricultural films.

    By AWC Engineering Ltd based in Stalybridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Complete Plants Product line

  • Recycling Plants

    Lorandi designs and builds turnkey systems for conveying, storing and metering PET flakes for making bottles. Having built some of Europe’s largest systems of this kind, we consider ourselves the ideal supplier of flake management systems. We also supply components such as big bag stands, bag-filling machines, star valves and metering ...

    By Lorandi Silos Srl based in Fornaci, ITALY.

  • JFE - Sorted Refuse Recycling System and Individual Units

    JFE Engineering’s sorted refuse recycling system makes it possible to separate and sort refuse with high efficiency and accuracy by automated operations in the recycling process of sorted and collected waste, which was conventionally done by hands . The system consists of a bag breakage/removal system, a wind force selector, a bottle color ...

    By JFE Engineering America Inc. based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Waste to Energy Plants Product line

  • Doing - Model DY 6t 8t 10t - Waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

    Plastic has been one of the most common materials since the beginning of 20th century because of its durability, low cost and light weight. Plastic makes up around 30% of all rubbish collected. This includes plastic bottles, containers, plastic wrap, packaging, electronic goods, car body parts, etc. Because the plastic is slow to degrade, this ...

  • EKE - Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    Reverse Osmosis processes remove the ionic pollution, pesticide, heavy metals, particles and colloids, organics, microorganisms, total dissolved solids (TDS) in water in 95-99%. That’s why Reverse Osmosis is a preferred treatment system in many industries.

  • Disan - Fully Automatic MSW Sorting Plant

    A one line project can be seen in the next image. The capacity of the line can reach up to 40 tonnes per hour.  Material is fed by static crane to the bag opener, pre-sorting conveyor and trommel screen. Flow is divided three sections from the trommel screen, as below 130 mm fraction, between 130-300 mm fraction and oversize fraction. Below ...

    By Disan Hydraulic Machinery Co. based in Yenibosna, TURKEY. from Waste Sorting Plants Product line

  • Glass Recycling Services

    For businesses and organisations that generate glass bottles and jars, Rubbish Direct provides the ultimate recycling service.

    By Rubbish Direct Ltd. based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Copex - Model P1C - Scrap Metal Balers

    The P1C baling presses are used to compact household metal waste and industrial metal waste into high density bales conforming to the requirements of steel making plants and foundries. The scrap metal balers with single compression have automatic operating cycle and continuous feeding by means of a grab or a conveyor. COPEX baling presses provide ...

    By Copex based in Lanester, FRANCE. from Metal Recycling- Scrap Metal Baler Product line

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    HARDEN - Model SM1200 - Shredders for plastic

    Plastic Shredding is an integral part of the recycling of plastics.,the recycling of plastics is not the easiest operation due to the vast amount of different plastics, often combined with additives and fillers. Input plastic material for Shredding can be very different in both their physical properties, their dimensions and overall shape. For ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

  • 3WAYSTE - Raw Materials for Industrial Recycling

    The share of raw materials destined for industrial recycling depends on the type of waste received at the 3WAYSTE® plant. In some settings, large recyclables such as plastic bottles, soda cans, paper, cardboard and metals are segregated at source, either through recycling programs or by informal waste pickers. This does not pose any problems ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE.

  • SUNY GROUP - Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

    Plastic Pyrolysis Plant(Plastic Pyrolysis Plant: is an ideal equipment used for recycling waste plastics. It adopts the latest pyrolysis technology by which plastics can be fully converted into useful resources(Plastic Oil and Carbon Black).Final Products And ApplicationFinal Products of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant ...

    By Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Tire to Oil Product line

  • Recycling with Herbold Granulators and Pulverizers for the Plastics Industry

    Agglomerators, agricultural film recycling, ancillary-equipment, densifier, densifiers, drying, drying lines, granulating, granulators, grinder, hammer mills, PE and PET bottle recycling, plastcompactor, Recycling, plastic pipe granulator, plastic pipe shredder, Bottle to bottle , plastic profile granulator, plastic profile shredder, plastic sheet ...

    By Herbold Meckesheim GmbH based in Meckesheim, GERMANY.

  • SUNY GROUP - Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Plant

    Plastic Pyrolysis To Oil Plant(Plastic Pyrolysis To Oil Plant: is an ideal equipment used for recycling waste plastics. It adopts the latest pyrolysis technology by which plastics can be fully converted into useful resources(Plastic Oil and Carbon Black).Plastic Pyrolysis To Oil Plant is suitable for Waste ...

    By Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Tire to Oil Product line

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