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bottom sludge scraper equipment

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    WesTech - Bottom Sludge Scraper

    The ZICKERT Shark™ Bottom Sludge Scraper has over 3,000 installations all over the world, 90 percent of which are retrofits. It is designed for continuous sludge transport and performs well in all sedimentation processes, including grit chambers.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Clarification Product line

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    EUROPELEC - Central Drive Thickener

    The job of the EUROPELEC CENTRAL DRIVE THICKENER is to thicken sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. It can be used in small or medium-sized installations. Effluent is channelled to the centre of the tank in the influent well where it is spread evenly and without turbulence over the thickening zone. The clean effluent is ...

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Sludge Product line

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    Intereco - Model Radial +1/3 - Diametral Bridges

    INTERECO produces this unit to be installed in a circular concrete basin, composed by: Diametral bridge with walking grate, hand rail, foot guard. Elicycloidal gear reducer/direct coupling drive unit. Transmission shaft, double arms, support beams. Bottom scraper. Vertical thickening beams. Soft inlet cylinder. Sludge feed pipe. Peripheral Thomson ...

    By Intereco S.a.s based in Scalenghe (TO), ITALY. from WWTP Treatment - Primary - Secondary Product line

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    VA Teknik - Rotating Sludge Scraper

    These machines are manufactured to a basic design and are mainly made of stainless steel. Our full-bridge and semi-bridge rotating sludge scrapers are of latticework type. There are a variety of configurations, with or without ­supplementary functions. The scrapers can be peripheral ­driven full-bridge scrapers, semi-bridge scrapers or ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Sludge Scrapers Product line

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    VA Teknik - Model PFT - Picket Fence Thickener (Gravity Thickener)

    These machines are fabricated in robust designs usually made of ­stainless steel. Steel bridges or concrete slabs are used to carry drive unit system. There are a variety of configurations, with or without ­supplementary functions.

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Sludge Scrapers Product line

  • Nordic Water - Model Z2000 - Bottom Sludge Scraper

    The Zickert bottom sludge scraper Z2000 was introduced in the early eighties, to create a robust sludge scraper of top quality with few moving parts and a unique sludge transportation process.

    By Nordic Water Products AB based in Askim, SWEDEN. from Zickert Product line

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    EUROPELEC - Suction Bridge

    The EUROPELEC suction bridge is intended for installation in all circular sedimentation tanks with flat or slightly sloping bottoms. It is generally used for treating municipal and industrial wastewater containing heavy matter that may settle quickly and from which it is important to be able to extract sludge as it forms.

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Sludge Product line

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    Slamex - Circular Sludge Thickener

    Sludge thickener SLAMEX ST is designed for effective gravity thickening of municipal and industrial sludge. Incoming water is led to the damping cylinder of the thickener in order to distribute the water proportionally to the thickening basin and prevent a direct flow. The clarified water flows out of the basin through overflow weirs and futher to ...

    By Econet group Ltd. based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Sludge Treatment Product line

  • EKOTON - Sludge scrapers

    Scrapers are used for sludge removing from the bottom of radial clarifiers of various diameters.While designing the constructors’ efforts were directed to maximal reliability enhancement, costs decreasing and sludge scraper complex serviceability ensuring.The sludge scraper bottom constructions enables to remove the sludge on the whole of settler ...

    By EKOTON Industrial Group based in Belgorod, RUSSIA.

  • To-and-Fro Bridge, Sand Collector, Oil Remover

    The to-and-fro bridge sand collector, oil remover has the function of conveying the material (sludge, sand, etc.) on the bottom of the tank, through the sludge scraper blades, to a storage hopper and hence it is extracted by a system not supplied by Friulana Costruzioni. At the same time, the foaming blades convey the suspended solids (light and ...

    By FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l. based in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, ITALY. from Rectangular Settler Product line

  • Bottom Scraper System

    The bottom scraper system efficiently removes sludge from the bottom of the tank. In the bottom scraper system, the scraper flights run over two or three sets of wheels, scraping the sludge from the tank bottom and pushing it to a sludge separator. A separate cross conveyor can be installed to the sludge separator, which transfers the sludge to ...

    By Finnchain Oy based in Rauma, FINLAND. from Sludge Scrapers for Rectangular Tanks Product line

  • Passavant - Gravity Thickener

    Passavant Gravity Thickener offers a particularly economic solution for the mechanical thickening process. The robust, tried and tested gravity thickeners are designed for a maximum pressure of 0.58 psi on the bottom scraper blades which enables sludge thickening of up to 600 g/l (80 oz/gal), depending on the type of sludge.

    By Aqseptence Group GmbH based in Aarbergen, GERMANY. from Passavant Product line

  • HWE - High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers

    A high-rate treatment plant in a single basin that employs the principle of internal slurry recirculation provides effective clarification in municipal or industrial water and wastewater applications. Constructed in either a steel tank or a concrete basin. A unique rotor-impeller combination has made it possible to control mixing and slurry ...

    By Hindustan Water Engineering Company based in Mandsaur, INDIA.

  • Malmberg - Wire Scraper

    The Malmberg wire scraper is designed to work reliably in all types of sludge, even in extremely corrosive environments. The design is ingeniously simple, which ensures effective problem-free operation, low investment costs and minimal maintenance.

    By Malmberg Gruppen AB based in Yngsjö, SWEDEN. from Water Treatment - Scrapers Product line

  • Sereco - Model PRVR - Backward and Forward Scraper for Rectangular Clarifier

    The PRVR type consists of a traveling girder used as a walkway, a couple of lateral sliding trolleys, an articulated system for sludge scraping and scum overflow, gear motor for lateral trolleys drive, drive unit of articulated system for bottom sludge scraping and control panel. The gear motor and the drive unit are fitted on in ...

    By Sereco S.r.l. based in Noci (BA), ITALY. from Rectangular Clarifiers Product line

  • ECOTEC - Plastic Scraper Systems for Settlers

    Most elements of FINNCHAIN scraper systems are composed of light, resistant plastic pieces, and the parts subject to a maximum mechanical requirement are made of stainless steel. They are all non-corrosive materials. Thanks, among others, to patented FINNCHAIN’s elements (overload protector and linked chain), scraper systems wear drops down ...

    By ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A. based in Manresa, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Model EM50 - Scraper with Travelling Bridge for Rectangular Tank

    The sizing of the feeding zone is based on the following parametres: • influent flow rate • dimensions of the pipings The water flowing to the sedimentation zone must have a very low kinetic energy in order to guarantee a good separation and settling of the solids.

    By Ecomacchine S.p.A. based in Grugliasco, ITALY. from Rectangular Clarifiers Product line

  • Manowar - Scraper

    Scraper technology has been stagnant, fabricating the same bridge scraper for bottom and floating sludge collection, with the same old corrosion and maintenance problems, until today. With the Manowar design, all past flaws are corrected. Even though the function is the same, the design is completely different to the old models. Based on a ...

    By TecnoConverting based in Sant Fruitós de Bages, SPAIN. from Scrapers Product line

  • Mittem - Rotating Scrapers

    Equipments that are develop for scraping the sludge that settled and collecting the sludge at a point in sedimentation and sludge thickening units. In rotating scrapers, scraper bridge and bottom pallets convey sludge to sludge cone in center of the tank.

    By Mittem Environmental Technology based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY. from Mechanical Equipment Product line

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