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  • BWT - Plate Fine Bubble Aerator

    Flooded plate made of environmental friendly polypropylene with fiberglass. Simple and fast installation with use of grommet or saddle for DN90,110 and 114 tube Compatiblility with other systems.

    By BIOWATERTECH PRODUCT (BWT)CO., LTD. based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • HiOx Messner Aeration Panel - UltraFine Bubble Aeration System

    The HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panel provides the most efficient aeration system solutions to our clients. The highest quality materials are used to ensure long-lasting, superior performance in nearly any wastewater medium. The HiOx Messner Aeration Panel uses a frame and support base of 316 stainless steel to support a TPU polyurethane membrane. ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from UltraFine Bubble Aeration System Product line

  • Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

    Glan Agua Ltd. have designed, installed, commissioned and operated and maintained numerous aeration systems for wastewater applications. Fine bubble Aeration systems; Fine bubble aeration systems involved a grid of disc like membranes which allow fine bubble of air to filter from the bottom of the tank to the top. Allowing maximum ...

    By Glan Agua Ltd based in Loughrea, IRELAND. from Fine Bubble Aeration Systems Product line

  • Engeldot - Floating Rotating Bubble Aerator

    The floating rotating bubble aerator can be used to easily add oxygen to water. Due to its unique configuration oxygen is added under water. Therefore no aerosol is formed and is sound emission contained to a minimum. This is highty functional for revitalizing water, and adding oxygen to aerobic processes.

    By Engeldot-Water based in Hoogeveen, NETHERLANDS.

  • G-O - Single-Drop Medium Bubble Aeration Diffuser

    The G - O diffuser is a single-drop medium bubble aeration diffuser that is truly non-clog, maintenance free, and continuously efficient. Clogging is eliminated by the flow-through air tube and no orificing below the water surface.

    By G-H Systems, Inc. based in Georgetown, TEXAS (USA). from Single-Drop Medium Bubble Aeration Diffuser Product line

  • H2Flow - TILT Aero - Coarse Bubble Aeration Tank BioReactor

    The TILT Aero system is a simple aeration tank with a stainless steel coarse bubble aeration diffuser grid. Combine it with a primary and secondary clarifier to have a complete treatment plant.

    By H2Flow Equipment Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Fuchs Oxystar - Aerator

    FUCHS OXYSTAR Aerators are used to introduce oxygen into lagoons, equalization tanks or activated sludge basins. In addition to a fine-bubble deep aeration they also provide for circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater in the basins. OXYSTAR Aerators essentially consist of an air-cooled a.c.-motor in mounting position B 35, a coupling ...

    By Fuchs Enprotec GmbH based in Mayen, GERMANY. from Aerator Product line

  • ECOTUBE - Model 2010 S - Fine Bubble Silicone membrane Tube diffuser for aeration of wastewater / sewage / industrial effluent / aquaculture ponds / lakes etc.

    ECOTUBE 2010 S tube diffusers are fine bubble generating membrane diffusers, made of EPDM or silicone compound. They are proven for highest ever efficiency of upto 6.5% SOTE per metre submergence and are ideal for wastewater aeration (effluent treatment plants & sewage treatment plants). ECOTUBE 2010 Tube diffusers are of 65 mm dia x 1000 mm ...

    By Ecosafe Solutions based in Vadodara, INDIA.

  • ClearBlu - Aeration System

    At ClearBlu, we believe the difference between good aeration and great aeration is in the size of the bubbles. Smaller bubbles have a larger surface area. Find out how our patented fine bubble diffusion process can increase your efficiency rate. ClearBlu specializes in Microbubble and Nano bubble aeration. What difference does this make? Complete ...

    By ClearBlu Environmental based in Watsonville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aeration System Product line

  • Industrial Advanced Aeration Bio-Bubble

    Bio-Bubble Advanced-Aeration has been used for a number of industrial waste water applications including abattoirs, meat processing plants, vegetable preparation factories and landfill leachate. A further application includes a treatment plant used for the decommissioning of explosive material. Numerous smaller treatment systems are serving a ...

    By Bio-Bubble Technologies Ltd based in Farlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • VBT - Model 300 Series - Aerator System

    The Vacuum Bubble Technology Aerator 300 is ideal for mid sized CAFO facilities, small to medium sized municipal sewage processing sites, and portable sewage treatment modules. This unit has a floatation platform available as an option.

    By The Advanced Aeration Group, LLC based in Angleton, TEXAS (USA).

  • VBT - Model 600 - Aerator System

    The Vacuum Bubble Technology Aerator Model 600 is sized for large Dairy and Hog farming lagoons, large municipal sewage processing plants and large industrial applications. This unit has a floatation platform available as an option.

    By The Advanced Aeration Group, LLC based in Angleton, TEXAS (USA).

  • Municipal Aeration Bio-Bubble

    Exceptionally Low Energy Input and Carbon Emissions: Energy consumption is low on average and fits comfortably within the capabilities of other processes. High Quality Exceptionally Stable Effluent Discharge: A low sludge loading promotes very favourable environmental conditions to stimulate a healthy, naturally selected micro-organism ...

    By Bio-Bubble Technologies Ltd based in Farlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • VBT - Model 200 Series - Aerator System

    The Vacuum Bubble Technology Aerator 200 is best used in applications with high strength waste from commercial operations such as RV and mobile home parks, small industrial sites, restaurants, etc. The VBT™ 200 Series is often used in conjunction with ATU's and Advanced Treatment Systems as an effective pretreatment to significantly lower ...

    By The Advanced Aeration Group, LLC based in Angleton, TEXAS (USA).

  • Fuchs Centrox - Model CX - Aspirating Aerator

    The  FUCHS  CENTROX Aerator is used to introduce oxygen into wastewater lagoons, activated sludge plants and equalization basins. It provides for fine-bubble aeration as well as circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater. Due to functional design and good workmanship it is a sturdy, reliable and almost maintenance-free ...

    By Fuchs Enprotec GmbH based in Mayen, GERMANY. from Aspirating Aerator Product line

  • EDI MaxAir - Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    MaxAir coarse bubble diffuser offers proven design and is ideal for both mixing and aeration applications. EDI MaxAir™ diffuser provides broad band, coarse bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency. The unit is available in 24-inch standard length. The 24-inch diffuser unit provides a full 48-inch air release perimeter. Air release ...

    By Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) based in Columbia, MISSOURI (USA). from Coarse Bubble Diffuser Product line

  • INVENT iCBA - Coarse Bubble Aeartion System

    The INVENT Coarse Bubble Aeration system (iCBA) has been developed and optimised for special applications in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It provides oxygen supply and optimal mixing during the biological phase, in particular for use in processes that use carrier media for biomass detention, whether moving-bed or fixed-bed ...

    By INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG based in Erlangen, GERMANY. from Coarse Bubble Aeartion System Product line

  • Fuchs Centrox - Model CX-C - Aerator with Foam Control

    The FUCHS CENTROX-Aerator with foam control - type CX-C - is used to introduce oxygen into equalization basins and plants for the aerobic treatment of sewage sludge. It provides for fine bubble aeration and thorough mixing of the wastewater or the sludge. Foam arising from aeration flows back into the suction funnel. Thus the foam level is ...

    By Fuchs Enprotec GmbH based in Mayen, GERMANY. from Aerator with Foam Control Product line

  • Commercial Advanced Aeration Bio-Bubble

    Advanced Aeration ensures both effluent and sludge are treated to a very high quality. The final sludge is highly stable, inert, without offensive odour and reduced in volume on average by 85%. This applies further significant advantages when compared to other systems, notably by the remarkably reduced costs and frequency of sludge removal, and to ...

    By Bio-Bubble Technologies Ltd based in Farlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Quantaer - Fine Bubble Air Delivery System

    We understand the value of experience in the design of fine bubble diffused aeration systems. Although diffuser selection is critical, equally important is the design of the air delivery system. Combining Aquarius' proprietary air distribution system manufacturing process with energy efficient disc diffusers differentiates us from every other ...

    By Aquarius Technologies, LLC based in Saukville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Fine Bubble Air Delivery System Product line

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