can sorting equipment in Canada

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    White Goods Recycling Equipment

    Granutech Saturn Systems design and manufacture white goods shredders and systems capable of sorting the ferrous fraction from the fluff and can equip these with eddy current and other finder technology to sort aluminum, stainless, and other recoverable metals.

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems Distributor in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA). from White Goods Recycling Equipment Product line

  • Bateman - Sorting Grapple

    The Bateman Sorting Grapple can be used for demolishing, sorting and loading. This rotating Sorting Grapple comes complete with heavy duty fully protected cylinders and hoses, a robust design, and optional bolt on sides that turn this grabber into a clamshell bucket. The Bateman Sorting Grapple is suitable for handling demolition, construction and ...

    By Bateman Manufacturing based in Oro-Medonte, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sorting Grapple Product line

  • Sparta - Model XPS - Sorting Station

    With its ergonomic and safety oriented folded plate design, the XPS sorting line lets the sorters pick through the waste stream without having to worry about health and safety problems. With the XPS, the sorters can easily stop the sorting station for a few seconds by pressing the STOP & GO push button. The Sorting Station XPS incorporates ...

    By Sparta Manufacturing based in Notre-Dame, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Sorting Station Product line

  • Metal Sorting Machine

    Metal detection and recovery/removal has become an increasing demand from our C&D to Plastic recycler customers. Eagle Vizion has introduced a new option to the optical sorter; a metal detection unit that can be installed to work in parallel with the NIR Vizion system or it can also be installed as a standalone unit.

    By Eagle Vizion based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Metal Sorting Machine Product line

  • Satake - Colour Sorting Machines

    These machines can be used for separation of whole grains/beans, granular materials, pellets, seed sorting and other applications where traditional methods of mechanical separation cannot give the required speed and accuracy.

    By Satake Europe Ltd Office in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Colour Sorting Machines Product line

  • Plastic Sorting Machine

    Whether you are recycling pre-sorted PET, PE, PP, PS, PVC, PLA or even #3-#7 bales... we have the technology to improve your end product. From whole bottles to shredded plastics, we can provide a sorter that is perfect for your needs.

    By Eagle Vizion based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plastic Sorting Machine Product line

  • Rotar - Model RSG-Series - Demolition/Sorting Grab

    Rotar demolition and sorting grabs owe their excellent reputation to their robust, innovative and modular construction. Grabs can be swivelled 360° for use in demolition, recycling, hydraulic engineering works, forestry, industry, materials handling and a wide range of other applications.Their high productivity, safety and reliability set RSG ...

    By Rotar International BV Distributor in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Demolition/Sorting Grab Product line

  • Multi-Sort Containers

    The Multi-Sort Indoor Unit is made from 20 gauge galveneel steel, making this a strong, solid indoor container. Collect a variety of materials with top lid access from its multiple collection openings. Round openings can come with rubber baffles for safety in collecting glass. Add on locks for security and casters for easy transportation. Metal ...

    By Busch Systems International Inc. based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Multi-Sort Containers Product line

  • Wood Sorting Machine

    The Construction and Demolition Recycling facilities are faced with the challenge of how to increase their diversion rates, while maintaining a reasonable staff. The wood content in certain C&D streams can reach 30%. To increase diversion and reduce landfill costs several C&D facilities lean towards wood recovery. With Eagle Vizion ...

    By Eagle Vizion based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Wood Sorting Machine Product line

  • Model MCB 15 Series - Master Can Buyer

    REM's MCB 15 makes aluminum can-buying fast and efficient. Cans are loaded into the conveyor hopper by the operator or customer. The low hopper design and open conveyor provides easy access for sorting out trash, bottles, and other contaminants. The cans are conveyed across a magnetic head pulley that removes the steel cans and allows only clean ...

    By Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. Distributor in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Master Can Buyer Product line

  • Optical Waste Sorting Units

    Eagle Vizion optical sorting units, the former process of sorting certain materials by hand can now be automated. In fact, thanks to Near Infra-Red (NIR) detection, different types of materials can be detected, recognized, and then separated. Colour-detection and line-scan cameras are also available.

    By Sherbrooke O.E.M. Ltd based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart

    The Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart is perfect for collecting and sorting various recyclables in centralized office areas. The frame with dual handles maneuvers easily through narrow hallways and tight corners. With two models available, the cart can hold two or three 26 US Gallon Upright Containers.

    By Busch Systems International Inc. based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart Product line

  • Bramidan - Recycling Rack for Sorting Waste

    Sort your residues in recyling racks, one rack for each type of waste. Place a rack next to your baler or anywhere you need to sort and collect waste. If you sort your waste, you can send it for recycling. At the same time your warehouse or stockroom is more tidy with a better workflow and good work environment. We offer 3 models: wall mounted and ...

    By Bramidan Balers Distributor in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Recycling Rack for Sorting Waste Product line

  • Raptor - Model FX85 - Optimized Scan Sort System

    Raptor Integration provides scanning and optimization for sawmill trimming solutions. We provide customized algorithms to maximize production and recovery of lumber. The FX85 supports high density 3D data to create a perfect image of your lumber. Grading algorithms can be customized and tuned to suit the product rules desired by the customer. The ...

    By Raptor Integration Inc. based in Canoe, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Optimized Scan Sort System Product line

  • Fiber System - Optical Sorting Units

    Optical sorting units can be used to remove the dark pieces of fiber (OCC, for example) from office paper or newspaper.

    By Eagle Vizion based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Fiber System - Optical Sorting Units Product line

  • Ameri-Shred - Paper Sorting & Metering Systems

    Ameri-Shred’s Sorting Systems are custom designed to meet your specific application and requirements. Basic sorting systems may include free standing conveyors while higher volume systems may include metering systems and/or mezzanines. Recycled paper sold to paper brokers or paper mills has a dollar value. Removal of contaminants from the ...

    By Ameri-Shred Corp. Distributor in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Paper Sorting & Metering Systems Product line

  • Pellenc Varisort - Onveyor Belt Sorting System

    The VARISORT system is especially designed for the sorting of electrical waste and metals scraps. It is based on a modular concept in which all existing sorting sensors can be combined within one machine, depending on the sortation requirements. A camera sensor which enables identification of diverse material types via color, shape or size, or ...

    By Pellenc ST Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Pellenc Varisort Compact - Multi-Sensor Sorting System

    The multi-sensor sorting system VARISORT COMPACT is developed especially for sorting of three-dimensional material as well as for electronic waste. VARISORT COMPACT combines a vibratory feeder with a high-speed conveyor; eliminating the influences of weight, shape and abrasive characteristics of the material for improved sortation quality. ...

    By Pellenc ST Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Large and Small Piec Sorting Machines

    These units work for individual piece by piece sorting of large piece fruits and vegetables. Machines range from weighing units for grouping similar size products, vision sorting for defect rejection or grouping similar coloured pieces together and even internal quality testing for sorting products based on sugar content and ripeness. This can be ...

    By Formutech Inc. based in Charlottetown, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA). from Large and Small Piec Sorting Machines Product line

  • Dry Belt for Sorting & Laborers Tend

    Dry belting is suitable for sorting, laborers tend to prefer dry belting for comfort reasons, Available in multiple lanes with variable speed control, and cull return available in water flume or belt conveyance. Traditional white belting is being succeeded in the industry by colored belting because it does not reflect as much light and is easier ...

    By Munckhof Manufacturing based in Oliver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Dry Belt for Sorting & Laborers Tend Product line

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