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carbon emissions stationary source equipment

  • Stationary Emission Catalysts

    Our Cellular Ceramic Substrates & Catalysts are used in stationary catalytic systems to help curb air pollution from power plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, and in many other industrial applications.

    By Logical Clean Air Solutions based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration Technology (CCS)

    With 70% of global energy demand currently met through the burning of carbon-based fuels, and demand predicted to double by 20351, the world faces a growing challenge: How to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which cause climate change while not damaging a global economy dependent on fossil fuels.  A central issue to this carbon emissions ...

    By CO2 Solutions inc. based in Qu├ębec, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • FutureGen - Power Plant

    One of the things that makes the FutureGen power plant unique is its ability to capture the CO2 created during the electricity generation process, compress it and pump it into deep geologic formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface where it is permanently stored. This technology is known as carbon storage (sometimes also called ...

    By FutureGen Alliance, Inc. based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

  • Model 110 E - Stack Monitoring Analyzer

    The PCFs Mod. 110 VOC Hot FID monitor is a discrete sampling instrument intended for continuous measurements of volatile organic compounds both in emission and process applications.The detector is an heated carbon atom counter. Sample is introduced into a micro flame lighted by hydrogen and air (1:10 ratio), where the electrical charges generated ...

    By PCF Elettronica S.r.l. based in Levate (BG), ITALY. from Stack Monitoring Analyzer Product line

  • Model Z-PURE - Oxidation Catalysts

    Girtz Z-PURE product line is a complete line of emissions controls products for your generator sets. We offer oxidation catalysts (diesel or lean-burn gas), diesel particulate filters, and three-way converters for rich burn engines. Product offerings include standard configurations as well as customized solutions. Products are all optimized to ...

    By Girtz Industries Inc. based in Monticello, INDIANA (USA).

  • Dioxin Monitoring System

    The Dioxin Monitoring System is a device, which has been developed for continuous monitoring of dioxin emissions. The design furter offers versatile application for the sampling of other pollutants, like e.g. PCBs, metals, HCB, etc.

    By Monitoring Systems GmbH based in Pressbaum, AUSTRIA.

  • PCC - Thermal Oxidizers System

    Thermal oxidizers reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes. Using the principle of “thermal oxidation,” a combustion process, the contaminants within the polluted exhaust gas react with oxygen in a temperature controlled environment. The chemical oxidation reaction destroys the contaminants in the polluted ...

    By Process Combustion Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers System Product line

  • Emiotest - Model 3114 - Gravimetric Dust Meter Set

    Automatic dust meter EMIOTEST 3114, in its innovative technical solution, is a portable device designed to perform, in closed channels, periodic measurements of dust concentration in the flue gases and a dust mass stream (eg. in the exhaust) to define the emission of dust into the atmosphere. The measurement method is based on the isokinetic ...

  • PTO Pellet Press

    PTO literally is called Power Take Off, a device that transmits power generated by agriculture machinery to the pellet mill. With a PTO, you can drive a pellet mill by connecting it to a tractor or other agriculture machineries. TICO is the first manufacturer in China to adopt PTO as drive device. PTO driven pellet mill is especially suitable for ...

  • FEECO - Rotary Calciners

    Rotary calciners, also commonly called indirect kilns, are used in thermal processing operations where exhaust gases must be minimized, when processing finely divided solids, or where temperature must be tightly controlled along the length of the kiln.

    By FEECO International, Inc. based in Green Bay, WISCONSIN (USA). from Rotary Calciners Product line

  • Aegir Dynamo - Offshore or Coastal Buoy

    The Aegir Dynamo id designed to be installed into a 'point attenuating buoy'. These resemble a large navigational buoy from a distance, however they contain moving parts that react to the rise and fall of ocean swell. The buoy design operates as the buoyancy chamber tries to surface creating an upward force against the anchor, which in turn gives ...

    By Ocean Navitas Ltd based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Quil - Model 2600 and 2300 - Soil

    GOC released the first version of BAT 506. Since then the product has evolved into the current formula marketed as QuikSoil® 506 in Europe and QuikSoil 2600 and 2300 in the USA. The product has undergone 4 generations of improvements since initial release. New discoveries in microbiology and enzymology have been incorporated in the current ...

    By Global Odor Control Technologies, LLC (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Soil Product line

  • Dry Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP): Particulate & Opacity Control

    Since 1967, PPC has been a stable force in the field of Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP). Industry installations include wood products, cement, pulp and paper, municipal & medical waste incinerators; coal fired boilers, coke ovens, bentonite dryers, glass furnaces, petroleum cat crackers, biomass boilers and mixed fuel co-generation.

    By PPC Air Pollution Control Systems based in Longview, TEXAS (USA).

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