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carbon market equipment

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    AEREON - Carbon Bed Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

    AEREON’s Jordan Technologies has designed, manufactured and actively serviced vapor recovery units (VRU) since 1980. Jordan Technologies' units recover a variety of VOCs in truck, rail, marine and tank breathing applications, as well as crude, ethanol and natural gases. As one of the largest service companies for VRUs in the world market, ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Carbon Bed Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Product line

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    ShimadzuTOC VW Series - Model TOC VW Series - Wet Oxidation Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

    Shimadzu is proud to introduce the first Heated-UV-Persulfate system that utilizes three oxidation methods for maximum oxidation efficiency. This method ensures rapid, efficient breakdown of hard-to-oxidize compounds up to 1.6 mm in diameter. The TOC-VW is the most powerful wet chemical TOC on the market, capable of measuring down to 0.5 ppb of ...

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from Wet Oxidation Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Product line

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    Septic Pipe Vent Odor Carbon Filter - Heavy Duty (HD)

    Stop septic odor with our patented* heavy duty residential and commercial Wolverine® Septic Pipe Vent Carbon Filter (Patent # US 8,273,162). It is based on the original Wolverine®. Made of schedule 40 PVC, it is as strong as it is functional. The HD residential Wolverine® has a 2' fill port for easy carbon change outs and is also the ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC based in West Milford, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Septic Pipe Vent Odor Carbon Filter - Heavy Duty (HD) Product line

  • Novac - Model 1000 / 2000 - Carbon Units

    Vapor Tech's NOVAC units are very unique carbon adsorber vessels. Unlike other carbon 'boxes' on the market today, these vessel are designed to make carbon change-outs simple and easy; most of the time only taking 15 minutes. Better yet, since it does not require vacuum service, there are little or no emissions which are released during ...

    By Vapor Technologies Inc. based in Hitchcock, TEXAS (USA). from Carbon Units Product line

  • Cabot Norit - Activated Carbon

    We offer a broad product portfolio of activated carbons and fine cesium chemicals for chemical processing needs. Our activated carbon solutions are an excellent choice for the purification of raw materials, intermediates and end products for the chemical industry due to their exceptional adsorption capacity for a wide array of molecules ranging ...

    By Cabot Corporation based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Activated Carbon Product line

  • NovaGreen - Activated Carbon

    NovaGreen and its technical partners are developing a proprietary technology for ‘electrode grade’ carbon fabrication.  The process is energy efficient, controllable, and easily scalable.  It allows tailoring final product properties in accordance to a specification.  The surface area and its functionality, porosity ...

    By NovaGreen Inc. based in Killam, ALBERTA (CANADA).

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    ERG - Dry Media Filters

    In partnership with our carbon and dry media framework suppliers, ERG offers a comprehensive range of activated carbon, impregnated carbon, oxidising alumina media, and hybrid, multi-media filters. For the Middle East market we also offer in situ water and chemically regenerable carbon.

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dry Media Filters Product line

  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide

    A byproduct of Ethanol production is CO2. Capturing the CO2 allows SRF incremental revenue opportunities by marketing to soft drink manufacturers.

    By Southeast Renewable Fuels, LLC. based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Activated Carbon Filter

    We are called upon as one of the foremost Washable Activated Carbon Filter Manufacturers from India. We present Activated Carbon Filter that has acquired applications in diverse industries. Made using premising quality steel, Activated Carbon Pre-Filter offered by us can be accessed at market leading prices.

    By CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO based in Moradabad, INDIA. from Activated Carbon Filter Product line

  • Potassium Carbonate - (K2CO3)

    It is obtained from the carbonation of Caustic Potash through a process that enables to get the highest purity, the greatest apparent density and the possibility to select the three main granulometries requested on the market, in order to satisfy the most various applications. The Altair plant, the only one in Italy, has two production lines with ...

    By Altair Chimica SpA based in Saline di Volterra - PISA, ITALY.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated carbon filters are used in the final step of biogas purification applications. The contaminated stream enters the bottom of the adsorber and passes upward through the activated carbon where the contaminants are adsorbed. Several kinds of activated carbons are available on the market; the choice is made by the end-user depending on the ...

    By Progeco srl based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Activated Carbon Filter Product line

  • Model CS-2000 - Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer

    ELTRA's CS-2000 is the only analyzer on the market for thedetermination of carbon and sulfur in organic as well as inorganic samples. For this purpose, the CS-2000 is equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace (ELTRA Dual Furnace Technology), covering the full range of carbon and sulfur analysis. The CS-2000 is available with up to ...

    By ELTRA GmbH based in Haan, GERMANY. from Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer Product line

  • Carboflow - Degassing and Carbonation Unit

    Non-alcoholic refreshment drinks are the hit. New blended flavours are breathing new life into the market and arousing the consumer‘s interest and thirst. Scope for the production and mixing of these new products needs flexible plant technology. With their performance and precision, Krones mixing and carbonating systems offer you ideal ...

    By Krones AG based in Neutraubling, GERMANY. from Degassing and Carbonation Unit Product line

  • Pure Calcium Carbonate

    CALCIUM CARBONATE is one of the products that WASIT GROUP is supplying in the local and international markets. We are using high quality raw materials to produce high quality CaCO3 powder and sizing. We are also developing more value added solutions for our clients to ensure high quality, consistent and reliable source of CALCIUM CARBONATE ...

    By Wasit General Trading LLC based in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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    AEREON - Model MVRUs - Marine Vapor Recovery Unit

    Since 1999, AEREON’s Jordan Technologies has designed and delivered Vapor Recovery Systems to marine loading operations for both domestic and foreign markets. In order to comply with all of the United States Coast Guards’ (USCG) rules and regulations, a vast knowledge of marine loading applications is needed to safely design a carbon ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Marine Vapor Recovery Unit Product line

  • Polypropylene Carbonate - Coatings

    Novomer’s sustainable polypropylene carbonate (PPC) polyol resins have shown equivalent or superior performance attributes compared to coatings with current resins, across several market segments. Coatings are applied to metal, wood and other materials to provide an aesthetic finish as well as to protect against scratches and environmental ...

    By Novomer Inc. based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • FAKA - Activated Carbon Adsorbers

    SILOXA’s FAKA range of activated carbon adsorbers for fine desulphurisation of biogas is a large filter family with 11 members in total. FAKA adsorbers are available with capacities ranging from 1500 to 7000 litres, in versions with one or two chambers, and in the TWIN FAKA version. Depending on the model, the steel adsorber containers are ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Activated Carbon Adsorbers Product line

  • VersaBlack - Active- Activated Carbon

    VersaBlack Active is a renewable virgin activated carbon.  Activated carbon is a porous material containing carbon, which has highly advanced pore texture and is an excellent adsorbent, per gram of activated carbon adsorption area as much as the equivalent of eight tennis courts. The adsorption of activated carbon is reached by physical ...

    By SR2O Holdings, LLC based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Active- Activated Carbon Product line

  • VersaBlack - Non-Activated Carbon

    VersaBlack is a renewable alternative to virgin carbon black.  It is SR2O’s version of an environmentally friendly,  recycled carbon product that performs as close to virgin carbon black in commercial rubber and plastics applications. Carbon black users are faced with increasing consumer and regulatory demand for ...

    By SR2O Holdings, LLC based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Non-Activated Carbon Product line

  • KVARK-500 - Furnace for carbon activation

    KVARK-500 drum furnace for gas-vapour activation of carbon-containing residue is able to process not only pyrolysis products, but carbonize products like brown coal, bituminous coal, anthracite, peat, wood, vegetation wastes (walnut, coconut and other shells, fruit tree pits, rice husk, etc.). As a result active coals of different sorption ...

    By Technokomplex based in Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA.

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