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Chemical Management Equipment

by Antares AZV s.r.o     based in Prerov, CZECH REPUBLIC

It is a device in which are assorted coagulants, flocculants, lime ... etc. to the desired concentration and stored in the auxiliary chemicals. Equipment can be supplied with both manual control and with different degrees of automatics.

Setter`s Complete Chemical Management System

by Setter Manufacturing Division     based in Russell, MANITOBA (CANADA)

Management System is plumbed to draw from 3 separate totes or containers, Built to prevent cross-contamination, Each container can be flushed separately without rinsing all the lines, Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Adjustable slide mount for optional Flow Meter.

Carechem Marine - Marine Chemical Spills Management

by NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)     based in Didcot, UNITED KINGDOM

 24-hour advice for marine chemical incidents. Rapid, accurate and reliable advice is essential for the safe and effective management of all marine chemical incidents. Carechem Marine is a unique service for everyone involved in transporting chemicals at sea. It provides 24-hour marine chemical emergency support and consultancy services ...

Right-To-Know Planning Guide

by Bloomberg BNA     based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA)

Performing state-by-state comparisons has been made much more easy and immediate with the addition of a new tool: the Right-to-Know Chart Builder. Developed based on feedback from current customers, the Right-to-Know Chart Builder enables users to create custom compliance charts comparing state requirements from the Emergency Planning and ...

Boiler / Cooler

by Neo Solutions, Inc.     based in Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Industrial water treatment seeks to manage four main problem areas: scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and disposal of residual wastewater.

Chemical Regulation Reporter

by Bloomberg BNA     based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA)

Get complete, dependable coverage of the regulation of every stage in the chemical life cycle — includes comprehensive news, up to date HAZMAT guidance, and crucial links to full-text documents.

SIDEPAK Personal Sampling Pumps

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

The 3 and 5 L/min SIDEPAK™ Personal Sampling Pumps weigh as little as 16 oz. All models offer TSI's Smart Battery Management System™ with long-running NiMH or alkaline battery packs and provides precise run time information in minutes remaining. All SIDEPAK pumps are intrinsically safe and ideal for the sampling of aerosols, gases and vapors in ...

Food Processing

by Advance Chemicals Ltd.     based in Port Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Advance Chemicals Ltd. is a Manufacturer of a Complete Line of Detergents & Sanitizers, Accepted For Use by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Food Processing Detergents and Sanitizing ProductsAdvance Chemicals Ltd. manufactures a complete line of detergents and sanitizers accepted for use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. From the ...

Chemical Pickling Section Equipment for Carbon Steel Lines

by CMI Groupe     based in Seraing, BELGIUM

CMI Chemline supplies pickling solutions for effective removal of mill scale and other surface impurities from hot and cold rolled carbon steel. CMI Pickling Process Management System, together with its fully automated Acide Control Management System, ensures the environmentally safe operation of plants. CMI Chemline carbon steel strip pickling ...

RMS Water Storage Management System

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Since the turn of the century, chlorine has been used in municipal water treatment systems to help provide communities with a safe and sanitary drinking supply. But maintaining uniform levels of chlorine has long been a challenge for water system operators. Stagnation and stratification in water storage systems, insufficient feeding and blending, ...

Chemical Regeneration Skids

by Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement     based in Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND

Chemical Regeneration Skids regenerate ion exchange resins effectively and efficiently. Each skid includes all of the necessary components, whatever your application. Customizable to meet your specifications.

35 Gallon Inductor Tank

by Kentuck Tank     based in Shepherdsville, KENTUCKY (USA)

Tank Requires Stand (65517) not included.23' Diameter x 29' Height .8' Lid - Vented (63480).Drain / Outlet 2' Polypropylene Bulkhead Fitting (63481).Premium 1.5 Specific Gravity (12.5 lbs/gallon).High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ).Translucent White.Weight 14 lbs.Built-In Gallon Indicators.Approved for Potable Water.

55 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

by Kentuck Tank     based in Shepherdsville, KENTUCKY (USA)

Optional (2) Steel Support Bands (61745) not included.23' Diameter x 26' Overall Height x 34' Length 5' Lid - Vented (63484).Drain / Outlet 3/4' Polypropylene Bulkhead Fitting (60401).Premium 1.5 Specific Gravity (12.5 lbs/gallon). High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ).Translucent White.Weight 23 lbs.Built-In Gallon Indicators.Approved for Potable ...

Chemical Pickling Section Equipment for Stainless Steel Annealing / Pickling Lines

by CMI Groupe     based in Seraing, BELGIUM

CMI Chemline supplies pickling solutions for effective removal of mill scale and other surface impurities from hot and cold rolled stainless steel strips. These solutions consist of a combination of electrolytic and mixed acid pickling. Their flexible design allows the line to rapidly adapt to the specific pickling requirements of each steel grade ...

Lundberg - Tall Oil Soap Recovery System

by A. H. LUNDBERG ASSOCIATES, INC.     based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA)

In kraft softwood pulp mills, tall oil soap is a valuable byproduct as well as a toxin in the wastewater treatment system. Lundberg has a full range of equipment to optimize the recovery of soap from black liquor, de-aeration of the recovered soap and removal of black liquor from the soap. Not only do these systems provide a better quality of ...

Spills & Skills, Non-Emergency HazMat Spill Response

by Excal Visual Inc.     based in Avon, COLORADO (USA)

This 18½ minute video training kit is designed to help train non-HAZWOPER employees on dealing with a hazardous material (or hazardous waste) spill, leak or release. What to do if you discover a hazmat release? How to determine if the release requires HAZWOPER-trained responders or not? If it is a hazmat emergency release (HAZWOPER event), ...

Chemical Injection Skids

by Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement     based in Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND

Chemical Injection Skids are designed to compliment our water treatment systems to provide critical reagents for standard operation conditions. Each skid could include multiple units to deliver reagents at different points in the treatment train.

Liquid Storage Tanks

by ELKOPLAST CZ, s.r.o.     based in Zlín, CZECH REPUBLIC

Constructed to store water and chemicals in agriculture, fruit and wine growing industry, manufacturing companies, etc.

Spill Berms

by Environmental Technologies of Alabama (ETA)     based in Madison, ALABAMA (USA)

Easily Bends to Fit any Angle or Curve. Made of flexible 100% polyurethane elastomer so it’s non-absorbent and resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and fluids. Sturdy and Reusable Interlocking ends connect individual sections to create longer lengths so you can contain almost any spill. Just clean it with soap and water and it’s ready to ...

Acterra Wayne - Fleet Fueling Systems

by Acterra Group, Inc.     based in Marion, IOWA (USA)

Acterra provides complete service, sales, and installation of petroleum and oil related equipment for vehicle fleets.  Our technicians and installation teams have years of experience in aboveground and underground storage tank (ASTs/USTs) installations, fuel dispensing systems, fleet fuel management systems, lubrication and maintenance ...

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