chemical pump equipment in Quebec

  • Periflo - Model AMP Series - Peristaltic Pump

    Applications: Transfer, Metering, Batching. Chemical: Polymers, Pigments, Inks, Detergents, Dyes, Sludges, Coatings, Slurries, Glues, Emulsions, Paints, Acids, Oils, Caustic,Latex, Lime. Food: Milk Products, Fruit Juices, Flavorings, Sauces, Jams, Wine, Vitamins, Feed Additives.

    By Romatec based in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Peristaltic Pump Product line

  • Periflo - Model FMP Series - Peristaltic Pump

    Applications: Transfer, Metering, Batching. Chemical : Polymers, Pigments, Inks, Detergents, Dyes, Sludges, Coatings, Slurries, Glues, Emulsions, Paints, Acids, Oils, Caustic, Latex, Lime. Food : Milk Products, Fruit Juices, Flavorings, Sauces, Jams, Wine, Vitamins, Feed Additives,

    By Romatec based in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Peristaltic Pump Product line

  • Model LPP-M - Peristaltic Pump

    Standard Features: Only the tube is in contact with the medium, Self-priming, 90% of full vacuum, Will never vapor lock or lose prime, No valves – no clogging. Benefits: Excelent chemical resistance, Flow rate of LPP-M metering pump is not affected by variation of the discharge pressure condition.

    By DM Valve & Controls Inc. based in Québec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Peristaltic Pump Product line

  • Progressive Cavity Pump

    Applications: Pulp and paper, Mining and Minerals, Chemical/Biochemical Industry, Energy and Environment. Features: Quick replacement of the mechanical shaft seal, Stepless adjustment of suction connection direction, Lower start up and running torque, Higher pressure length ratio.

    By DM Valve & Controls Inc. based in Québec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Progressive Cavity Pump Product line

  • Eagle - Model 2510 AIO - Chemical Free Iron Water Filtration System

    The Eagle 2510 AIO Chemical Free Iron filter is intended to be an effective and economical way to remove iron from water without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps or an external venturi. The 2510 AIO valve uses a patented construction to create an air bubble at the upper portion of the tank to oxidize any ferrous iron ...

    By Eagle Water Treatment Systems based in St-Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Chemical Free Iron Water Filtration System Product line

  • ICP Peristaltic Pump Tubing

    SCP SCIENCE offers a complete range of affordable and reliable peristaltic pump tubing including: PVC, Solvent Flex, Silicone, Viton®, and Santoprene® compositions. Tested and certified for chemical composition, performance and durability,simply choose the proper color, inner diameter (I.D.), and number of “stops” to confirm the right pump ...

    By SCP SCIENCE based in Baie D`Urfe (Montreal), QUEBEC (CANADA). from ICP Peristaltic Pump Tubing Product line

  • Chem/Meter Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps

    Chem/Meter's hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps are ideal for additive metering, and continuous, accurate sampling of chemical liquids and gases.

    By Hayward Gordon Ltd. Office in Kirkland, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Chem/Meter Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps Product line

  • Laser DiodeThermal Vacuum Pump (LDTD)

    Couple the Laser DiodeThermal Desorption (LDTD®) Ion Source to your AB SCI EX mass spectrometer and change your analysis time from minutes to seconds! This revolutionary technology makes use of a laser diode to thermally desorb dried sample into gas phase. By transporting the neutral speciesthrough Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization ...

    By Phytronix Technologies Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Laser DiodeThermal Vacuum Pump (LDTD) Product line

  • Positive Displacement Diaphragm

    Hayward Gordon represents global leaders in the manufacture of highly precise metering pumps for industrial process applications. Hayward Gordon pumps and systems perform metering and process tasks to the maximum pressures experienced in the oil and gas and chemicals industries. We can also supply a range of pumps that meet the stringent hygienic ...

    By Hayward Gordon Ltd. Office in Kirkland, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Positive Displacement Diaphragm Product line

  • Juggler - Solid/Liquid Separator

    The Juggler™ is a unique, patented pumping and liquid-solid separating system that services grease traps and septic tanks, with no chemicals. This unit returns a liquid that is 99.98% free of solids, without affecting the bacterial flora.

    By Labrie Enviroquip Group based in Levis, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Eclipse Series 2

    The Eclipse Series represents a dramatic advance in pump technology. Combining proven design principles with state of the art engineered composites; the Eclipse Series is the most reliable, simple and intuitive pump on the market today. Eclipse Series pumps are built for use in the harshest industrial environments. Designed to be structurally ...

    By Romatec based in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Eclipse Series 2 Product line

  • Model WS Series - Fabricated Single Wedge

    Fabricated construction of body and bonnet, of robust design. Guiding and closure system by means of half-wedges on the body and gate. Can be produced with flanges of any size and to any standard. High levels of seal (both valve seat and to atmosphere). For use with heavy or hazardous fluids and high working pressures, in the chemical or food ...

    By Orbinox Office in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Fabricated Single Wedge Product line

  • Masterflex - Model HV-77410-10 - I/P Precision Brushless Drive, 33 to 650 rpm, 115/230 VAC

    I/P brushless process drives offer heavy-duty performance for your demanding process applications. This model features robust 1⁄3-hp brushless motors that drive up to two pump heads with most tubing formulations, while eliminating the cost and inconvenience of brush replacement. Adjust the drive speed quickly using the speed control ...

  • Munistation - Odour Control Neutralizers

    Odocontrol - Munistation is mainly used in the ventilation systems found in pumping stations and industrial buildings. The product must be sprayed onto the inside surfaces of ventilation ducts so that the foul air circulating there will come into contact with the product in order to neutralize the odour. The injection is carried out using an ...

    By Bio Service Montreal Inc based in Brossard, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Odour Control Neutralizers Product line

  • CON-V-AIR - Model WFS - Water Fluoridation Systems

    Con-V-Air´s Water Fluoridation Systems (WFS) are designed to deliver precise Fluorosilicate quantities while maintaining the highest safety standards by isolating each fluoridation process step. Chemicals, delivered in bulk or in bags, are emptied into a negatively pressurized dumping station designed to minimize operator contact with the ...

    By CON-V-AIR Solutions based in St-Hubert, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Carlo Gavazzi - Conductive Sensors

    Carlo Gavazzi range of conductive Level Sensors is well suited to solve most level control applications. The new CL-series of intelligent conductive level controllers is used for level monitoring and pump control of conductive liquids. CLH models with flexible conductive level probe can accomodate up to five rods for four different levels of ...

    By Carlo Gavazzi Automation Spa Office in Mississauga, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Conductive Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    Model FP-31 - Formaldehyde Gas Detector

    The FP-31 is a highly sensitive portable gas detector specific for formaldehyde detection. It uses a photoelectric photometry method which utilizes colorimetric tablets for detection. A tablet in placed into the instrument, and then a room air sample is pumped onto the tablet for either a 15 minute or a 30 minute period. If formaldehyde is ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Formaldehyde Gas Detector Product line

  • OTS Standard Centrifugal Pumps

    Gorman-Rupp offers a large selection of straight centrifugal pumps exclusively through its Off-the-Shelf program. Pool/spa pumps, coolant pumps, chemical pumps, marine pumps, and a whole host of other applications can be serviced through OTS Pumps by Gorman-Rupp. Please visit our OTS Pumps site for more information and other products offered by ...

    By Gorman-Rupp Co. Distributor in Saint-Laurent, QUEBEC (CANADA). from OTS Standard Centrifugal Pumps Product line

  • Sulzer - ISO5199 Pumps

    The international standard ISO 5199 specifies the requirements for class II centrifugal pumps of single-stage, multistage, horizontal or vertical construction, with any drive and any installation for general application. Pumps used in the chemical process industries (e.g those conforming to ISO 2858) are typical of those covered by this ...

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in St-Rosaire, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model Large Type F - Solid-Handling Pumps

    When suspended solids complicate your pumping chores, the Patterson Type “F” offers an efficient solution. These heavy duty, non-clogging workhorses are on the job worldwide in wastewater plants and industrial settings such as food plants, meat, poultry and fish processing facilities, pulp and paper mills, minerals plants, chemical ...

    By Patterson Pump Company Distributor in Saint-Laurent, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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