chemical vapor equipment in United Kingdom

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    LIQUID BOOT - Vapor Intrusion Barrier Systems

    High performance Vapor Intrusion Barrier Systems designed to meet your project requirements. LIQUID BOOT is a spray-applied, water-based membrane containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With superior chemical resistance properties it seals all vapor intrusion pathways, preventing contaminated soil vapors from penetrating the slab. LIQUID ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vapor Intrusion Barrier Systems Product line

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    HDPE Geomembrane - Model VI-20 - High-Performance Vapor Intrusion Barrier

    VI-20 is a 7-layer co-extruded EVOH geomembrane made using high quality virgin-grade polyethylene and barrier resins that provide unmatched impact trength as well as superior resistance to VOC vapor transmission. EVOH technology serves as a highly resilient underslab and vertical wall barrier designed to restrict methane, radon and other harmful ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from High-Performance Vapor Intrusion Barrier Product line

  • Retro-Coat - Vapor Intrusion Technology

    Secondly, Retro-Coat is a recently introduced vapor intrusion technology from REGENESIS’ Land Science Technologies Division, whose widely used Geo-Seal composite vapor barrier system received the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) Remediation Technology Award in 2008. Retro-Coat is a new chemical-resistant coating specifically engineered ...

    By Regenesis Office in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vapor Intrusion Technology Product line

  • FUME-BOX - Ductless Fume Hood

    The Fume-Box ductless enclosures are designed to protect the user from chemicals vapors or non-toxic powders during low-volume chemical manipulations by effectively containing low concentrations of noxious fumes, vapors, or powders.

    By Air Science USA Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Ductless Fume Hood Product line

  • NCB - Model e3 Class II Type B1 - Biosafety Cabinet

    The Baker Company NCB e3 biological safety cabinet exceeds specifications for the NCI-1 cabinet developed by the National Cancer Institute, with unique design features proven to enhance containment while inhibiting cross contamination and exposure to chemicals, vapors and gases. Primary, patented under the work surface HEPA filters, supply HEPA ...

    By The Baker Company Office in Bridgend, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biosafety Cabinet Product line

  • TopAir - Metal Fume Cupboard

    Metal Fume Cupbpoards protect laboratory staff from noxious fumes when working with acids, dangerous gas, organic solutions, etc. Harmful and unpleasant chemical fumes are removed from the controlled environment to facilitate a safe, pleasant work environment. The Fume Cupboard channels chemical vapors out of the building using an internal fan ...

    By TopAir Systems based in Borehamwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metal Fume Cupboard Product line

  • SUREFLOW Room Pressure Monitors/Controllers

    TSI SUREFLOW™ Room Pressure Controls are designed to actually measure the room pressure differential used to prevent chemical vapors from escaping outside the lab. Monitor versions are used in constant volume laboratories to warn building occupants of operating deficiencies. Controller versions go a step further by modulating supply and exhaust ...

    By TSI Incorporated Office in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM. from SUREFLOW Room Pressure Monitors/Controllers Product line

  • Candela - Model 8620 - LED Substrate and Epitaxy (epi) Wafer Inspection System

    The Candela 8620 LED substrate and epitaxy (epi) wafer inspection system is designed for LED device manufacturers to provide automated defect inspection for LED substrate materials such as gallium nitride, sapphire, and silicon carbide—enabling enhanced quality control of both opaque and transparent substrates, faster time-to-root cause, and ...

    By KLA-Tencor Corporation Office in Berks, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Labtron - Model Class II A2 LBS2-A20 - Biosafety Cabinet

    Biosafety Cabinet LBS2-A20 is a Class II type A2 safety level 2 enclosed cabinet unit with 70% of the HEPA filtered air recirculated through the cabinet and 30% discharged through an exhaust HEPA filter to the environment. It is used to handle minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals and trace amounts of radio nucleotides where chemical vapor ...

    By Labtron Equipment Ltd based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PPM - Model Glutaraldemeter 3 - Hand-held Glutaraldehyde Detector

    The Glutaraldemeter 3 is an easy-to-use, portable instrument that employs an electrochemical sensor to indicate levels of glutaraldehyde vapor in air. The instrument provides a rapid direct read-out of vapor levels on an LCD display, making it a useful screening tool to complement existing routine chemical glutaraldehyde monitoring techniques.

    By PPM Technology based in Caernarfon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hand-held Glutaraldehyde Detector Product line

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    Levelflex - Model FMP50 - Guided Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight

    For all basic level applications in liquids. Levelflex FMP50 is the instrument for basic applications in liquids which do not place high demands on temperature and pressure ranges or chemical resistance. Particularly in basic supply or storage applications as well as utility processes FMP50 is the best choice. Levelflex FMP50 guided radar is used ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Guided Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight Product line

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    Levelflex - Model FMP52 - Guided Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight

    Coated probe for use in aggressive liquids. Levelflex FMP52 for level measurement in aggressive liquids with chemically resistant gap-free PFA-coated probe. All wetted parts are FDA listed materials. FMP52 guided radar offers maximum reliability even in case of moved surface. Levelflex FMP52 is used for continuous level measurement of liquids, ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Guided Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight Product line

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    Micropilot - Model FMR51 - Radar measurement Time-of-Flight

    The standard sensor for highest demands in liquid level measurement. Micropilot FMR51 for level measurement even under extreme process conditions like high temperature and high pressure in the oil & gas and chemical industry. The FMR51 free space radar offers maximum reliability due to an innovative and patented sensor-design. Micropilot is ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Radar measurement Time-of-Flight Product line

  • Infrared and Ultraviolet Infrared Detectors

    Optical detectors include infrared (“IR”) and ultraviolet infrared (“UV-IR”) detectors which are integrated in explosion prevention systems for specific applications. The IR detector is typically used in interconnected duct work for dust-handling systems. The UV-IR detector is used in combustible gas or vapor protection ...

    By IEP Technologies, LLC Office in Cheltenham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Infrared and Ultraviolet Infrared Detectors Product line

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    GE - Model VACU-GUARD - Disc Filters

    VACU-GUARD disc filters available in 50 and 60 mm formats. VACU-GUARD disc filters available in 50 and 60 mm formats. Excellent for protecting vacuum pump systems from solvent vapor or gaseous contaminants and aqueous aerosols. Designed for in-line use with stepped barb connections for 10 to 12 mm i.d. hose. Available with choice of chemical trap: ...

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences Office in Little Chalfont, UNITED KINGDOM. from Disc Filters Product line

  • Model Griffin 460 - Multi-Modal Sampling GC/MS

    The Griffin 460 mobile gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS) enables innovative multi-modal sample introduction to detect and identify complex chemical samples, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The instrument is able to accept liquid, solid and vapor samples as well as provide continuous, direct air monitoring. The Griffin 460 is the only ...

    By FLIR Systems Inc. Office in West Malling, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multi-Modal Sampling GC/MS Product line

  • Solvent Safety Bottle Caps

    Open solvent bottles can allow harmful solvent vapors to escape and chemicals to be spilled. Omnifit Solvent Safety Bottle Caps and accessories help prevent these problems and give you the security of a safe and dependable solvent delivery system. Caps can be used on the supply side to provide closed delivery systems for safe supply of solvents. ...

    By Diba Industries Ltd based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Air/Water Separators

    ESD manufactures custom Air/Water Separators for Soil Vapor Extraction and Multi-Phase Extraction application. Our corrosion resistant separators are constructed from light weight marine grade 5052 Aluminum that can withstand full vacuum applications. Unlike Carbon Steel Separators, ESD Separators resist both internal chemical corrosion and the ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Office in Barlaston Staffs, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air/Water Separators Product line

  • Osorb Media for Water Treatment

    Osorb Media is a revolutionary, regenerable, organically-modified silica adsorbent utilized for the treatment of oilfield water and gas streams. It adsorbs free, dispersed, and water soluble hydrocarbons, as well as many non-polar oilfield chemicals from produced water. The technology also removes vapor phase and micro-droplet hydrocarbons from ...

    By ProSep Inc Office in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model B12 - Wet Gas Detector

    Increasingly stringent air quality requirements have led to expanded use of wet scrubber systems to control air emissions. Chlorine storage facilities and chemical process plants are frequently required to scrub exhaust gas streams to remove halogen and acid gases. Unfortunately, monitoring reactive gas concentrations in moisture saturated air ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) Office in Delph, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wet Gas Detector Product line

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